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Network Marketing in Thailand.

Many years ago, we had the book, “Big Al Tells All: Sponsoring Magic”, translated into Thai.

This book is free for anyone to download and use. Please enjoy.

How to close your network marketing prospects.

Sleaze Shallowman, the sleaziest worthless sponsor in MLM, says, “Macho closes aren’t for wimps. They are for fearless, sleazy, worthless sponsors who learned closing from door-to-door, used-car salesmen from the 1960s.”

Watch how Sleaze Shallowman hard-closes his prospects, John and Mary.

* * * * * *

John replied, “No Sleaze, I don’t think Mary and I would be interested.”

“Interested in what? I haven’t shown you my business opportunity yet.” Sleaze knew he had to act fast to salvage this appointment.

“Not interested in anything. Mary and I are happy with our jobs and really don’t want to complicate our lives.”

Sleaze was rising to the challenge. “John, I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when this wonderful opportunity was presented to me. However, I considered myself open-minded, so I took 15 minutes to check it out. You do consider yourself open-minded, don’t you?” (The classic feel, felt, found objection killer.)

“Of course I’m open-minded, Sleaze, but I just don’t want to get involved with anything right now. Why not try the Jones or the Smiths down the street?”

“John, that’s just the reason I want to talk to you now. Because you know people like the Jones and Smiths, you need to investigate this opportunity TODAY!” (The sharp angle close.) Boy, what a comeback, thought Sleaze. Sleaze sprained his arm patting himself on the back.

“Sorry, Sleaze. No can do. Mary and I are leaving for our son’s Little League game and you’ll just have to take your opportunity elsewhere.”

“What I am hearing you say is: ‘The opportunity may be interesting, but we can’t fit it in right now.’ Is that right, John?” (The re-framing objection technique.)

“No, Sleaze. Don’t twist my words. What you are hearing me say is: ‘No. That’s final. I’m leaving for my son’s game.'”

“John, the fact that your son’s game is important to you is the very reason you need this opportunity. You do love your family, don’t you?” (The famous Sleaze boomerang close.)

“Listen, Sleaze. You are a jerk. I don’t have time to stand around and argue. Get lost.”

“Okay, John. No problem. Guess I shouldn’t have pushed so hard to show you this opportunity. It’s just that as soon as I came across this opportunity, all I could think of was how it could help you and your family. I know it’s important for your family, but I didn’t mean to be insensitive, especially since you’re in a rush. Tell you what. Let me come back when I won’t be interfering with your son’s game. Would Tuesday at 6PM or Wednesday at 8PM be better?” (Alternate choice close.)

“Sleaze, try enrolling in the School for the Hearing Disabled. Not only do I not want your opportunity, I don’t even want to be associated with you. Got the message?”

“John, I’ll be glad to step aside for you and Mary’s benefit. Maybe I didn’t go about it the right way. I’m sorry if I offended you. But John, please don’t confuse the message with the messenger. Let me leave this information package behind that explains the business opportunity and you can evaluate it on your own time – when I’m not around.”

“If taking the information package gets rid of you, give me the information package.”

“John, I’ll be by Thursday of next week to pick up and discuss the information package.”

“Sleaze, don’t bother picking it up. I’ll mail it to you. Our family is busy on Thursday.”

“Sure John, I understand. When would you be mailing the information package back?”

“I’ll drop it at the post office on my way home on Wednesday.”

“Because of all the trouble I’ve caused you John, let me save you a few dollars’ postage. I’ll meet you at the post office on Wednesday night. You can just give me the information package and I can answer any questions you have at the same time. Fair enough?”

* * * * * *

This is ugly. And, this is how some prospects see us as network marketers. Pushy, only worried about our agenda, and practitioners of stupid closing techniques that were taught 50 years ago.

Network marketers fear closing because it has such a terrible reputation. And with people like Sleaze Shallowman, network marketers avoid closing because we don’t want to repeat his mistakes.

Fortunately, times change. In the last 50 years we have learned more about how the human mind makes decisions. Today, network marketers can use better closing techniques that are non-offensive and non-embarrassing. And now we know that we have been closing our prospects at the wrong time. That helps.

The bottom line? Closing prospects can be fun. We can close prospects under the radar with no rejection. How good is that?

