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New book available for French-speaking networkers.

We have a new French-language book available now in ebook and print:

Hope you enjoy it! There are more French-language books on the way.

All of our French-language books are located at:

Speaking of “Habits.”

We all have good habit and bad habits.

There is a thing called “habit stacking.”

Steve Scott wrote the book, “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less.” Available on Amazon at:

The practice is bonding a new habit to an old habit. For example, let’s say I have a habit putting on my coat to go to work every morning. I could then start creating a new habit attached to putting on my coat. I could say to myself:

“When I put on my coat in the morning, I will immediately do one stretch to touch my toes.”

Over time, I will be pretty good at touching my toes because I do it so often.

Or, I could say this to myself:

“When I put on my coat in the morning, I will immediately walk to the donut shop at the end of the street.”

Bad habit. But I could make this a routine every morning.

The point is, if we want to create a new habit, bonding the new habit with an old habit makes it easier. Want one more example?

“When I leave work every day, I will immediately make one follow-up call to my prospect list.”

Motivation could be as easy as this.

My friend, Bob Conklin, would tell the story of a young boy who wouldn’t tuck his shirt tail into his pants. 

His mother (mothers are motivation experts) solved the problem with one simple little task. She decided to sew some lady’s white frilly lace onto her son’s shirt tail.

Now her son was motivated to never allow his shirt tail out of his pants again. 

Check out our book on motivation:

Motivation. Action. Results.

Is this the year you will make the decision to get serious about your business?

I don’t know what it will take for you to make the decision to succeed.

For me, it was a mind-numbing, freedom-robbing job that tipped me over the edge.

I saw network marketing. I joined. But the real decision to make it work no matter what the obstacles came from my terrible attitude towards my job.

What will motivate you to make that same ”no turning back” commitment?

And when you make that commitment, what will you do to make that dream a reality?

Where are we?

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Solvang, California

How to stand out from your competition.

If you sell diet products, offer to buy your customer lunch at a local restaurant. (Make sure they have a low-calorie selection.)

If you sell cleaning products, offer to provide your customer a maid for a few hours. (The maid will be happy to get a chance for a new client.)

If you sell skincare, offer your customer a free appointment at a local hairdresser. (The hairdresser will be happy for the chance to get a new customer.)

Get the picture? Invest a little in your original customer. Why?

1. It’s easier to get a new customer when you offer a terrific deal.

2. You get a chance for repeat business from this satisfied customer.

3. It’s easier to recruit distributors from satisfied customers instead of cold prospects.

What is a committee?

“A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary.”

— Richard Harkness

Leadership tip: If you wish to delay a project, assign it to a committee.

Inviting people to your business presentations.

Imagine this is the relative effectiveness of inviting people:

  • 50% Endorsement. (If someone endorses the meeting, half of the people invited will come.)
  • 10% Referral. (Looks like an endorsement is five times more effective than a simple referral.)
  • 3% Two-step. (Get someone to answer an ad, and then send them more stuff and invite them.)
  • 1% Cold call. (Gee, you would have to make 50 cold calls to equal one endorsement.)
  • 0.5% A simple email inviting a person to your meeting.

These are relative numbers, but you get the idea.

Instead of running ads, etc. – make personal contact with one, two, or three people. Build a relationship and invite them. That will be more effective than hundreds of emails.

What do leaders do?

This makes no sense.

We come into network marketing, and then we’re told to be a leader. Now, we don’t know how to be a leader, or even what leaders do.

It gets worse. In order to be super-successful, we must build leaders on a team. But how do we do that? What do we tell others to do? What activities? What words to say? What skills to learn first?

No wonder networkers find their business frustrating. “Wanting” something is a lot different than “knowing” how to do it.

Knowing how to do it? What is the first step? Learning exactly what to do, of course.

If we believe leaders are important to your business, then we must learn these skills quickly.

Learn exactly what to say and do to become … and build leaders now.

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One

Series: Leaders
Tags: audio, eBook, English, Paperback

This book will give you the step-by-step activities to actually create leaders.

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The guilt approach.

Many prospects are afraid to try a new product or investigate an opportunity. They kindly tell us, “No. I’m busy. I’m not interested.”

You can use a simple guilt approach to motivate the prospect to at least look at what you have to offer. Here is an example.

A company sold water filters. Their distributors were trained to simply loan a water filter to a prospect for one week. At the end of the week the distributor would pick up the water filter or take an order for a new water filter.

Only one problem. Prospects wouldn’t let the distributors leave a trial water filter.

The company devised a simple guilt offer.

The distributor now said the following to the prospect:

“Just try this water filter for one week. This gives you a chance to win a free trip to Hawaii. Every week the company draws the name of a trial user and gives away a free Hawaiian vacation. But not only does the trial user get a free vacation, but the distributor that loaned out the trial water filter wins one, too! So why not try this filter for one week? Do it for me. I’d like a chance to win that vacation and go with you to Hawaii.”

The prospect is motivated by the guilt of not letting the distributor have a chance at winning a free vacation.