It may not be “all about the money!”

Over the years, I’ve done some Big Al Workshops in Norway and Belgium, the most regulated countries in Europe.

Even though these countries have high tax rates and many restrictions, network marketing is doing quite well. Maybe the citizens are tired of over-regulation and welcome the freedom of working their own business.

We might take time to remember that money isn’t the only motivator for prospects to enter network marketing. Freedom of time and freedom from someone else telling you what to do are also important in people’s lives. But the many benefits of network marketing don’t stop there.

Some people join because of the learning environment and self-improvement trainings. Others join for the sense of community. They enjoy being with positive network marketers, instead of spending evenings with their negative in-laws.

And others just want to be involved because of the product or the company’s mission.

There are many motivators that get prospects excited about network marketing. Don’t think that money is the only reason.

Why do prospects join my business?

Learn the real reason prospects join … in less than three minutes!

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What I wish they’d taught me in high school.

I graduated high school with no money skills. I wish one teacher would have taken the time to give the class a 10-minute lesson on money. That’s all it would take. Managing money to create wealth is not rocket science.

10 minutes?

It is not that complicated. Just a few guidelines would have made everything easy. For example:

1. Buy stuff that goes up in value instead of down in value. What goes up in value? Investments in land, securities, our home. What goes down in value? Cars, costume jewelry, concert tickets, eating out.

2. Avoid debt. Debt is rewarding ourselves with things we have not saved for. What sounds better? Working hard and giving our salary to someone else to pay our debt? Or, having other people work hard and give their salary to us … to pay their debt to us?

3. Keep overheads low. A less expensive apartment and car means we have more money to buy stuff that goes up in value.

4. Invest in ourselves. We can double our income for the same amount of hours worked, if we learn good skills.

That’s it. In 10 minutes, teachers could change their students’ lives.

“Sound bites are … incredible!”

Many of you have read, “26 Instant Marketing Ideas To Build Your Network Marketing Business.” The first chapter is about “sound bites.” Once you realize the power they have over prospects, you will start building your collection of “sound bites” as fast as you can.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, “sound bites” are a Level Four close. Here are a few examples:

1. “Super moms.”

2. “Willpower in a tablet.”

3. “Dream-sucking vampire boss.”

4. “Waking up at the crack of noon.”

You can check out the book here:

26 Instant Marketing Ideas To Build Your Network Marketing Business

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See what great “sound bites” you can use to build your business faster.

Once you understand this, it gets easier.

In every workshop, I stress that success is not in “finding” the right prospects, success is saying the “right words” to prospects.

You can find thousands of great prospects, and ruin them all, by using the wrong phrases and words.

You can say the right words, and neutral people become hot prospects.

No matter how many times I insist this is true, at the end of the workshops, people ask me where to get “hot leads.”

So here is a short two-minute video that proves that we should stop looking for good people, but instead, learn what to say. You’ll love it.

Did you watch it?

What do you think?

How to take iron-fisted control of your prospects’ minds.

Prospects are reactionary. Most of their decisions are simple reactions to what we say and do.

Want an example?

I walk outside into the parking lot, and I give a stranger $100. Will the stranger react?

Of course. He might say things such as, “I won the lottery! Do you have any more?”

Now, imagine that I walk outside into the parking lot, I meet the exact same stranger, but this time I do not give him $100. This time, I give him a punch in the nose.

Will the stranger react?

Of course. He might say things such as, “Oh, that was rude. Was my nose in your way?”

One stranger.

Two totally different behaviors.

Did the behavior of the stranger have anything to do with the stranger? Or, did the behavior of the stranger have everything to do with what I said or did?

Bottom line:

If we don’t like the behavior of our prospects, all we have to do is change what we say and do. They will react to us.

That means sponsoring and selling is within our control.

So stop blaming prospects. Instead, let’s learn what we can say and do to get them to say “yes” when we talk to them.

So how much is too expensive for your product?

Ever hear this objection?

“I can’t afford it. It is too expensive.”

So what is the prospect telling you? The prospect is telling you, “No. You haven’t convinced me your offer is worth that much money.”

Everyone has money. They have money for an expensive car payment, an overpriced designer smartphone plan, beer, lottery tickets, beauty salon, eating out … and actually, plenty of money for things they want.

And if they don’t have enough money for the things they want, they borrow more money! They use credit cards! They get what they want.

