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Update on the Mastermind Event.

Full details and update here.

Yes, I will be speaking, and other network marketing leaders will be sharing their latest discoveries from 2020.

Coupon code: HOLIDAY

Q. How many languages will be available for the event?
A. Four. English, Spanish, Bulgarian, and Persian (Farsi).

Rapport and realistic expectations with Nasir Qureshi

Show Notes

  • Asking the right questions to create rapport
  • Leading with the opportunity
  • Starting your new distributors with training right away
  • What not to do on social media messenger

How Not to Hire a Bad Immigration Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Hiring The Best Immigration Lawyer

The perfect guide when hiring any lawyer, available on Amazon kindle and paperback

How To Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast

How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport!

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Network Marketing Questions - Facebook group page

Get Your Free Big Al Training Audios Magic Words for Prospecting

Be a positive influence on others.

Eric Bailey just released his new book, Master of Persuasion: How to Dramatically Increase Sales, Get People to Say Yes, and Be a Positive Influence in the Lives of Others.

So if you need some new reading material over the holidays, it is available on Amazon now. More ideas that we can use to influence others, close sales, and transfer our good intention to others. A great way to reduce resistance and objections from others.

In paperback and in Kindle on Amazon.

Ice Breakers

Show Notes

If someone asks about your product/service/opportunity what do you say?
Is it easy to understand and creates instant prospects?
  • Learn specific Ice Breakers for your product, service or opportunity
  • Have prospects lean forward and ask for more information
  • Using benefits vs features (what’s in it for them)
  • 3 easy to use formulas to create ice breakers for any occasion
  • Plus an optional close for the introverts
Download the free Closing Report and take the Four Core Skills Quiz (including ice breakers)
Direct link to the Ice Breaker paperback book, kindle and audiobook

The Networker Zone: Episode 1

Show Notes

You have entered The Networker Zone. The ultimate podcast for networkers in direct sales, network marketing, MLM or any sales side hustle. You’ll learn the skills for the how to and the mindset to make it work. From the author of over 20 best selling books and over 25 years in the business here’s your host Keith Schreiter.

What will you do when this happens?

Finally, our brand new prospect joins. Yeah!

Now, how much do our new team members know about their new business? Well, here are just a few things our new team members don’t know:

  • What to do first.
  • The three most important questions.
  • What to do after the first failure.
  • How to explain the compensation plan.
  • The best time to approach prospects.
  • The first words to say to initiate action.
  • How to turn off fear and rejection.
  • How to handle tough questions.
  • Which steps to take before starting.

And the list goes on and on.

Okay, our brand-new team members are clueless.

Thankfully, we have some answers as the sponsor.

But what should we teach our new team members first? Do we have a clue? Well, uh … uh … uh …

How much should we teach so we don’t create cognitive overload? Well, uh … uh … uh …

My first experiences.

They were all bad. I sponsored people, didn’t even know the three most important questions (clueless), watched my team members fail and disappear. Then, I would rinse and repeat.

Yes, I sponsored new people to replace the people I ruined. I definitely was not a smart sponsor.

This is hard work. We prospect, present, close, and more to get someone started, only to ruin them quickly. It took me time to notice this dysfunctional pattern.

There is an old saying in Texas that goes like this:

“If you are putting people on the front of the wagon as fast as they are falling off the back of the wagon, that ain’t smart.”

One set of skills we learn as professional network marketers is how to be a great sponsor. Yes, we can influence how well our new team members start. We can give them the exact tools they need to handle the challenges ahead.

This isn’t rocket science. We can learn these skills. And we don’t have to pay a fortune.

To make this easier, Keith and I put the best smart sponsor skills in the latest “Big Al” book.

Learn how to be a smart sponsor in 90 minutes while reading this inexpensive book over a cup or two of coffee.

What Smart Sponsors Do: Supercharge Our Network Marketing Team

Enjoy the preview below!

“Should I get a network marketing coach?”

Good question. Here is why people consider investing time, energy, and money into a coach:

The only thing between us, and where we want to be, is some stuff we don’t know yet.

If we already knew this stuff, we would already be where we wanted to be! But we don’t. So, how are we going to learn it?

Well, if we don’t know what we don’t know, how in the world are we going to discover and research what we don’t know? Yes, this can become a black hole. But let’s look at some possibilities.

#1. We can learn by trial-and-error. This is how I started my career. I spent one year and 10 months trying to make network marketing work. The result? Zero progress. Here is an important question: How much money did I miss out on during that one year and 10 months? Potentially, 22 bonus checks.

