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The Networker Zone: Episode 8

Show Notes

Messaging simple and easy prospecting questions with Paul Fillare

  • How to use text and other messaging with our limited time
  • Simple indirect questions to create curiosity
  • Not setting off salesman alarms
  • Every does network marketing everyday they just don’t get paid for it
  • Learn the skills and save yourself 15 years of frustration
  • Daily habits of income producing activities
  • Focus on helping people instead of selling
  • Free Big Al Training Audios - Magic Words for Prospecting

The Networker Zone: Episode 7

Show Notes

Using social media, planning your week and recognition tips with Roselyn Wragg

  • Making new contacts and being genuine on social media
  • Facebook groups build community and ideas
  • Facebook live and replays for sharing successful tips
  • Using terms for different personalities
  • Customer group pages create sponsoring
  • Planning your time with other jobs and businesses
  • Scheduling your week
  • Physical activity with personal development
  • Leading with the product leads to sponsoring
  • Using recognition for motivation

The Networker Zone: Episode 6

Show Notes

  • Persuasion vs Manipulation
  • Asking specific questions to identify a need or desire
  • Buying strategies
  • Ninja skills
  • How to Get Kids to Say Yes!
  • Master of Persuasion - How to Dramatically Increase Sales, Get People to Say Yes, and Be a Positive Influence in the Lives of Others
  • How five words changed his life

The Networker Zone: Episode 5

Show Notes

The Networker Zone: Episode 4

Show Notes

  • Network Marketing Questions Facebook group page
  • Focusing on the prospect, not your business
  • Asking the right questions to have natural conversations about your business
  • Using technology to fast track results
  • Getting to a Level 6 communication
  • Changing your focusing on helping solving problems
  • Getting new distributors started right away
  • How to get referrals (90% of his business) right away using the term benefit
  • A comfortable warm market script
  • The Richest Man in Babylon
  • The Quick Start Guide to Network Marketing

The Networker Zone: Episode 3

Show Notes

  • Asking the right questions to create rapport
  • Leading with the opportunity
  • Starting your new distributors with training right away
  • What not to do on social media messenger

How Not to Hire a Bad Immigration Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Hiring The Best Immigration Lawyer

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How To Build Your Network Marketing Utilities Business Fast

How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport!

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Network Marketing Questions - Facebook group page

Get Your Free Big Al Training Audios Magic Words for Prospecting

The Networker Zone: Episode 2

Show Notes

If someone asks about your product/service/opportunity what do you say?
Is it easy to understand and creates instant prospects?
  • Learn specific Ice Breakers for your product, service or opportunity
  • Have prospects lean forward and ask for more information
  • Using benefits vs features (what’s in it for them)
  • 3 easy to use formulas to create ice breakers for any occasion
  • Plus an optional close for the introverts
Download the free Closing Report and take the Four Core Skills Quiz (including ice breakers) https://bigalbooks.com/coreskills/
Direct link to the Ice Breaker paperback book, kindle and audiobook https://bigalbooks.com/book/icebreakers/

The Networker Zone: Episode 1

Show Notes

You have entered The Networker Zone. The ultimate podcast for networkers in direct sales, network marketing, MLM or any sales side hustle. You’ll learn the skills for the how to and the mindset to make it work. From the author of over 20 best selling books and over 25 years in the business here’s your host Keith Schreiter.