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Why do I hold “live” workshops?

They are more effective.

When distributors read or hear a good idea, they think, “That’s nice.” And then they move on to see what the next good idea is. They never internalize the information, never practice the information, and never use the information.

It is the same with conference calls and webinars. Again, they enjoy the information, but never practice it.

When I do “live” workshops, we actually test, practice, and perfect each technique so that the distributors will be more comfortable using the technique in real life.

What good is it to learn something you can’t use?

So attend a “live” Big Al workshop. It will make a huge difference in your business.

You can always see my schedule at:

New Big Al book!

We get a lot of requests for a book to get new distributors started fast. Well, here is the book. Find out how to totally eliminate the fear of selling, where to get the first prospects, and exactly what to say … with no rejection.

You might want multiple copies for the team, as it is a great way to kick-start anyone’s business.

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After joining our program, the distributor said …

“I’ve been to the training, used the products, and talked to prospects. So where am I on the ladder to success?”

“The bottom step,” I replied. “If that bothers you, remember, most people don’t even have a ladder.”

The hard truth.

Companies don’t make distributors rich.

Sponsors don’t make distributors rich.

Only distributors can make themselves rich.

Using real, live snapshots.

An actual picture is hard to throw away.

Compare the feeling you get when you hold a picture versus a mass-printed brochure.

If you want your mailing package to really stand out, include a snapshot of yourself, your family, your product, or … use your imagination. It is harder for people to throw away a snapshot of a family.

It is an inexpensive way to increase your response rate.

Think of it this way.

Advertising – think of salesmanship in print.

If you can write down your message clearly, then you can also say your message clearly to your prospects.

“If you think your business is under control, then you are not driving fast enough.”

I heard this quote at a meeting a few years back.

So I started thinking about all of the leaders that I know who stopped building and went into management mode.

Their results?

Well, their business is under control. They are managing a slow decline.

They have constant meetings, planning sessions, goal workshops, new brochures in the making … everything but new distributors.

It takes a lot of effort to re-start your business and get it into momentum. Are you willing to do it?

What to say when your prospects say your product is too expensive.

Try saying this:

“Our product is sort of a treat or luxury. It is kind of like spending money on cigarettes, lottery tickets or beer.”

If they spend money on these things, they can afford your product.

Why you had better get “experienced” quickly in business.

Here’s an old story. It’s short. Read and ponder:

“A man with money meets a man with experience.

“The man with experience leaves with the money, the other man leaves with an experience.”

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Your new distributor starts with enthusiasm and talks to everyone he knows.

But which should come first:

  1. Finding prospects and talking to them?
  2. Learning what to say so prospects will be interested?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?