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“So how many people did you talk to?”

I hated this question when I first started in network marketing. When I complained that nobody wanted to join, that nobody wanted to buy, I was asked:

“So how many people did you talk to?”

Bad question. Why?

Because I had talked to a lot of people!

I didn’t need to talk to even more people. That wasn’t the problem. I didn’t need to run ads and get more leads. I didn’t need even more people to ruin as prospects.

What they should have asked me was:

“Exactly what did you say to the people you talked to?”

If you are on fire, some people will come just to watch you burn.

Enthusiasm is contagious and your prospects love it. Who would you rather join?

  1. An uninspired sponsor who doesn’t seem excited about the potential of the opportunity.
  2. An excited, motivated, enthusiastic sponsor who loves his business.

The answer is obvious.

So how do your prospects see you?

You don’t have to be full of hype or false enthusiasm to excite your prospects. Just be sincere in your belief about the opportunity that you are presenting. Your prospects will see your natural enthusiasm come through.

“The elevator to ‘success’ is closed. But the stairs are always open.”

I heard that quote from Hilde Saele as she addressed a session on one of our annual MLM Cruises.

Think about it.

  • Distributors want the ad that sends prospects to a website where they can automatically join.
  • Distributors are too lazy to get their own leads, so they pay someone else to get the leads for them.
  • Distributors refuse to learn the magic words and skills and just hope their sponsors give them some good new recruits to
    work with.

I love this saying, and I’m going to use it on some effort-challenged people I know. 🙂

The fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain.

When talking to prospects, sometimes the bigger motivator is what they will miss in their lives if they don’t join your business.

Maybe they will miss time with their children, maybe they will miss time to travel, or maybe they will miss being able to help a charity.

Life is short. Most people don’t want to spend their entire lives helping their bosses realize their dreams.

How to make your presentations rejection-free.

Be polite. It is just that easy.

When prospects acknowledge that they have a problem that your products or opportunity can fix, before you launch into your presentation, ask this question first:

“Would you like to do something about it?”

This gives the prospects a chance to decline a sales presentation when they have no intention of fixing their problem, or don’t believe that you can fix it.

And it’s just good manners.

We all hate it when we are subjected to a sales presentation that we don’t want to hear.

On the positive side, if your prospects say that they want to do something about their problem, it is so easy.

Just make a simple presentation and let your prospects buy or join.

Undecided? “I want to think it over?”

Prospects love to delay any decision.

If this plagues your presentations, try saying something like this:

“What will happen if you don’t start your business now?”

Thoughts and perspective on freedom.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

– Steve Jobs

Get ready … get set … wait.

Is that the mantra of your struggling distributors?

Here are a few quick ways to change this:

  1. Get them hot, local leads so they have to talk to someone right away.
  2. Ask them when they are going to talk to someone and start building their business. Or are they just too busy helping their boss build a big house for his retirement?
  3. Build their confidence with an inspirational CD.
  4. Reduce their fear of rejection by teaching them the proper rejection-free scripts for approaching prospects.
  5. Reduce their fear of rejection by positioning them as messengers of hope, and that they should only talk to the prospects that volunteer and want more hope in their life.
  6. Motivate their spouse.
  7. Create a vision by using one of the “Big Al” skills.
  8. Work with your new distributor to jointly set the first few appointments.

These are just a few ways to jumpstart your new distributor into action.

If we don’t intervene, many distributors have such low self-esteem and confidence that they become professional “javelin catchers.”

One of our jobs as leaders is to develop new distributors to the point where they can lead themselves.

What others have to say.

One good idea can change how we work our business.

If we continue doing our business as we are now, we limit our chances for growth. Here is a great way to see how others do their business.

My friend, Mark Januszewski, interviews successful networkers once a year. You can listen to this year’s interviews free now at:

While Mark and I may not agree on the New England Patriots team, we do agree that if we master the basic skills of network marketing, then we will have a business for life.

Your competition has already won.

Think about it. You are competing for your prospects’ time.

Your prospects are already using all 24 hours in their days. Currently, there is no room to add you and your opportunity into their lives.

So television, work, sleep, free time, and commuting time have already won all of their time.

That’s why you have to be good. You want to outsell the competition that is already in place. And to do that, you’ll need skills.

You can’t just “wing it” or make it up as you go. Television has a grip on people’s lives. That’s pretty stiff competition. So is sleep time and commuting time.

Now is a good time to review exactly word-for-word what you are saying to see if it is good enough to remove some of your competition.

Learn the skills of network marketing. You’ll need them. 🙂

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