Trial-and-error is expensive. And there is no guarantee that we will stumble across the solution. We may end up just practicing the wrong things.

Plus, I hated the rejection and frustration. But, I just didn’t know any better. And my budget was nonexistent.

#2. We can read books and take courses. How many books should we read? How many courses should we take? Which courses should we take? Well, if we are on a limited budget, we can start with a few personal development books from our local library. That is free! Yeah!

Then, as soon as possible, my biased opinion is to read some “Big Al” books. Learn some hard-core skills.

#3. If we are in a hurry, a coach could be another option. What is nice about a coach is that a good coach has experience. We can learn from our coach’s experience, and we don’t have to experience all of the personal rejection that comes with trying to figure things out on our own.

Do I do coaching?

No. I don’t. 

For me to do coaching, it would require two skills that I don’t have.

#1. Coaching skills.

#2. Patience.

Both are prerequisites of a good coach.

So before we look for a coach, we have some thinking to do. Here are some things we need to consider:

#1. How fast do I need results?

#2. How big is my budget?

#3. Will I listen to my coach or argue?

#4. Will I take notes, or will I take action?

#5. How experienced do I want my coach to be?

There are many more things to consider, but we get the idea.

If we decide coaching is the way to go, answering these questions beforehand will make our search easier.

So imagine we have no budget. That will limit our coaching options. 

We can’t expect an experienced coach to stop earning money and work for us for free. However, if that is our limitation, we work within that limitation. Here is where we could go to start our coaching:

Free would fit in our budget. And of course, we would adjust our expectations.

If we were willing to invest money now so that we could earn more money faster, then we would have a bigger range of coaching options.

For example, I am not a LinkedIn expert. If I wanted to build my business on LinkedIn, I would find a coach with LinkedIn experience. Since I know Dale Moreau, and have read his book on successfully building via LinkedIn, I would go to his site,

It would be a lot more expensive, but I wouldn’t have to wait months to see progress.

But hiring a coach is only part of the process.

If the coaching is good, and we know exactly what to do, we still have to take action.

That is why our coach should have motivation skills and incredible patience. 

So whether the coach is free or full-price, we still have to do our part of the bargain. A good coach will help us be motivated on our down days.

So the questions are: 

“Is trial-and-error free?” No, it is expensive. We miss out on months and months of bonus checks.

“Is taking courses and reading books the answer?” For some self-motivated individuals, yes. I personally wouldn’t fall into that category all the time. I get distracted too easily. Knowing our limitations can help us make better decisions.

“Is coaching the answer?” For some, yes. Because there are different levels of competency in coaching, and we should try to get the best competency we can within our budget.

New Spanish-language book for your team.

There are four different color personalities, and each of those personalities interprets our world differently. They have their own viewpoint and their own language. They make their decisions based upon their viewpoint, and the language we use to present to them has to match their personality.

When we talk their language, magic happens. Our prospects understand and appreciate what we offer them. Once we have this connection, prospecting, selling, sponsoring, and presenting are easy.

The book is available in ebook and paperback. Check it out here:

Are you a speaker? Trainer? A coach?

I am sure you are great at what you do, but …

There is another skill we must consider. To be successful in any profession, we need marketing. So while we may be the world’s greatest coach, if we have no one to coach, this isn’t going to work out.

My good friends, Mark Davis and Bernie De Souza, joined me in writing a brand-new book on how to get more paid bookings. If you need more bookings and clients, you will enjoy this book. Hard-core, real-life examples of how to fill our calendars with events.

If you like straight talk, no fluff, and real methods that work, you will love the new ideas and methods.

The book is available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and more. Check out the book here:

How Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches Get More Bookings

How Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches Get More Bookings

We share the real-world case studies and techniques we use to keep our calendars filled with paid bookings.

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How to get massive action with your team.

Our team members:

  • Think about our business between television shows.
  • Set goals and forget.
  • Have too many life distractions.
  • Have no simple strategy.

The following is a simple solution. 

Here are some great benefits to this simple solution. Our members will:

  • Think about our business every week.
  • Bond and become more loyal.
  • Love the social connections.
  • Feel active and involved.
  • Build a belief in their business.
  • Develop more skills.

Too good to be true? 

The Weekly Zoom Report.

Organize a once-a-week Zoom team meeting. The Zoom team meeting will be only 20 or 30 minutes at the most. Why?

  1. We want to conserve our time.
  2. Our teams will love the Zoom team meeting and be more likely to attend if it is short. They will look forward to it.

