The Complete Three-Book Network Marketing Leadership Series


Audiobooks included:

  • How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One: Step-by-Step Creation of MLM Professionals
  • How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume Two: Activities and Lessons for MLM Leaders
  • Motivation. Action. Results. How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams

Book #1: How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One: Step-by-Step Creation of MLM Professionals shows us how to locate the best leader candidates and how to groom them for leadership. Learn exactly what to say and exactly what to do to change their attitudes, their thinking, and their results. Why?

Because leaders are everything in network marketing. These are the long-term producers that leverage our income. We have limited time. We can only work with a limited number of distributors. So, we must duplicate ourselves through our leaders.

Ask yourself, “Do you want to be a leader? Or, do you want more leaders on your network marketing team?”

Everyone says they want to have more leaders, but how? How does one find leaders? How does one create leaders? What are the things we need to teach ordinary distributors to do in order to for them become leaders?

This plan doesn’t happen by accident.

Instead of wishing and hoping for leaders, this book will give you the step-by-step activities to create leaders.

Yes, there is a plan for building leaders and it is simple to follow.

Discover how to give ordinary distributors a leadership test to determine if they are ready to enter the path of leadership. Then, learn how to start their learning process with the biggest leadership lesson of all: problems.

Book #2: How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume Two: Activities and Lessons for MLM Leaders takes our potential leaders and expands on what they can do to grow their teams faster.

No one is a “natural-born leader.” Babies aren’t given a manual on how to be an adult. Adulthood is learned from others.

So how will we teach eager distributors to become leaders?

By showing, participating, experiencing … and of course, sharing stories.

Yes, they could imitate us to become leaders, but not everyone is created the same, with the same set of skills or advantages. So, there must be common lessons everyone can learn for leadership.

Inside this book, you will find many ways to change people’s viewpoints, to change their beliefs, and to reprogram their actions. And when these three things change, the results will naturally change too.

The earnings from developing one good leader could dwarf the monthly payout of almost any retirement plan.

Book #3: Motivation. Action. Results. How Network Marketing Leaders Move Their Teams adds another 172 pages of step-by-step actions and campaigns to make our leaders the best they can be. Getting results from the team is the measurement of true leadership.

Want to motivate your network marketing team into action?

We don’t have to be a screaming drill instructor to get the job done. Through contests, recognition, goal-setting, fill-out forms, personal development and other motivational techniques, we can do our part to create momentum in our teams.

Our new distributors need motivation to overcome the negativity of their initial prospects. Our experienced distributors need motivation when they run out of prospects to talk to.

Learn the motivational values and triggers our team members have, and learn to use them wisely. By balancing internal motivation and external motivation methods, we can be more effective motivators.

We can teach our team exactly what to do. However, we must motivate them to do it.

Enjoy this book of case studies and examples of exactly how to be a motivating team leader. We can’t do all the work ourselves. We need help.

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