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Public Speaking Magic
Success and Confidence in the First 20 Seconds

Whether it is a speech, a presentation, a webinar or even a casual conversation, we have just a few seconds to prove our value. How can we capture our audience's instant attention and support? By mastering our first 20 seconds.

We can compel our audience to lean forward and eagerly accept our message. It doesn't matter if we are an experienced public speaker or just making our first speech. By using any of the three major openings in this book, we can confidently start our speeches and presentations without fear.


51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors
Discover Hot Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

In this book you will learn the best places to find motivated people to build your team and your customer base. So instead of searching and wasting time, you can get right to the very people who want your business and products.

Whether you choose the Stair-Step Technique, the Bird Dog Technique, or a Promotion Party, you will actively fill up your calendar with great appointments for your presentations. Just pick one that is comfortable for you and start building today.


How To Follow Up
With Your Network Marketing Prospects

Don't lose all those prospects that didn't join on your first contact. Help reassure them that you and your opportunity can make a difference in their lives.

Use the techniques in this book to move your prospects forward from "Not Now" to "Right Now!"


How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One: Step-by-step creation of MLM professionals

Instead of wishing and hoping for leaders, this book will give you the step-by-step activities to actually create leaders. Yes, there is a plan for building leaders and it is simple to follow.

Audio book also on iTunes.

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First Sentences for Network Marketing
How To Quickly Get Prospects On Your Side

If our first sentence is good, we have a chance. Our prospect may want to know more. If our first sentence is not good, or is not interesting, then our prospect does not want to hear anything more.

You will enjoy the principles and examples of great first sentences in this book. Attract more prospects and give more presentations with great first sentences that work.


The Four Color Personalities of MLM
The Secret Language For Network Marketers

Magic can happen if we learn the skill of identifying the four personalities and their languages. This is a fun way to understand people and deliver our message from our brain to their brains.

We don't need to be a scholar or an expert to do this. All we need to do is have a way to quickly recognize their personalities, and then learn a few magic words that will translate our message into the language they understand.


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How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation

This book contains several effective formulas with many examples of each formula that you can use or modify. Once we know how the formulas work, we can create unlimited Ice Breakers on-demand to use and pass on to our downline. Your distributors will no longer be afraid of prospecting, instead, they will love prospecting.

Audio book also on iTunes.

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How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind

Learn how the pros get instant rapport and cooperation with even the coldest prospects. Do this first, and everything else is easy. The #1 skill every new distributor nseeds.

Audio book also on iTunes.

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Big Al's MLM Sponsoring Magic
How To Build A Network Marketing Team Quickly

This is the original book I wrote to build my business in the late '70s. I have updated it with the exact scripts to get every new distributor started fast.They will love the easy way to get their first distributor within hours. This is probably the #1 sold book in all of network marketing throughout the world.

Available In Spanish:

Audio book also on iTunes.

How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories

Stories are addictive. The human mind is designed to visualize and remember stories. So if you want to communicate effectively, add your stories to deliver your message.

Join the top earners now and become a professional storyteller.

Audio book also on iTunes.

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26 Instant Marketing Ideas
To Build Your Network Marketing Business

176 pages of amazing marketing lessons and case studies to get more prospects for your business immediately.

Audio book also on iTunes.

How To Build Network Marketing Leaders
Volume Two: Activities and Lessons for MLM Leaders

Inside this book you will find many ways to change people's viewpoints, to change their beliefs, and to reprogram their actions. And when these three things change, the results will naturally change too.


Audio book also on iTunes.

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Start SuperNetworking!
5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Personal Networking Group

Whether you are a small business, a network marketer, or a professional salesman, prospects that have been pre-sold by your personal networking group make your business easy and enjoyable. Forget cold leads, cold-calling, expensive advertising and lukewarm referrals. Leave the world of hard prospecting behind and start your own personal networking group. Have your fellow members bring new, pre-sold customer and prospects to you weekly.

Audio book also on iTunes.

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