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How to get massive action with your team.

Our team members:

  • Think about our business between television shows.
  • Set goals and forget.
  • Have too many life distractions.
  • Have no simple strategy.

The following is a simple solution. 

Here are some great benefits to this simple solution. Our members will:

  • Think about our business every week.
  • Bond and become more loyal.
  • Love the social connections.
  • Feel active and involved.
  • Build a belief in their business.
  • Develop more skills.

Too good to be true? 

The Weekly Zoom Report.

Organize a once-a-week Zoom team meeting. The Zoom team meeting will be only 20 or 30 minutes at the most. Why?

  1. We want to conserve our time.
  2. Our teams will love the Zoom team meeting and be more likely to attend if it is short. They will look forward to it.

What will be the Zoom team meeting format?

We want to give our team members an easy assignment that will build their business. As we know, lessons and notes are good for memorizing skills. But results come when we put the skills into action.

No action = no results.

So what would be this easy assignment?

To say one simple sentence, once a day.

This sentence will be an ice breaker sentence that gives prospects choices. When prospects reply to this sentence, they make a choice. That makes closing automatic.

We must make sure this sentence is rejection-free, and there is no chance of embarrassment. We want our team members to say this sentence once a day. Here are some examples of this sentence:

  • For utilities: “Does it make sense to lower our bills, instead of keeping them high?”
  • For dieting: “Would it be okay if we could lose weight simply by changing what we have for breakfast?”
  • For skincare, “Would it be okay if we could fix our wrinkles from the inside?”
  • For our opportunity: “Does it make sense to get paid two times a month, instead of only one time a month?”
  • For travel: “If you want to pay wholesale instead of retail prices when you travel, let’s talk.”

These are just a few examples. Basic ice breakers that compel people to make an instant decision. And did we notice that all of these sentences were safe?

Every team member will pick a sentence they would like to say. Make sure they pick something comfortable so they will be happy and relaxed when talking to prospects.

Let’s do our 20-minute Zoom team meeting.

First, welcome everyone.

Next, we give our personal report first. Why? Not to impress the team members, but to help everyone relax. No one ever wants to go first.

Our report will sound something like this.

“I chose this as my sentence this week: ‘If working out of your home sounds better than commuting to work, let’s talk.’ I said this sentence six times this week. My results? Three people wanted to have a conversation immediately. And here is another great thing that happened to me this week. My son came home with his first passing grade in math. His tutor is doing a great job.”

That’s it. Our report might take 30 seconds. Our personal report will have these four things:

  1. The sentence we chose.
  2. How many times we said our sentence.
  3. Our results from saying our sentence.
  4. And something good that happened to us this week.

Here is why we do these four things.

  1. By repeating the sentence, it helps us get better. Plus, some team members on the Zoom might want to use our sentence next week. Maybe it feels better for them than their current sentence.
  2. When we tell everyone how many times we said our sentence, that is our accountability report. Our job is only to tell the sentence. We can’t control the lives of the prospects who hear our sentence. This helps motivate us to say the sentence often. We don’t want to report that we only said the sentence one time over the entire week. That would be embarrassing.
  3. We report our results from saying our sentence. Remember, we are not attached to the results. But reporting our results lets others know that some people will be interested and some won’t, and that is normal.
  4. Report something good that happened to us this week? Yes. nobody wants to hear our negativity and problems. They can hear that on the news when we finish. Instead, if everyone reports one good thing that happened, it gives the listeners social proof that good things can happen in our lives. When we hear all these good things happening, we build a belief of hope and expectation that even though maybe this week was bad for us, next week could be better.

Well, we volunteered to go first. Our turn is finished. Now it is the next person’s turn.

Everyone on the Zoom Team Meeting takes their turn and reports. For some, this will help them overcome their shyness. They are with a group of supporters, and this may be the first time they’ve spoken in public or to a group. It’s great personal development.

After each team member finishes, we should compliment the team member for participating in reporting. We make no judgment if they didn’t tell their sentence at all, or if they couldn’t remember how to report these four things. We encourage everyone.

After the reports from everyone, we will give a word or two of motivation. After all, we are the leader of this meeting. We could say something like this:

  • “I absolutely know you will all get to Super Executive Director. We don’t know how fast. But everyone gets closer every week.”
  • “You don’t know what will happen next week. One person you speak with might earn you $20,000. They just have to hear your sentence.”
  • “Our job is to give people a chance to have the life of their dreams. Tell your chosen sentence. Our obligation is to give others a chance. The rest is up to them.”

And finally, we can make any announcements.

That’s it.

And now our weekly call is over.

For our team members, this is a chance to catch up and see what their friends are doing every week. They will look forward to the meeting. And at the end of every call, everyone wants to do better the following week.

Use this simple 20-minutes-a-week investment to put life back into our business. This is one way to get everyone on the team active and involved.

Now, here are some resources to make this a lot easier.

The only hard part is coming up with enough great sentences for the team to choose from. Pick one of these books to gather the sentences you need.

If you sell utilities:

If you sell health and nutrition:

If you sell something else:

If you find that your group is enthusiastic about this short weekly team event that they can do from the comfort of their homes, most of them will want their own book. 

You can get a discount on an order of 10 or more books. For details, just visit this page:

How to get more customers for our nutrition business.

“Disagreeable people.”

In conversation, people want to disagree with what we say. If everyone agreed in conversations, it would be a boring world.


Ask ourselves, “What kind of response could the sales clerk give us to this comment?

We say to the sales clerk, “Oh, this must be an interesting job working here at this store.”

