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Here is how to make your investment friends jealous.

    Let’s say that you have $100 to invest. Where would you invest it?

    You could be safe and put that $100 in a bank savings account. At 5% interest, you would get a nice, safe, guaranteed return of $5 at the end of the year.

    Of course the government wants its share of taxes, so you’d only be left with about $3.50 net. While this is very safe, it’s probably not your idea of successful investing.

    So why not try investing in the stock market?

    Maybe you could invest in a company. You buy one share of that company’s stock for $100. Let’s say that your share of stock appreciates to $200 at the end of the year.

    Wow! That’s a 100% return on your investment. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

    Not really.

    What if you did this?

    You invest the $100 in a classified ad in the local newspaper. By adding a little personal work to your money investment, you successfully recruit one new serious distributor. And with a little more personal effort, you train your new distributor to be productive.

    Your return? An extra $50 a month in bonus income. That’s $600 extra per year! That’s a 600% return on your investment.

    Pretty smart.

    But it gets better.

    What if you invested the $100 in training?

    Maybe you invested the $100 to go to your company’s regional training seminar. At the seminar, you learned how to prospect and recruit new distributors without running an ad.

    In other words, you won’t have to spend $100 to run an ad every time you want to locate and sponsor a new distributor. Instead, you’ve learned expert methods of locating hot prospects without having to spend any money.

    Now you can sponsor one new distributor every month who earns you an extra $50 in monthly income. At the end of the year, you’d have an extra monthly income of $600. That’s $7,200 extra a year — a 7,200% return on your investment.

    And that’s the kind of investment return that separates part-time distributors from financially-independent leaders.

    The difference between a job and your own business.

      In a job, if there is a problem, it may not be your problem. Somebody else has to solve it. And who is that somebody else?

      The business owner, of course. If the business owner doesn’t solve the problem, he or she is out of business.

      We are in our own networking marketing business. We are responsible for solving our problems. It is this change of viewpoint that is hard for new distributors to master.

      For instance, they might say, “Oh, the shipping is too expensive. I can’t build my business with these high shipping prices.”

      And the new distributor stops working.

      But what would the distributor do if he had the viewpoint of a business owner? He would figure out how to deal with the high cost of shipping or he would know he would be out of business.

      With the viewpoint that he has to solve this problem, the distributor could do the following:

      1. Only sell to people who could afford the shipping.

      2. Find people who wanted the product so badly that the shipping didn’t matter.

      3. Realize that there is no competition for his product, and that the shipping is not an issue.

      4. Plan ahead and order in bulk so that the shipping would be less.

      5. Figure out an alternate way of shipping, etc.

      Are there obstacles in our business? Yes!

      Business owners overcome obstacles. That is why they are the owner.

      You’re only one good prospect away from a $1,000,000 career!

        Sometimes we get discouraged. That’s human nature. But we also have the ability to cheer ourselves up. Here is one way to create a positive outlook when we feel discouraged.

        Just imagine that you continue promoting and talking about your business. At some point, you will cross paths with a prospect who is looking for an opportunity to change his life and you are the answer.

        Maybe you don’t know this prospect now. Maybe it will be some chance encounter sometime in the future. It doesn’t matter how you meet this prospect. It just matters that you were still enthusiastic about your business and impressed your prospect.

        What can one good prospect mean to you financially?

        The prospect could mean a million dollars over several years. And that’s a powerful incentive to be persistent in your business.

        There are many networking leaders today that enjoy powerful incomes because of just one good prospect.

        Why not join them?

        How to help your distributors overcome failure.

          This tip was shared by Orjan Saele during our annual network marketing cruise. He helps his new distributors overcome failure and negative thinking by saying:

          “So what if your first six months might be bad, or if you have some embarrassing failures. So how long did it take you to learn to talk? To learn to drive? It took a while, and there were some embarrassing failures, but now you enjoy the benefits of talking and driving. It was worth it.”

          Use this simple story to help your distributors face the challenges when building their business.

          You don’t want to win the race to the bottom.

            Seth Godin has an 8-minute interview that is great to get prospects to want to get out of their job. Check it out:

            Great third party validation for what we do as networkers.

            “Quitters” tip for fresher leads.

              I don’t know why distributors keep buying network marketing leads.

              It’s like being addicted to “crack.” Why? 

              Every time you need to expand your business, you have to buy more leads. If that is the only way you know how to get leads, you are an addict, held hostage by the network marketing lead seller.

              But this post isn’t about how to create your own fresh leads. This post is how to be more effective if you are caught in the trap of having to buy leads.

              So let’s see how we can be more effective against our competition when we buy network marketing leads that are being sold hundreds of times to our competitors.

              A distributor buys some leads. That was the easy part.

              Leads are cheap. However, the follow-up time and effort are expensive.

              So what will most distributors do?


              They start with the “A” names . . . then “B” . . . and by the time they get to leads that start with the letter “C” – they’re already thinking of quitting.

              So if you want to talk to fresher leads, untouched by low-energy quitters, do this:

              When you get your list of leads, start at the bottom. Start with the letter “Z.” Most quitters never get this far and these leads are virtually untouched.

              2017 MLM Cruise (November 26 – December 3)

                You have to take a holiday anyway, so why not join network marketers from around the world? Here is a holiday that could pay for itself. One good idea can change a career. Everyone is welcome. New networkers, old networkers, and everyone in-between. 🙂 Full details at:

                MLM Cruise

                Does your network marketing company make you successful?

                  Good question.

                  Many new distributors in network marketing think that choosing a different network marketing company will make them successful. These distributors think that success is “outside” of them, and that the external factors will make the difference.

                  But success in network marketing is an “inside job.” You have to learn some skills. And if you don’t have skills, changing companies just means that you’ll be unsuccessful in a different company. If you can’t recruit now, changing companies won’t fix that.

                  In every network marketing company there are some successful distributors, and some unsuccessful distributors. So it is not the company that makes the difference.

                  Learn how to prospect, learn how to sponsor, learn how to build … that’s what will make the difference. Then you can be successful anywhere you choose. 🙂

                  The Secret of Natural Attraction.

                    I don’t know the secret of “natural” attraction, but I certainly can create attraction.

                    You don’t have to be charismatic, brave, a superstar, or a magician to attract people to you. That’s great, because I am none of those.

                    Want to attract people and prospects? Here are two ways.

                    1. Use something out of the ordinary. People lead boring lives. If you have a Chevy Lumina Stretch Limousine, you will attract all the people you want. Here is a picture of this “one of a kind” vehicle.


                    My friend, Aaron, bought this vehicle from Tim Rose. Both report that everyone who sees the vehicle wants to rent it, or at least start a conversation.

                    Maybe your product or opportunity lends itself to the extraordinary. If not, get a unique attraction magnet like the Chevy Lumina Stretch Limousine.

                    2. Attract people by having what they want. Having what people need is boring. People need insurance, mortgage money, food, cars … but that won’t motivate them to contact you. If you have what they want, people will come and stand in line.

                    Here is an example.

                    People need to see a dentist to get their teeth cleaned. No excitement in that.

                    But if you have a toothache, you will beg for an appointment and never negotiate the price because you desperately want to get rid of the pain.

                    People want a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the dream car, to be debt-free, the chance to attend the Oscars, and to stay home with their family and have the life they dreamed about in high school.

                    If you have these things, people will be attracted to you. So do you have a solution that can get these things that people want?

                    If you do, all you have to do is attract all the prospects you want to your solution by using sound bites, magic sequences of words, word pictures and medium- to high-level communication skills.

                    You don’t have to have “natural attraction” – you can create it. 🙂

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