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Need more ways to find prospects?

Why look for prospects in other cities, when there are plenty of prospects next door?

Dale Moreau just released his latest book that shows us what to say and do to prospect locally. Everyone needs more prospects, and here is exactly how to get them.

Ebook is available now at:

And the paperback version:

Public speaking confidence?

We wouldn’t feel nervous if we were to make a small speech to a group of preschoolers. Even a speech to a kindergarten class would be easy.

Why do we feel this way? Because we feel we have more knowledge and experience than our audience.

We can continue giving speeches through high school, university, and beyond in any particular subject. At some point, we are going to feel nervous because we don’t feel we have the same knowledge and experience that our audience does.

So here is the hint.

If we don’t want to feel nervous, we prepare more, research more, and experience more than our audience. When we do this, our nervousness goes away.

People respect and admire someone who speaks in public. Logical? No. But if we can speak in public, we go up in value in our prospects’ estimation.

The answer you don’t want to hear.

Imagine your nephew came to you and said …

“I want to be an accountant. But, I don’t want to learn how to add and subtract. I refuse to go to school and take any accounting courses. And please, don’t tell me to read any accounting books. I just want the rewards of being an accountant. Pay me an accountant’s salary now.”

Pretty funny.

Yet, as network marketing distributors, sometimes we make the same illogical request. We say things such as:

“I want to invite people to my home presentation, but I don’t want to talk to them. I don’t feel comfortable talking to people as I am quite shy. Using the phone is very intimidating. I avoid meeting people so I can’t invite them in person. I feel self-conscious about this entire business. Couldn’t I just send a text message or post something on social media? And then, my living room would be filled with pre-sold prospects for my products and business! I just want to stay home and cut out pictures for my vision board. I don’t feel good about being a salesman.”

If it was this easy, our network marketing companies would not need us. They could post on social media, or send out text messages to thousands of people. No need to waste any money on commissions and bonuses for us.

For some of us, this is painful to hear. We want to be paid for our intentions, not for our efforts. Business does not work that way.

If we want people to attend our in-home presentation, buy our products, come to a meeting, or to join our business … we have to perform. We have to create results.

We invest time with prospects. Our return on our investment is that some prospects will want to check out our products and business. But we have to invest the time.

If we are unwilling to invest time in prospects, why should they listen to our sales pitch? To prospects, we would appear as “takers” instead of “givers.”

But back to the accounting career. If we are unwilling to do what it takes to be an accountant, then our accounting career is doomed.

The same for network marketing. If we are unwilling to do what it takes to talk to people, and learn how to talk to them properly, then we can’t expect rewards from our network marketing business.

Tallinn, Estonia

If you or any of your networking friends are in the Tallinn area, I will be conducting an all-afternoon workshop there from 1pm to 6pm on Saturday, March 23.

Obviously, I only get to Estonia every 4 or 5 years for an open-to-the-public workshop, so here is their chance to attend.

Here is the link with all of the details:

Australia is next in late May.

How to use LinkedIn to build your network marketing business.

No, I am not the expert. I can barely do Facebook. 🙂

But Dale Moreau just published his book, LinkedIn for Network Marketing: How to Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Build Your Network Marketing Business. Dale believes that prospects on LinkedIn are far more qualified, ready for business, and willing to take action than prospects on Facebook.

Anyway, there are many scripts and over 200 pages of step-by-step methods. So if you are looking to sponsor on LinkedIn, you will want to get as many ideas from Dale’s book as possible. Here is the Amazon link so that you can go and read the free preview.

New Big Al book!

We get a lot of requests for a book to get new distributors started fast. Well, here is the book. Find out how to totally eliminate the fear of selling, where to get the first prospects, and exactly what to say … with no rejection.

You might want multiple copies for the team, as it is a great way to kick-start anyone’s business.

Check it out here or click the image below.

What others have to say.

One good idea can change how we work our business.

If we continue doing our business as we are now, we limit our chances for growth. Here is a great way to see how others do their business.

My friend, Mark Januszewski, interviews successful networkers once a year. You can listen to this year’s interviews free now at:

While Mark and I may not agree on the New England Patriots team, we do agree that if we master the basic skills of network marketing, then we will have a business for life.

Hoping, wishing, pretending, and faking it.

We know where we want to go, but we don’t know how to get there. The most common strategy of new distributors is to hope, wish, pretend, and fake success in the hopes that success will magically appear.

The problem? This doesn’t work.

Yes, we have the mindset and positive attitude. Unfortunately, what we are missing is the skills to make it happen. One of the most frustrating feelings for us is to want something badly, but not have the skills to make it happen.

