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Bulletproof your mindset and adding a survival why with Nasir Super Daddy Qureshi

Show Notes

Nasir Suber Daddy Qureshi
Author of Bulletproof Mindset for Network Marketing 

Without mindset they won’t do much

A secret sauce
No emotional attachment to the results
Distributors build for different reasons and levels
Emotional roller coaster
Manage expectations
Fulfil your own purpose
Objective is to share
Give them a choice

How we say it
How we present the information
Do they know the value
Lamborghini value
How do we present the value

How to visualize the business
Asking questions

Law of reaction
How to control the reaction

Network Marketing Facebook group page

Learn vs. making mistakes

Finding out your reason
Finding out your why is watered down
Dig deeper
Necessity of survival
Protection from fear

Mindset Mastering Secrets Live Zoom with Tom and Keith Schreiter

Show Notes

Secrets to Mastering Your Mindset book

Dark chocolate endorphins

Growth mindset
Every failure is a lesson to learn and grow
Children naturally have it
Natural growth mindset

Fixed mindset
Need to fit in
Failure is an attack

Commercial language
Commercial talking skills

What mindset do our team members have?
We think different than our prospects
How prospects think

Network Marketing Facebook group page 

I’m a failure vs I failed

How do we get this mindset?

Mantras and affirmations affect our mindset

Mindset comes before success
Be specific about your intention
Ask specific questions

Why vs How podcast episode

Master your mindset by teaching it to your team

Mindset or skills

The world is changing

What’s the worst that can happen?

Take the tiniest action step and do it immediately
Taking action improves our mindset

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Using the Right Words and the Right Mindset with Steve Porter

Show Notes

Using a magic sequence of words to speak to the subconscious mind

I’m just curious would it be ok if you had an extra paycheck every month

Using Facebook stories

Business exists to solve problems

Smiling and striking up conversations by using the right words

What do you do for a living

Using The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing book

You don’t have to use all the products, just learn real stories 

No pressure and no rejection

3 step process

Power of asking for referrals

Learn the skills

3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing book 

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2 Quick Tips to Bond With Your Prospect

Show Notes

Additional resources

Create Influence: 10 Ways to Impress and Guide Others 

How to Get Appointments Without Rejection 

1 Turn off the sales alarm

Las Vegas where everything is #1

Unlimited prospects from no agenda conversations with Jerry Scribner podcast episode 

Don’t argue with a prospect

Promote another product or service

Talk about value added or upgrade

Icebreaker podcast episode 


2 Get them to say yes right away

May I help you vs Are you just looking

Before I start, I’m just curious

How To Build Your Utilities Business Fast 

How To Build Your Nutrition Business Fast 

Unlimited prospects from no agenda conversations with Jerry Scribner

Show Notes

  • How to stay consistent
  • Solve problems
  • It’s about giving options
  • Not everyone will be your customer
  • Be your own customer
  • Would it be ok if you got paid for simply recommending and promoting
  • this service to others
  • Less is more, simple is best
  • Three keys
  • 1 Relationship
  • 2 Solve problem
  • 3 You have to ask
  • Daily habits
  • Big Al Newsletter twice a week
  • Private message for birthdays - top of mind
  • Adding contacts
  • Check in on distributors
  • Have natural conversations
  • Check in on customers
  • Don’t ‘go prospecting’ it should be natural
  • Don’t have an agenda
  • Build rapport
  • Private Facebook group
  • Three way messenger threads
  • Using voice in messenger
  • Upgrading communication to zoom or in person
  • Sticking up conversations
  • Asking questions
  • Find out the problem to solveGiving realistic expectations
  • Using the 2-Minute Story book 
  • How much do you need
  • Focus $300-$500 unless they want to see big numbers
  • Incremental focuses in income to see farther
  • Time will happen whether you learn the skills and put them in action

Closing Strategies for Network Marketing with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Show Notes

3 Story Sharing Options for Sponsoring

Show Notes

Creating vision and realistic expectations with Thomas Brooks

Show Notes

  • 26.2 Ways to Do It Now: Life Lessons for Happiness and Success available on Amazon and direct here 
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint
  • There are plenty of stumbles along the way
  • Vision
  • 3 stone masons story
  • The big picture
  • John F Kennedy visiting NASA story
  • MS150 stories, stuff happens, adjust
  • When you get to mile 20, you’re halfway there
  • Moving up the network marketing promotion ranks
  • You can learn new skills
  • Talent, skills, and motivation
  • The Houston Marathon wall stories
  • Enthusiasm
  • Repetition creates a habit
  • Make the effort to be 10 times more excited
  • If you can’t be enthusiast about what you’re doing, how do you expect them to be enthusiast about it
  • Approach it like a business
  • No business gets every prospect
  • Most successful businesses are a bucket with holes
  • Your job is to collect a yes decision

3 Story Sharing Options for Effective Retailing

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Using personal development to stretch your freedom goals with Sarah Cardwell

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