In most cases, the sales clerk will respond, “Oh, it isn’t that interesting. It’s sort of boring. And, it doesn’t pay enough.”
And now we have created a prospect with a problem that we can solve.

If our prospects don’t have a problem … they don’t need our solution!

Imagine what would happen if we started our conversation saying, “Oh, this must be a terrible job.” Then our sales clerk would disagree and say what a wonderful job he or she has. Not a good starting point for a conversation about our opportunity.

Let’s use this disagreement observation to get some prospects who want better health.

Want a few examples of opening statements that create disagreement?

“Oh, it must be easy staying on that diet.”

“I bet you have a relaxing commute where you get to listen to music for an hour.”

“You look so healthy. Life must be so easy.”

“Husband, 4 children, all with after school lessons and activities. And a full-time career too! Must be wonderful living your dreams. Stress-free!”

Allow our conversation partner to disagree with what we said. Now there is a problem we can help solve.

Remember, people want to disagree to keep the conversation going. A little planning on what we say will make a huge difference.

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Nutrition Business Fast

How To Build Your Network Marketing Nutrition Business Fast

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Top 10 excuses why prospects won’t change their utilities.

We offer a lower rate on someone’s utilities. They say, “No.”

Here are the top 10 reasons they tell us, “No.”

#1. They are afraid the new utilities won’t work. They might imagine that we would drain the old electricity out of their house, and put in new electricity that is inferior or a lower voltage. Or, the new phone coverage is vastly inferior. (We can fix this with priming questions.)

#2. They don’t believe us. (We can fix this with early rapport facts.)

#3. Their mothers dropped them on their heads. (Not much we can do about this one.)

#4. They have a negative victim attitude. “Nothing good ever happens to me.” (We are not professional psychologists. Leave them to the experts.)

#5. This sounds hard and confusing. (Tell them it only takes a few minutes to switch, and we will help them.)

#6. They had a fight with their spouse one hour before we arrived. (We are not in charge of what happens in other people’s lives. Outside of our control.)

#7. They fear salesmen. (They’ve carried this baggage with them all their lives. We can overcome this with the “option” approach.)

#8. We ran over their pet when we arrived for our appointment. (This will not end well.)

#9. We overwhelmed them with too much information. (The human mind craves simple.)

#10. Too many options at closing. (Humans prefer two easy choices.)

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast

How To Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast

With clear examples of a one-minute presentation, a two-minute story, where to get great prospects, and how to handle the most common objections, this is the complete starter manual for a successful network marketing business with utilities and services.

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Top 10 “First Impressions” when sponsoring prospects.

We only get one chance for a good first impression. Prospects prejudge us harshly. 

In our study group of over 12,000 people, we took a survey. We asked:

“When recruiting, which factor carries the most weight with prospects?”

The winner?

“The words we say.” 

Saying the wrong words kills us instantly. Unfortunately, new network marketers don’t know what words to say. That is where we come in as sponsors. We can tell them the correct words.

Don’t have a sponsor who will give the correct words? Then, download the two free audios trainings on magic words at:

But there were many other highly-voted suggestions. As we read the suggestions, ask ourselves, “Can I use these suggestions to create an even better first impression?”

  1. The words we say.
  2. What’s in it for them.
  3. Shutting our mouth and listening.
  4. Body language.
  5. Tone of voice.
  6. Intention.
  7. Can the person recruiting me help me?
  8. Our pre-arranged influence.
  9. Micro-facial expressions.
  10. Free toilet paper. 

Free toilet paper? Well, this survey was taken during the time of the coronavirus crisis. After thinking about this, sitting down with the prospect with a hard-to-get giant pack of toilet paper could greatly influence our prospect’s decision. But long-term? The crisis will pass, and the effectiveness of this technique will fade.

As we see, there are many factors that can help us control the outcome of our prospecting efforts. We can improve in each of these factors, and the total result should make us much better in this skill.

Dale Moreau’s new book.

“Conversations Every Network Marketer Needs” is now available on Amazon. Lots of examples of what networkers can say to new prospects.

It is what we say that can make a huge difference when talking to cold prospects. Here is the link:

More words to say.

Dale Moreau’s latest book is out:

“Readers are leaders.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones told me that 30+ years ago.

Problems > Presentations video.

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New book available for French-speaking networkers.

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Speaking of “Habits.”

We all have good habit and bad habits.

There is a thing called “habit stacking.”

Steve Scott wrote the book, “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less.” Available on Amazon at:

The practice is bonding a new habit to an old habit. For example, let’s say I have a habit putting on my coat to go to work every morning. I could then start creating a new habit attached to putting on my coat. I could say to myself:

“When I put on my coat in the morning, I will immediately do one stretch to touch my toes.”

Over time, I will be pretty good at touching my toes because I do it so often.

Or, I could say this to myself:

“When I put on my coat in the morning, I will immediately walk to the donut shop at the end of the street.”

Bad habit. But I could make this a routine every morning.

The point is, if we want to create a new habit, bonding the new habit with an old habit makes it easier. Want one more example?

“When I leave work every day, I will immediately make one follow-up call to my prospect list.”

Motivation could be as easy as this.

My friend, Bob Conklin, would tell the story of a young boy who wouldn’t tuck his shirt tail into his pants. 

His mother (mothers are motivation experts) solved the problem with one simple little task. She decided to sew some lady’s white frilly lace onto her son’s shirt tail.

Now her son was motivated to never allow his shirt tail out of his pants again. 

Check out our book on motivation:

Motivation. Action. Results.