How one pro builds his business.

I take experts to lunch every chance I get. Why? Because it is the cheapest consulting anyone can get.

Here is a gem from my lunch with an expert:

“I don’t care about prospects who are undecided. I only care about the person who is willing to work my system.”

This pro simply concentrates on building leaders, and making them successful. All of his focus and energy goes into a select few prospects who share his vision.

If you were going to earn $5,000 a month from a good leader, how much time would you invest in finding that prospect?

It’s a huge problem!!!

Some time ago, I did a training meeting for a nutrition company in Sweden.

Some distributors came late and complained, “There is no parking!”

The training was at a meeting room in a health club, and of course, it’s January. Everybody is at the health club in January. They are going to work on their New Year’s goal to get in shape and lose weight … for only a few more days.

Next month, the parking lot will be empty.

So, there are two types of networkers in the world.

Those that complain, “There is no parking!”

And, those networkers that say, “Hey! Look at all these prospects who want to get healthy!”

Yes, some people look for reasons to fail. Others look for problems, and they know that in every problem, somebody is going to make a lot of money solving it.

In network marketing, we solve people’s problems. We help them lose weight, have better skin, save money, get healthier, look better, travel, earn money, and more. That’s why we earn money, big money.

So the next time we see a problem, let’s think to ourselves, “That’s a great opportunity for someone to earn big money solving that problem.”

Problems are our friends.

The difference between a job and your own business.

In a job, if there is a problem, it may not be your problem. Somebody else has to solve it. And who is that somebody else?

The business owner, of course. If the business owner doesn’t solve the problem, he or she is out of business.

We are in our own networking marketing business. We are responsible for solving our problems. It is this change of viewpoint that is hard for new distributors to master.

For instance, they might say, “Oh, the shipping is too expensive. I can’t build my business with these high shipping prices.”

And the new distributor stops working.

But what would the distributor do if he had the viewpoint of a business owner? He would figure out how to deal with the high cost of shipping or he would know he would be out of business.

With the viewpoint that he has to solve this problem, the distributor could do the following:

  1. Only sell to people who could afford the shipping.
  2. Find people who want the product so badly that the shipping doesn’t matter.
  3. Realize that there is no competition for his product, and that the shipping is not an issue.
  4. Plan ahead and order in bulk so that the shipping would be less.
  5. Figure out an alternate way of shipping, etc.

Are there obstacles in our business? Yes!

Business owners overcome obstacles. That is why they are the owners.

Leadership tip.

“No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the successes of those under him.”

— W. A. Nance

Be gentle.

“You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That’s assault, not leadership.”

— Dwight Eisenhower

The silent treatment.

My worthless sponsor was late for the breakfast club meeting last week, so I asked him what happened. He said:

“My wife and I aren’t talking to each other. We’re giving each other the silent treatment, and I didn’t want to be the first one to break the silence and lose. So I wrote a note on a piece of paper: ‘Please wake me up at 6:30am.’

“Well, I didn’t wake up until 8:30am. Boy, was I mad that my wife didn’t wake me up. Then I noticed a piece of paper on my pillow that said: ‘It’s 6:30am. Wake up.'”

How to get your distributor to learn to be a leader.

To create leaders, you must delegate responsibility. You must help your distributors learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions and for their results. Why?

Too often your struggling distributor will push the blame from himself and onto … you!

It’s your fault he isn’t successful. It’s your fault his last appointment cancelled. It’s your fault he has worked so hard and earned so little.

Sound familiar?

So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to fix your distributor’s problem?

The answer is: Don’t!

Instead, delegate the responsibility of the problem to your distributor. This is one way he will learn to become a leader.

If your distributor comes to you with a problem such as, “I just can’t recruit,” then say:

“If you were a leader, what would you recommend?”

Now your distributor must come up with his own solution. This is an effective way to teach distributors to become self-sufficient leaders. And, this technique keeps your distributors from coming to you with every problem.

If only our prospects understood “Jungle Law.” :)

What is the “Law of the Jungle?”

*** He who hesitates is … lunch. ***

Yes, it is a jungle out there. Everyone is just trying to survive.

But what happens if your prospect says, “I want to think it over, I can’t make up my mind, no use just jumping into things, I have to talk it over with my dog …”

Well, your prospect becomes lunch!

Your prospect is eaten alive by his employer who gradually takes his life away. Your prospect jealously looks on as others who quickly went into action enjoy their success.

Winners in life don’t wait. It is hard to win a race when everyone else has started and we are still considering if we should start.

We can use this “Jungle Law” in our careers also. Maybe we can be the first to take part in our company’s promotions, registering for conventions, doing our required volume, etc.

What to do when you have lousy upline support.

Most leaders are sponsored by someone who isn’t a leader.

Interesting, eh? That means that if we want to be a leader, chances are that we won’t have much upline support. If we do get any upline support, just consider that as a lucky break.

Also, if we don’t intend to be a leader, it probably doesn’t matter if we have upline support or not.

We have to ask ourselves:

“What is it that I want my upline to do that I am unwilling to do myself?”

The answer is obvious. We should do the work ourselves.

It’s tough – but if we don’t take this viewpoint, here is what happens:

If we mistakenly believe that our upline is necessary to build us into a leader, then that means we also must hold the hands of our own unmotivated distributors and do their work for them, too. Ouch!

Not a pleasant picture.

So remember, most leaders are sponsored by someone who isn’t a leader. Becoming a leader is up to us.

Sales and appointment scripts for friends.

Someone asked me for a sales script to set an appointment with a friend.

Think about that one. What comes to mind?

  1. Your new distributor doesn’t believe in the opportunity enough and needs a sales script to “sell” his friend.
  2. If your new distributor memorizes a sales script, the friend will instantly detect that he isn’t being natural and sincere.
  3. The new distributor hasn’t been taught that the appointment is granted by the friend because of their relationship, not because of a slick, manipulative sales script.

And the longer we think about this, the more we just shake our heads.

So instead of giving a “sales script,” let’s invest our time in giving our new distributors passion, belief, and a desire to share the good news.

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