So instead of trying to fit your product or opportunity into their budget, instead, give more value. People will pay for what they want.


How to get repeat customers for health products.

Prospects don’t buy from boring salespeople.

Want examples of boring?
  • We have pantothenic acid in our vitamins.
  • Our scientist can beat up your scientist.
  • We have pharmaceutical-grade quality control.
  • Our unique, patented, registered, proprietary formula.
  • Our organic, natural, supernatural ingredients.

If prospects don’t buy from boring salespeople and boring facts, what triggers their minds to make decisions to buy? Good question.

Prospects don’t pay attention. They have other things on their mind. All they generally hear from us are glimpses into our conversation. Their minds want to focus on something more pleasant than listening to a salesperson trying to sell them something.

One thing that will penetrate this lack of attention is using interesting word phrases. So instead of talking on and on about antioxidants, vital nutrients, blood sugar balance, etc, we should focus our attention on key phrases that our prospects will actually hear.

Over time, we will learn better words that help us sell health products. Better words motivate people to join, and to continue using our health products.

There are two places where words will make a huge difference.

#1. At the time of sale.

When we present our products, we could use a technique called “sound bites.” These are short words or phrases that create pictures in our prospects’ minds that will cause them to buy. Here are some examples:

  • “Dying early is inconvenient.”
  • “Feel like we are 16 years old again, but with better judgment.”
  • “One of the first symptoms of heart disease is instant death.”
  • “Wake up in the morning feeling like a million dollars.”
  • “Have more energy than our grandkids, so they whine, ‘Grandma! Grandma! Slow down, I can’t keep up!'”
  • “Fall asleep within seven minutes of our heads touching the pillow.”
  • “If we don’t take care of our body, then where are we going to live?”
  • “Build a killer immune system, so nothing will take us out.”
  • “Instant energy that you can drink.”

#2. Words that we can use in our conversation BEFORE we give our sales presentation.

This is called pre-closing. We can get our prospects’ favorable commitment by giving them the big picture. Some examples:

Distributor: “I show people over 40 how to live longer. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “I help moms build up their children’s immune systems to fight off everything they are exposed to at school. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “Mornings are tough. I help people fix that. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more.”

Distributor: “Stress is … everywhere. Sometimes we marry stress. I have something that can help. Would you like to know more?”
Prospect: “Yes. Tell me more … now!”

But, we can get better.

What if we could alter the mindsets of our prospects? Instead of them perceiving us as a salesperson, they perceive us as a problem-solver?

How do we change our prospects’ mindsets?

By changing our mindset. Prospects are reactive. The programs in the back of their minds simply react to our current mindset. If we change their mindsets, we will instantly change our results.

You can read the four mindset changes for free.

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Retail Sales for Network Marketers

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Bottom line?

Our prospects make up their minds quickly. We have to use great words immediately or we miss our chance to have prospects make decisions in our favor.

It is the same situation for sponsoring new team members. Using magic words and phrases early in our conversations is better than giving a great presentation. The decision is made before our presentations begin.

Want more words and phrases to get new team members?

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We can make our careers easier if we recognize that our prospects want to make a decision immediately because they have limited time. They have other things they want to put their attention to.




“What would you like me to do now?”

Here is another close that you can use with prospects.

“What would you like me to do now?”

When you use this close at the end of your presentation, all of the stress and fears of rejection leave you, and the decision is now up to the prospect.

Actually, the prospect now feels a bit of pressure to make a decision. The prospect must now decide to ask you to leave, or ask for more information, or say that he is ready to join, etc.

But the neat thing is … the prospect has to make a decision. And, you can use this close to gracefully end your presentation.

Yes, this is very low-pressure, but I always like to treat prospects as adults.

What are some good first sentences?

Here are some that I’ve read recently or heard at my workshops before:

  • “Retire with dignity and with a full-time paycheck.”
  • “The special tablet supermodels use to keep thin!”
  • “The secret paycheck your neighbor isn’t talking about.”
  • “How a 21-year-old college student earns over $5,000 a month by helping people fill out a change-of-service form.”

We only get one chance to make a good first impression. Our opening sentence is everything.

The truth is:

Our prospect has already started making the final decision within seconds of us starting our presentation. We need to learn how to manage this.

Want more first sentences…

First Sentences For Network Marketing

First Sentences For Network Marketing

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