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All’s well starts well with Stephan Longworth

Show Notes

Don’t blame society, look in the mirror
Keep you eyes and ears open

Have the right mindset
All’s well ends well
All’s well starts well

You don’t know what challenges are behind their doors
Most successful we’re just open to have a look
Engage and talk to people
What’s the worse that can happen
Keep it simple

How he almost quit and his son repeating the positive phrase back

Rowing a boat with two oars, products/services and opportunity

Build trust and rapport
Study champions, model their behavior
What if you do help someone
It’s about timing

The Consistency Chain
Dare to Dream and Work to Win

The Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing 

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One 

Prepare to Takeoff in Network Marketing 

It’s not about you, it’s who you relate to with Warner Taylor

Show Notes

Using Facebook live, reels and stories
Following mentorship
14 day video challenge
10-12 minutes
Goal is to serve, not impress
Being consistent
It’s not about you, it’s who do you want to relate to

Start an email list
Find the right mentor
All you need is a cell phone and a laptop

Call your upline and tell them you’ll be independent
Put your faith and trust in yourself
Your most precious asset is your mind

Your sub conscience mind is what moves you
It’s not about the knowledge
Book of the month or book of the week

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If you want different results, do different activities with Jonathan Yap

Show Notes

The Essential Handbook of Prospecting for Network Marketing

Why network marketing
Getting over being introverted
Importance of training

Same thing, same result, do something different
Do the exact opposite
Becoming more comfortable
Having prospects choose for themself
Ask what they do for a living

Comfort zones
Being pushed won’t last long term
Who are we already talking to
Making small changes
We gain confidence, our comfort zone expands

Trial and error
Taking notes to figure it out
Building online and offline differences

3 things we all need

Getting distributors started with proper training with Bev Ashton

Show Notes

28 years in the industry
On the job training
Going virtual
Nothing stopping them from jumping on zoom

Setting up a Facebook group
Customer group for sales
Inviting to the group via apps

Nobody will ever leave and say they never offered me any training

Don’t assume or prejudge

Side hustle for a lot of people
Make it all inclusive to have access to training

Asking questions
It’s entirely up to you what type of account
Giving people options

3 minute daily habit

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3 steps to mastering skills: Start, Stop and Continue

Show Notes

Pick one skill you’d like to improve

Stop, Start and Continue

What do I need to stop doing?
Make a list of what to stop

What do I need to start doing?
Make a list of what to start
Start one or two from the list

What do I need to continue doing?
Make a list of what to continue
Use reminders
Make everything an appointment

Free training audios for your team 

Four Color Personality resources 

The Four Core Skills 

The Mindset Series 

3 Easy Habits for Network Marketing book 
How to Get Appointments Without Rejection book 
The One-Minute Presentation book 
The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing book 
Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing book

Consistency is key with Janet Metzger

Show Notes

Host of the Network Marketers Den podcast 

Reduce turnover
Bring people on board who want to build a business
Don’t have them join to get a discount
Don’t waste your time

90 day goals

You still have to build relationships
It’s not just a numbers game
Online or in person you have to build a relationship

6 levels of communication, Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing 

If they’re willing to get on a call/zoom they have some interest

Personal development while walking
Reading a book more than once

Training your subconscious mind

Group coffee chat
Biggest mistake is they don’t do anything

Take 15 minutes a day to gain education

It’s not about you, it’s about who is on your team

Zoom or Facebook group to focus on weekly goal
Consistency is key

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Will be phrasehttps://podcasts.apple.com/ee/podcast/consistency-is-key-with-janet-metzger/id1542135063?i=1000537073839

From Uncomfortable to Comfortable using Zoom and Facebook groups for your team with Steinar Husby

Show Notes

Using zoom
Challenges create action

There will always be training to improve
The year of challenges, do some challenges

5 nights of challenges to create instant activity
8 weeks of focus

Using Facebook groups
Creating Facebook Live
Committing and doing Facebook Live
Safe space to start, uncomfortable to comfortable
Growing confidence

Make it fun mindset
Using videos in your Facebook group
Short one minute or one point of view videos
Becoming a leader by example
Team participation is encouraged

People miss the socializing
Network marketing will fill in the social void

First Aid for Your Frontline, How to Survive Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing book 

The four color personality quiz and free resource 

Humor so people know you’re a real person

Teachable and coachable
Be patient
Not everyone wants what you want

Do something new everyday

Relationship mindset and prospecting tips with Tony Meihle

Show Notes

21 years in the industry
It’s about the freedom, not just the income
Internet makes it faster and limitless
Using zoom internationally

Previous podcast episode
Asking questions and getting referrals with Tony Miehle episode 

Easier in 2021 than 1999

Utilizing hybrid events - local and zoom

30 minute sections
1 Company 
2 Mindset 
3 Skills 

Make it a potluck - Level 6 communication
People love the social aspect

Building a relationship first
Everybody is a prospect at first
We have to weed some out
You need 7-10 key people

Network Marketing Questions Facebook group page 

You need 5 to stay alive
5 ways of prospecting
Gear it with your personality - Color Personality Quiz 

Call your best customer for breakfast
Get referrals
Be in a place of service
Benefits to them

What’s in it for you
WIIFM - What’s in it for me 

51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors book

The Two-Step Easy Formula for Achieving Goals

Show Notes

Color Personality Quiz and free resources 

Why Are My Goals Not Working? book 

What is your biggest goal in life?

#1 Make sure it matches your color personality
#2 Make sure it’s so big, it’s almost unbelievable

What would you do if you won the lottery and had to spend it?

Would you choose this goal if one week from today you weren’t alive to enjoy it?

We should start out every week, really every day to be thankful we’re around

Super secret two step formula 
Step #1 Make sure it matches our personality
Step #2 Learn the skills and mindset to achieve it

Free weekly zooms 

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