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Consistency is key with Janet Metzger

Show Notes

Host of the Network Marketers Den podcast 

Reduce turnover
Bring people on board who want to build a business
Don’t have them join to get a discount
Don’t waste your time

90 day goals

You still have to build relationships
It’s not just a numbers game
Online or in person you have to build a relationship

6 levels of communication, Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing 

If they’re willing to get on a call/zoom they have some interest

Personal development while walking
Reading a book more than once

Training your subconscious mind

Group coffee chat
Biggest mistake is they don’t do anything

Take 15 minutes a day to gain education

It’s not about you, it’s about who is on your team

Zoom or Facebook group to focus on weekly goal
Consistency is key

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Will be phrase

From Uncomfortable to Comfortable using Zoom and Facebook groups for your team with Steinar Husby

Show Notes

Using zoom
Challenges create action

There will always be training to improve
The year of challenges, do some challenges

5 nights of challenges to create instant activity
8 weeks of focus

Using Facebook groups
Creating Facebook Live
Committing and doing Facebook Live
Safe space to start, uncomfortable to comfortable
Growing confidence

Make it fun mindset
Using videos in your Facebook group
Short one minute or one point of view videos
Becoming a leader by example
Team participation is encouraged

People miss the socializing
Network marketing will fill in the social void

First Aid for Your Frontline, How to Survive Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing book 

The four color personality quiz and free resource 

Humor so people know you’re a real person

Teachable and coachable
Be patient
Not everyone wants what you want

Do something new everyday

Relationship mindset and prospecting tips with Tony Meihle

Show Notes

21 years in the industry
It’s about the freedom, not just the income
Internet makes it faster and limitless
Using zoom internationally

Previous podcast episode
Asking questions and getting referrals with Tony Miehle episode 

Easier in 2021 than 1999

Utilizing hybrid events - local and zoom

30 minute sections
1 Company 
2 Mindset 
3 Skills 

Make it a potluck - Level 6 communication
People love the social aspect

Building a relationship first
Everybody is a prospect at first
We have to weed some out
You need 7-10 key people

Network Marketing Questions Facebook group page 

You need 5 to stay alive
5 ways of prospecting
Gear it with your personality - Color Personality Quiz 

Call your best customer for breakfast
Get referrals
Be in a place of service
Benefits to them

What’s in it for you
WIIFM - What’s in it for me 

51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors book

The Two-Step Easy Formula for Achieving Goals

Show Notes

Color Personality Quiz and free resources 

Why Are My Goals Not Working? book 

What is your biggest goal in life?

#1 Make sure it matches your color personality
#2 Make sure it’s so big, it’s almost unbelievable

What would you do if you won the lottery and had to spend it?

Would you choose this goal if one week from today you weren’t alive to enjoy it?

We should start out every week, really every day to be thankful we’re around

Super secret two step formula 
Step #1 Make sure it matches our personality
Step #2 Learn the skills and mindset to achieve it

Free weekly zooms 

Big Al MasterClasses 

All podcast episodes

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Life movie script and mindset tips with Melissa Casteel

Show Notes

Intentional manifesting steps with Melissa Casteel podcast episode 

Energy vs victim mindset
Mindset and paradigms
We are a sponge until 2 years old
Paradigms dictate everything
Product of our programming

Emotional impacts can change our programming instantly
Use repetition
Where do you want to be two years from now

Write out a ‘life script’
Outline the day as you’d love for it to progress
Voice Loop app
‘Life movie’

How to Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business with Stories book

What is your color personality quiz

Paradigms are a box of limitations
‘Why me again’ to ‘I got this’

What is the good coming out of this
There will be detours

Conscience vs subconscious mind
The ant and the elephant

10 things you are grateful for
Writing causes thinking

Breaking the Brain Code book

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset book

How to Get Motivated in 60 Seconds book

Back by popular demand

Four Color Personalities Masterclass
Starting September 15th
Includes all live classes, recordings, notes and personal email coaching in between classes

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10 exhaustion techniques.

To us, the unmotivated masses, exhaustion happens a lot. It is part of our daily lives.

Reading the definition of exhaustion feels exhausting:

  1. a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.
  2. the action or state of using something up or of being used up completely.

Feeling tired and unmotivated yet? If not, we can re-read the definition again.

This definition is accurate. Exhaustion means it will be hard for us to be that motivated, caffeinated superstar we dream of. Reality can disappoint us. That is life. 

What can we do so we don’t waste this “down time” in our lives? Let’s make a quick list.

  1. Tell ourselves to meditate. This no effort activity fits our no-energy present state of mind. It takes no effort to close our eyes and zone out. Plus, we can tell ourselves we are doing something constructive. Meditation helps our minds reorganize, clear a lot of random mental trash, and refreshes us when we finish. Difficult mental tasks are easier if we meditate first.
  2. Learn something new that is helpful and interesting. This tells our brain we are making forward progress. This could be a skill that we need for the future. And interesting? This takes our minds off of our current exhaustion. We can watch an entertaining instructional video instead of wasting our time.
  3. Check out our environment. Are we exhausted because of where we are? Who are we with? The mind-numbing task we are doing now? Then, a change of scenery is in order. For example, we visit our local donut shop. As we chow down a dozen high sugar donuts, we listen to the locals complain about life. We may feel too exhausted to walk home or even to our car. Environments make a difference.
  4. We can tell our minds this is “recharge time.” When we finish resting, we expect our minds to push us forward. Yes, we can influence our minds by giving them expectations. Another way is to yell “break time” so we don’t feel guilty about taking time off for our current condition.
  5. Check our “fear of failure” programs. Maybe we don’t have exhaustion. Instead, our mind fears failing in our task. In that case, let’s remember to move our goal from the end of the task. Our new goal will be what we want to accomplish in the first 60 seconds of our task. 
  6. Remind ourselves that even the best genius minds have to rest. We are in good company. This could be our prompt to prevent our brains from overheating. And who knows? The universe could secretly be protecting us from a treadmill accident.
  7. What about physical movement? Dancing? Hey, we are exhausted, remember? Yes, when we move and get in motion, motivation is easier. But for now, we are trying to deal with our “stuck in place” self who doesn’t want to move. We can attempt movement by telling ourselves, “Now is a great time to go to the refrigerator for some snacks.” This isn’t the optimal solution, but at least we do have movement.
  8. Are we craving an electronic pacifier? Has our Internet connection created an addiction program in our minds? If so, we can tell ourselves, “I won’t go on the Internet. I can only rest.” Within a few minutes our boredom will motivate us to do something more productive.
  9. Think “opposite” like Charlie Munger, the famous stock investor. He calls his tool, the inversion process. Ask ourselves how to get the opposite result. For example, “What can I do to make me even less motivated?” Then we avoid those things.
  10. Be daring? 440 volt coffee? Espresso inhalers? Intravenous energy drinks? 100-decibel heavy metal music? Insult our mother-in-law? Use these short-term techniques at our own risk.

This list is a good launch for our motivation when exhaustion is our enemy.

– Taken from the book, “How To Get Motivated in 60 Seconds.”

How to Get Motivated in 60 Seconds

How to Get Motivated in 60 Seconds

The Secrets to Instant Action

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