We know this instinctively. That is why we cringe every time we hear some of these objection-handling techniques. So if we are going to do network marketing for a living, now is the time to learn the exact closing skills we need to be effective in today’s world. The penalty for not doing this is sounding like Sleaze Shallowman.

Want to read more?

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing

Instead of selling to customers with facts, features and benefits, let’s talk to prospects in a way they like. We can now get that “yes” decision first, so the rest of our presentation will be easy.

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Public speaking confidence?

We wouldn’t feel nervous if we were to make a small speech to a group of preschoolers. Even a speech to a kindergarten class would be easy.

Why do we feel this way? Because we feel we have more knowledge and experience than our audience.

We can continue giving speeches through high school, university, and all the way up to the experts in any particular subject. At some point, we are going to feel nervous because we don’t feel we have the same knowledge and experience that our audience does.

So here is the hint.

If we don’t want to feel nervous, we prepare more, research more, and experience more than our audience. When we do this, our nervousness goes away.

People respect and admire someone who speaks in public. Logical? No. But if we can speak in public, we go up in value in our prospects’ estimation.

Want another little secret that can change everything in our public speaking? The answer is in the title of this book I did with Mark Davis.

Public Speaking Magic

Public Speaking Magic

By using any of the three major openings in this book, we can confidently start our speeches and presentations without fear.

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Personal responsibility. A forgotten skill.

My friend, Barrett Matthews, is one of the most motivated people I know. What I like about Barrett is that he takes personal responsibility to the extreme. In his book, “Why Didn’t You Get It Done?”, he certainly did not hold back.

I am not much of a reader of motivational books, but I like the conversational style and the “in your face” dialogue in Barrett’s book. I don’t think I would ever use an excuse around him.

If you haven’t read his book, here is the Amazon link:

Even if you don’t buy his book, at least read the free preview on Amazon. You will definitely appreciate how and why we should take personal responsibility for our lives. While I have not tried this personally, I think I would force an unmotivated teenager to read this book. This would be a great time for that teenager to change his or her life.

I will be doing an interview with Barrett in August. If you would like to listen in, let us know here and I will be happy to forward you the details.

New book available: Pre-Closing for Network Marketing!

“Yes” Decisions Before The Presentation!

Instead of selling to customers with facts, feature and benefits, let’s talk to prospects in a way they like. We can now get that “yes” decision first, so the rest of our presentation will be easy.

You can get the new book on Amazon now:

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing

Instead of selling to customers with facts, features and benefits, let’s talk to prospects in a way they like. We can now get that “yes” decision first, so the rest of our presentation will be easy.

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Getting a “yes” decision first makes sense. Why would we even want to present our business or products unless our prospects wanted them first? Now our prospects will love every detail of our presentation.

No stress. No rejection. And a lot more fun.

Newest Big Al book available now!

“The One-Minute Presentation: Explain Your Network Marketing Business Like A Pro.”

Currently available in Kindle and paperback:

The One-Minute Presentation

The One-Minute Presentation

Where do I start? What do I say? I don't want to sound like a salesman. How can I relax my prospects?

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Why do prospects join my business?

Learn the real reason prospects join … in less than three minutes!

Check out the audio here!

What I wish they’d taught me in high school.

I graduated high school with no money skills. I wish one teacher would have taken the time to give the class a 10-minute lesson on money. That’s all it would take. Managing money to create wealth is not rocket science.

10 minutes?

It is not that complicated. Just a few guidelines would have made everything easy. For example:

1. Buy stuff that goes up in value instead of down in value. What goes up in value? Investments in land, securities, our home. What goes down in value? Cars, costume jewelry, concert tickets, eating out.

2. Avoid debt. Debt is rewarding ourselves with things we have not saved for. What sounds better? Working hard and giving our salary to someone else to pay our debt? Or, having other people work hard and give their salary to us … to pay their debt to us?

3. Keep overheads low. A less expensive apartment and car means we have more money to buy stuff that goes up in value.

4. Invest in ourselves. We can double our income for the same amount of hours worked, if we learn good skills.

That’s it. In 10 minutes, teachers could change their students’ lives.

How to take iron-fisted control of your prospects’ minds.

Prospects are reactionary. Most of their decisions are simple reactions to what we say and do.

Want an example?