What will be the Zoom team meeting format?

We want to give our team members an easy assignment that will build their business. As we know, lessons and notes are good for memorizing skills. But results come when we put the skills into action.

No action = no results.

So what would be this easy assignment?

To say one simple sentence, once a day.

This sentence will be an ice breaker sentence that gives prospects choices. When prospects reply to this sentence, they make a choice. That makes closing automatic.

We must make sure this sentence is rejection-free, and there is no chance of embarrassment. We want our team members to say this sentence once a day. Here are some examples of this sentence:

  • For utilities: “Does it make sense to lower our bills, instead of keeping them high?”
  • For dieting: “Would it be okay if we could lose weight simply by changing what we have for breakfast?”
  • For skincare, “Would it be okay if we could fix our wrinkles from the inside?”
  • For our opportunity: “Does it make sense to get paid two times a month, instead of only one time a month?”
  • For travel: “If you want to pay wholesale instead of retail prices when you travel, let’s talk.”

These are just a few examples. Basic ice breakers that compel people to make an instant decision. And did we notice that all of these sentences were safe?

Every team member will pick a sentence they would like to say. Make sure they pick something comfortable so they will be happy and relaxed when talking to prospects.

Let’s do our 20-minute Zoom team meeting.

First, welcome everyone.

Next, we give our personal report first. Why? Not to impress the team members, but to help everyone relax. No one ever wants to go first.

Our report will sound something like this.

“I chose this as my sentence this week: ‘If working out of your home sounds better than commuting to work, let’s talk.’ I said this sentence six times this week. My results? Three people wanted to have a conversation immediately. And here is another great thing that happened to me this week. My son came home with his first passing grade in math. His tutor is doing a great job.”

That’s it. Our report might take 30 seconds. Our personal report will have these four things:

  1. The sentence we chose.
  2. How many times we said our sentence.
  3. Our results from saying our sentence.
  4. And something good that happened to us this week.

Here is why we do these four things.

  1. By repeating the sentence, it helps us get better. Plus, some team members on the Zoom might want to use our sentence next week. Maybe it feels better for them than their current sentence.
  2. When we tell everyone how many times we said our sentence, that is our accountability report. Our job is only to tell the sentence. We can’t control the lives of the prospects who hear our sentence. This helps motivate us to say the sentence often. We don’t want to report that we only said the sentence one time over the entire week. That would be embarrassing.
  3. We report our results from saying our sentence. Remember, we are not attached to the results. But reporting our results lets others know that some people will be interested and some won’t, and that is normal.
  4. Report something good that happened to us this week? Yes. nobody wants to hear our negativity and problems. They can hear that on the news when we finish. Instead, if everyone reports one good thing that happened, it gives the listeners social proof that good things can happen in our lives. When we hear all these good things happening, we build a belief of hope and expectation that even though maybe this week was bad for us, next week could be better.

Well, we volunteered to go first. Our turn is finished. Now it is the next person’s turn.

Everyone on the Zoom Team Meeting takes their turn and reports. For some, this will help them overcome their shyness. They are with a group of supporters, and this may be the first time they’ve spoken in public or to a group. It’s great personal development.

After each team member finishes, we should compliment the team member for participating in reporting. We make no judgment if they didn’t tell their sentence at all, or if they couldn’t remember how to report these four things. We encourage everyone.

After the reports from everyone, we will give a word or two of motivation. After all, we are the leader of this meeting. We could say something like this:

  • “I absolutely know you will all get to Super Executive Director. We don’t know how fast. But everyone gets closer every week.”
  • “You don’t know what will happen next week. One person you speak with might earn you $20,000. They just have to hear your sentence.”
  • “Our job is to give people a chance to have the life of their dreams. Tell your chosen sentence. Our obligation is to give others a chance. The rest is up to them.”

And finally, we can make any announcements.

That’s it.

And now our weekly call is over.

For our team members, this is a chance to catch up and see what their friends are doing every week. They will look forward to the meeting. And at the end of every call, everyone wants to do better the following week.

Use this simple 20-minutes-a-week investment to put life back into our business. This is one way to get everyone on the team active and involved.

Now, here are some resources to make this a lot easier.

The only hard part is coming up with enough great sentences for the team to choose from. Pick one of these books to gather the sentences you need.

If you sell utilities:

If you sell health and nutrition:

If you sell something else:

If you find that your group is enthusiastic about this short weekly team event that they can do from the comfort of their homes, most of them will want their own book. 

You can get a discount on an order of 10 or more books. For details, just visit this page: