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Top 10 excuses why prospects won’t change their utilities.

    We offer a lower rate on someone’s utilities. They say, “No.”

    Here are the top 10 reasons they tell us, “No.”

    #1. They are afraid the new utilities won’t work. They might imagine that we would drain the old electricity out of their house, and put in new electricity that is inferior or a lower voltage. Or, the new phone coverage is vastly inferior. (We can fix this with priming questions.)

    #2. They don’t believe us. (We can fix this with early rapport facts.)

    #3. Their mothers dropped them on their heads. (Not much we can do about this one.)

    #4. They have a negative victim attitude. “Nothing good ever happens to me.” (We are not professional psychologists. Leave them to the experts.)

    #5. This sounds hard and confusing. (Tell them it only takes a few minutes to switch, and we will help them.)

    #6. They had a fight with their spouse one hour before we arrived. (We are not in charge of what happens in other people’s lives. Outside of our control.)

    #7. They fear salesmen. (They’ve carried this baggage with them all their lives. We can overcome this with the “option” approach.)

    #8. We ran over their pet when we arrived for our appointment. (This will not end well.)

    #9. We overwhelmed them with too much information. (The human mind craves simple.)

    #10. Too many options at closing. (Humans prefer two easy choices.)

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    How To Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast

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    Top 10 “First Impressions” when sponsoring prospects.

      We only get one chance for a good first impression. Prospects prejudge us harshly. 

      In our study group of over 12,000 people, we took a survey. We asked:

      “When recruiting, which factor carries the most weight with prospects?”

      The winner?

      “The words we say.” 

      Saying the wrong words kills us instantly. Unfortunately, new network marketers don’t know what words to say. That is where we come in as sponsors. We can tell them the correct words.

      Don’t have a sponsor who will give the correct words? Then, download the two free audios trainings on magic words at:

      But there were many other highly-voted suggestions. As we read the suggestions, ask ourselves, “Can I use these suggestions to create an even better first impression?”

      1. The words we say.
      2. What’s in it for them.
      3. Shutting our mouth and listening.
      4. Body language.
      5. Tone of voice.
      6. Intention.
      7. Can the person recruiting me help me?
      8. Our pre-arranged influence.
      9. Micro-facial expressions.
      10. Free toilet paper. 

      Free toilet paper? Well, this survey was taken during the time of the coronavirus crisis. After thinking about this, sitting down with the prospect with a hard-to-get giant pack of toilet paper could greatly influence our prospect’s decision. But long-term? The crisis will pass, and the effectiveness of this technique will fade.

      As we see, there are many factors that can help us control the outcome of our prospecting efforts. We can improve in each of these factors, and the total result should make us much better in this skill.

      Dale Moreau’s new book.

        “Conversations Every Network Marketer Needs” is now available on Amazon. Lots of examples of what networkers can say to new prospects.

        It is what we say that can make a huge difference when talking to cold prospects. Here is the link:

        More words to say.

          Dale Moreau’s latest book is out:

          “Readers are leaders.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones told me that 30+ years ago.

          Problems > Presentations video.

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            New book available for French-speaking networkers.

              We have a new French-language book available now in ebook and print:

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              How to Get Your Prospect’s Attention and Keep It! Magic Phrases for Network Marketing.

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                What I wish they’d taught me in high school.

                  I graduated high school with no money skills. I wish one teacher would have taken the time to give the class a 10-minute lesson on money. That’s all it would take. Managing money to create wealth is not rocket science.

                  10 minutes?

                  It is not that complicated. Just a few guidelines would have made everything easier. For example:

                  1. Buy stuff that goes up in value instead of down in value. What goes up in value? Investments in land, securities, our home. What goes down in value? Cars, costume jewelry, concert tickets, eating out.

                  2. Avoid debt. Debt is rewarding ourselves with things we have not saved for. What sounds better? Working hard and giving our salary to someone else to pay our debt? Or, having other people work hard and give their salary to us … to pay their debt to us?

                  3. Keep overheads low. A less expensive apartment and car means we have more money to buy stuff that goes up in value.

                  4. Invest in ourselves. We can double our income for the same amount of hours worked, if we learn good skills.

                  That’s it. In 10 minutes, teachers could change their students’ lives.

                  How to take iron-fisted control of your prospects’ minds.

                    Prospects are reactionary. Most of their decisions are simply reactions to what we say and do.

                    Want an example?

                    I walk outside into the parking lot, and I give a stranger $100. Will the stranger react?

                    Of course. He might say something like, “I won the lottery! Do you have any more?”

                    Now, imagine that I walk outside into the parking lot, I meet the exact same stranger, but this time I do not give him $100. This time, I give him a punch in the nose.

                    Will the stranger react?

                    Of course. He might say something like, “Oh, that was rude. Was my nose in your way?”

                    One stranger.

                    Two totally different behaviors.

                    Did the behavior of the stranger have anything to do with the stranger? Or did the behavior of the stranger have everything to do with what I said or did?

                    Bottom line:

                    If we don’t like the behavior of our prospects, all we have to do is change what we say and do. They will react to us.

                    That means sponsoring and selling is within our control.

                    So stop blaming prospects. Instead, let’s learn what we can say and do to get them to say “yes” when we talk to them.

                    Need more ways to find prospects?

                      Why look for prospects in other cities, when there are plenty of prospects next door?

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