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Who refuses opportunity?

Not rich people. They don’t refuse opportunity.

They are not programmed to look for the reasons why something won’t work. They are programmed to look for reasons why something can work.

There are always hundreds of reasons why an opportunity will not work, but also hundreds of reasons why the opportunity will work.

It just depends on which set of reasons you decide to focus on.

Don’t rip off your grandchildren!

It’s easy to buy samples, prospecting CDs, and brochures. But are you getting these prospecting tools out into the hands of your prospects?

Don’t store them in your living room.

Your grandchildren don’t want the prospecting tools, they want the money. They want the inheritance.

So get your tools out into the hands of the prospects and build a larger bonus check now.

So what kind of sponsor are you?

When we sponsor a new distributor, what is our promise to him or her and what is our responsibility?

Hmmm, I think the word “sponsor” means to take the new person under our guidance and give them the skills and direction to build their business.

That means we must personally learn the skills to make our networking business work, and make those skills available for the new person to learn.

Of course, we could just refuse to give the new person the skills, but that’s not an option with integrity.

So let’s not pat our new distributor on the back and say, “You’re on your own. Make some sales so I can get a bigger commission check.”

Yes, there are a lot of “gurus” out there.

Some have done nothing, but actually have pretty good information that can help us.

Others, well, maybe they haven’t done anything and have nothing new to offer.

So I don’t discount gurus. I try to learn from everyone, whether they are successful or not. But, I also try to be careful and think through other people’s advice before I test it. 🙂

Having good principles will keep us grounded so we don’t buy into a guru who has nothing to offer. I like using principles such as common sense, empathy for the viewpoints of prospects, and a desire to help people who actually want what we offer.

When is a good time to start shrinking your business?

Well, according to some distributors, the best time to start shrinking their business is right after they start. Why?

We all know that we are either growing or shrinking. Our personal development doesn’t stand still.

Yet, many new distributors insist on avoiding their upline’s training, refusing to read books, and generally stopping their growth the moment they leave school. That’s a shame.

So here is a question you can ask your distributors:

“Do you want to come to our next training session, or are you happy to have your business peak at the current level?”

Hopefully, they get the picture. 🙂

There is an old saying …

“Goals must be specific.”

The more specific our goals, the easier it is for us to recognize opportunities that will help us achieve those goals.

I’m sure you too are tired of everyone saying we must set more goals. But what if we changed it slightly to say:

“Setting goals is easy, but achieving goals is difficult.”

We should invest more time in learning the skills to achieve those goals.

Why some networkers get great referrals, and other networkers suffer from a lack of prospects.

The answer is easy: guilt and embarrassment.

Think about it. When you are asked for referrals, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

You think,

“Oh, no. What if I recommend my friend and this salesperson is rude, offensive, pushy, dishonest or a jerk? Will I lose my friend’s respect? Rather than run the risk, I’ll just pretend that I don’t know anyone I can refer.”

We don’t want to feel guilty or embarrassed. That’s why we pretend we are hermits, orphaned, or extreme introverts.

The solution?

When you ask for referrals, make your prospect or customer feel comfortable by:

  • Explaining exactly the type of person you are looking for.
  • Explaining that you will be courteous and polite, just as you were with him or her.
  • Explaining what you will say or do with the referral.
  • Explaining that you will first send a courtesy letter/email to let the prospect know that you will be calling.

A totally different viewpoint on prospecting information packs.

One leader says this:

There are two reasons we use a prospecting pre-approach information pack.

  1. The pack will disqualify prospects who are not interested and save us time and rejection.
  2. Loaning out these packs puts the distributors to work.

Just a different viewpoint, but something to think about.

The 21-Day Plan for educating your new distributors.

There is a lot for new distributors to learn when they get started.

  • Product information.
  • Compensation plan information.
  • How to order.
  • How to take a customer’s order.
  • Who to call when they have questions.
  • Where to find the best prospects.
  • Cool things to say to avoid rejection.
  • And lots, lots more.

This can be overwhelming if dumped on your new distributors on Day 1. So pace the information with an autoresponder.

Set up an autoresponder with 21 separate messages, with one message delivered each day. Have each message introduce one new piece of training or information.

Bite-sized chunks make it easy to slowly digest what they need to know when they first get started.

Normal is sad these days.

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

– Ellen Goodman