I walk outside into the parking lot, and I give a stranger $100. Will the stranger react?

Of course. He might say things such as, “I won the lottery! Do you have any more?”

Now, imagine that I walk outside into the parking lot, I meet the exact same stranger, but this time I do not give him $100. This time, I give him a punch in the nose.

Will the stranger react?

Of course. He might say things such as, “Oh, that was rude. Was my nose in your way?”

One stranger.

Two totally different behaviors.

Did the behavior of the stranger have anything to do with the stranger? Or, did the behavior of the stranger have everything to do with what I said or did?

Bottom line:

If we don’t like the behavior of our prospects, all we have to do is change what we say and do. They will react to us.

That means sponsoring and selling is within our control.

So stop blaming prospects. Instead, let’s learn what we can say and do to get them to say “yes” when we talk to them.

How to get repeat customers for health products.

Prospects don’t buy from boring salespeople.

Want examples of boring?
  • We have pantothenic acid in our vitamins.
  • Our scientist can beat up your scientist.
  • We have pharmaceutical-grade quality control.
  • Our unique, patented, registered, proprietary formula.
  • Our organic, natural, supernatural ingredients.

If prospects don’t buy from boring salespeople and boring facts, what triggers their minds to make decisions to buy? Good question.

Prospects don’t pay attention. They have other things on their mind. All they generally hear from us are glimpses into our conversation. Their minds want to focus on something more pleasant than listening to a salesperson trying to sell them something.

One thing that will penetrate this lack of attention is using interesting word phrases. So instead of talking on and on about antioxidants, vital nutrients, blood sugar balance, etc, we should focus our attention on key phrases that our prospects will actually hear.

Over time, we will learn better words that help us sell health products. Better words motivate people to join, and to continue using our health products.

There are two places where words will make a huge difference.

#1. At the time of sale.

When we present our products, we could use a technique called “sound bites.” These are short words or phrases that create pictures in our prospects’ minds that will cause them to buy. Here are some examples:

  • “Dying early is inconvenient.”
  • “Feel like we are 16 years old again, but with better judgment.”
  • “One of the first symptoms of heart disease is instant death.”
  • “Wake up in the morning feeling like a million dollars.”
  • “Have more energy than our grandkids, so they whine, ‘Grandma! Grandma! Slow down, I can’t keep up!'”
  • “Fall asleep within seven minutes of our heads touching the pillow.”
  • “If we don’t take care of our body, then where are we going to live?”
  • “Build a killer immune system, so nothing will take us out.”
  • “Instant energy that you can drink.”

#2. Words that we can use in our conversation BEFORE we give our sales presentation.

This is called pre-closing. We can get our prospects’ favorable commitment by giving them the big picture. Some examples:

Distributor: “I show people over 40 how to live longer. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “I help moms build up their children’s immune systems to fight off everything they are exposed to at school. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “Mornings are tough. I help people fix that. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “Stress is … everywhere. Sometimes we marry stress. I have something that can help. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more … now!”

But, we can get better.

What if we could alter the mindsets of our prospects? Instead of them perceiving us as a salesperson, they perceive us as a problem-solver?

How do we change our prospects’ mindsets?

By changing our mindset. Prospects are reactive. The programs in the back of their minds simply react to our current mindset. If we change their mindsets, we will instantly change our results.

You can read the four mindset changes for free.

They are in the free Amazon preview of the latest “Big Al” book. Just click on “Look Inside” on the book image. Enjoy the great ways to get team members to have fun retailing their products and services. Here’s the link…

Retail Sales for Network Marketers

Retail Sales for Network Marketers

Learn how to position your retail sales so people are happy to buy. Don’t know where to find customers for your products and services? Learn how to market to people who want what you offer.

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Bottom line?

Our prospects make up their minds quickly. We have to use great words immediately or we miss our chance to have prospects make decisions in our favor.

It is the same situation for sponsoring new team members. Using magic words and phrases early in our conversations is better than giving a great presentation. The decision is made before our presentations begin.

Want more words and phrases to get new team members?

Simply enter your email address and we’ll send you the link to download two FREE audios “Magic Words for Prospecting”.

We can make our careers easier if we recognize that our prospects want to make a decision immediately because they have limited time. They have other things they want to put their attention to.