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It’s pretty simple.

    Winners win.

    Losers complain.

    Distributors only have time to complain when they don’t have enough prospects to contact.

    Success leaves clues, but so does failure.

      Where should you look for prospects? Good prospects? The kind of prospects that join?

      Simply look at where you enrolled your last five distributors. Where and how did you meet these prospects?

      Success leaves clues.

      So instead of finding new and unique places to locate future distributors, go back to where you located the last five distributors.

      But failure leaves clues also.

      Take a look at why your last five prospects told you they weren’t interested. Was there a common theme? And where did you locate these uninterested prospects?

      Many times we are standing too close to our successes and failures. We need to step back and observe to see if there are clues.

      Powerful questions!

        • How do you feel about retiring after age 65?
        • Would you like to do something different in life?
        • Life’s not forever. What would you really like to do?
        • How many more days can you put up with commuting?
        • Would it be okay if you never had to go to work again?
        • Do you get to choose the days you want to work?
        • How does a five-day weekend sound to you?
        • What will you do if you don’t join?
        • What would you like to do next?

        Use common sense.

          “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but do check for Greek soldiers elsewhere in its anatomy.”

          Yes, we should be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains fall out. A little common sense goes a long way in our business.


            Network Marketing Tips

            There are two great ways to fail in network marketing.

              1. Don’t get involved.

              2. Don’t try.

              How marketing helps you find highly-qualified prospects.

                Some years ago, Pepsi sent cases of Diet Pepsi to hundreds of thousands of Diet Coke drinkers.

                And, their promotion didn’t stop there. Pepsi sent magnets, coupons, and special pop-up mailers to persuade these hundreds of thousands of Diet Coke drinkers.

                Their strategy? Target cola drinkers of a competing brand.

                Pepsi knew these customers were buyers of colas. All Pepsi had to do was to convince these cola drinkers to try their product. Hopefully, some of these cola drinkers would convert into long-term Pepsi customers.

                How can you use this strategy? If you sell vitamins, target other vitamin users. If you sell travel, target frequent travelers. If you sell organic, biodegradable cleaning products, target conscientious cleaning product users.

                Like Pepsi, your initial marketing costs may be high if you give away free products. However, look at the long-term profit of a good repeat customer. How much money would you earn if a customer bought products from you every month for the next five years?

                Impressive? Yes.

                So think like the Pepsi marketers and round up some long-term profits.

                A short note on prospecting.

                  If for some reason you want to decrease your level of income, decrease your prospecting activity.

                  Leaders realize that growth in their organization comes from new people. Consistent prospecting activity guarantees a ready source of new distributors and leaders in our organizations.

                  As an added bonus, when we consistently prospect for new distributors, our organization learns from our activity. They see our methods, our work ethic, our consistent day-to-day building of our organization. Of course we’re setting a good example, but more importantly we’re showing our distributors how to do it.

                  Don’t limit the size of your business and the size of your bonus check with the present size of your organization. Build your team and build your bonus check.

                  How to Get Your Prospect’s Attention and Keep It! Magic Phrases for Network Marketing.

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                    Is your prospect working for everyone but himself?

                      Imagine your prospect is 40 years old and has no savings. Where did his earnings go during the past 20 years of hard work?

                      He has worked hard to give money to the landlord or mortgage holder, the car finance company, the government, the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the insurance companies, the clothing store, the electric company … everyone but himself.

                      Sad, isn’t it? Most people spend their entire lives working and earning money for someone else. Don’t you think people deserve to earn enough money so they can keep a little for themselves?

                      Maybe the extra money from network marketing will finally reach your prospects’ pockets. Let your prospects know they have a choice.