Is this the year you will make the decision to get serious about your business? –

Is this the year you will make the decision to get serious about your business?

I don’t know what it will take for you to make the decision to succeed.

For me, it was a mind-numbing, freedom-robbing job that tipped me over the edge.

I saw network marketing. I joined. But the real decision to make it work no matter what the obstacles came from my terrible attitude towards my job.

What will motivate you to make that same ”no turning back” commitment?

And when you make that commitment, what will you do to make that dream a reality?

About the Author Tom Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has 40+ years of experience in network marketing and MLM. As the author of the original “Big Al” training books in the late ‘70s, he has continued to speak in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their minds and say “YES.”

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Jackie Cook says

Hi I’m really excited with the company I’ve joined and I’m doing well because it’s a new company it’s only available in 7 countries at the moment however I’ve had increased interest in ladies joiningu team from countries we are not yet in I’d like advice on how to keep these ladies interested until the company launches in there country

Tom Schreiter says

Hi, Jackie.

Usually it takes a long time to open a country. So our time is better spent with current prospects.

So with limited time, just keep the relationship growing. How? Give them value. Give them tips and education. Tell them about resources you found on the Internet, etc.

They will remember you fondly when their country opens.

Ethel Van Zanten says

I really enjoy the big al books because he tells why most people say and do what they do using the color personality philosophy.

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