In the beginning of our careers, we don’t know this. So we just chant affirmations, sing the company song, be persistent in the face of constant failure, and hope over time that results might happen. Of course, the results don’t happen.

What we are missing are the 25 basic skills of network marketing. Below is the list of 25 skills. If you can’t see the image, click here.

As in any profession, there are core skills we need to learn. Network marketing is no different. Dentists need skills. Engineers need skills. Accountants need skills. And, so do network marketers!

So what are some of the core skills we need to learn to make our dreams come true? Here are four core skills we should focus on in the beginning of our careers:

  1. Creating trust and belief in our prospects. If our prospects don’t believe the good things we say, we are dead. Our companies could offer the best plan in the world, but if there is no trust or belief, our prospects won’t engage. Fortunately, this only takes a few seconds to do. But if we don’t know how to do it, we will have frustrating careers.
  2. Learning creative ice breakers to turn social conversations and chit-chat into conversations about our business. We don’t want to look like greedy or sleazy salespeople. Instead, we want to guide people with problems to our solutions. This removes that icky feeling that we have when we plead with people to look at our company video, or review our literature.
  3. Learning how to close our prospects. We don’t take closing lessons in school, so there is no way we can understand the process of how our prospects make their decisions. We have to learn this new skill so that we are effective when we talk to people. When we don’t know this skill, closing will create fear and rejection. That is a bad combination.
  4. Understanding when and how to do a presentation. Regrettably, we feel presentations should be given like they were given in the 1960s. In the old days, salespeople were taught to talk AT people, tell them to hold their questions until the end, and to unload unlimited information in the hopes that this would convince prospects to buy or join. Modern brain science shows us that this is the perfect way to repel people. Yes, what we thought worked actually pushes people away. We need to learn the new methods of presenting.

So what is the bottom line?

If we are not where we want to be in our network marketing business, it may not be our mindset that is holding us back. Jumping up and down at events, putting on a brave face, and thinking positive affirmations before we talk to prospects can only take us so far.

In most cases, we are missing the hard-core skills of how to engage prospects and get them to make a decision to buy or join. Putting our efforts into learning the skills may be the fastest way for us to reach our dreams.

Here is a list of basic skills for our network marketing career. Which skills are we missing now?

And how much longer are we going to delay learning these skills?




In what order should I read the “Big Al” books?

When we come into network marketing, some of us have specific skills.

Others, like me when I started, won’t have any skills. To be successful, we will eventually learn all the skills.

Here is a rough list of the order we could read the “Big Al” books in to learn the skills. It is just a suggestion, but helpful for those who want to learn these skills quickly. Of course, everyone should read the free book first, Why You Need To Start Network Marketing: How To Remove Risk And Have A Better Life. Believing in our profession makes us bullet-proof.


  1. 3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing
  2. The Four Color Personalities for MLM
  3. Ice Breakers: How To Get Any Prospect to Beg You For A Presentation
  4. How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence And Rapport! 13 Ways To Create Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind
  5. The One-Minute Presentation: Explain Your Network Marketing Business Like A Pro
  6. Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic
  7. Retail Sales For Network Marketers: How To Get New Customers For Your MLM Business
  8. How To Build Network Marketing Leaders: Volume One. Step-By-Step Creation Of MLM Professionals
  9. How To Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects: Turn “Not Now” Into “Right Now”
  10. First Sentences For Network Marketing: How To Quickly Get Prospects On Your Side
  11. Pre-Closing For Network Marketing: “Yes” Decisions Before The Presentation
  12. Why Are My Goals Not Working? Color Personalities For Network Marketing Success
  13. How To Prospect, Sell And Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories
  14. 51 Ways And Places To Sponsor New Distributors: Discover Hot Prospect For Your Network Marketing Business
  15. Closing for Network Marketing: Getting Prospects Across The Finish Line
  16. Public Speaking Magic: Success And Confidence In The First 20 Seconds
  17. How To Build Network Marketing Leaders: Volume Two. Activities And Lessons For MLM Leaders
  18. Motivation. Action. Results.: How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams
  19. 26 Instant Marketing Ideas To Build Your Network Marketing Business
  20. Start SuperNetworking! 5 Simple Steps To Creating Your Own Personal Networking Group
  21. Worthless Sponsor Jokes: Network Marketing Humor

This is only a suggestion for those networkers who say, “I just don’t know where to start.” But as we read through this list of books, some titles will jump out at us and say, “This is the skill you need now.”

The Big Al Library of network marketing skills makes learning fun and easy. Instead of wasting time and being frustrated, we can learn exactly what to say and do in these step-by-step books.

Our value to prospects is the knowledge and skills inside of our heads. The more we have, the more confidence they will have to come on our journey.

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