Once you understand this, it gets easier.

In every workshop, I stress that success is not in “finding” the right prospects, success is saying the “right words” to prospects.

You can find thousands of great prospects, and ruin them all, by using the wrong phrases and words.

You can say the right words, and neutral people become hot prospects.

No matter how many times I insist this is true, at the end of the workshops, people ask me where to get “hot leads.”

So here is a short two-minute video that proves that we should stop looking for good people, but instead, learn what to say. You’ll love it.


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  • May 22, 2017

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Rob Fraser Reply

Being a typical guy, I always find a way to open mouth and insert foot! Words are very powerful and it’s in learning how to really communicate that we can really become successful.

Thanks again for another beautiful post!


Ken Klemm Reply

A powerful illustration of how people are driven by emotion, not logic.

Fran Reply

Thanks for finally writing about > The Big Al Blog | Once you understand this, it
gets easier. < Liked it!

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