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The Smart Sponsor

The Smart Sponsor

We've all been here before ...

Ring. Ring. Ring. No answer.

“Ugh!” Then the dreaded facepalm.

“I spent two weeks chasing this prospect. Finally I get him on the phone, and after two hours of back-and-forth, he joins. And now, no answer. Not only has my new distributor disappeared, but I wasted two weeks getting him to join. Why didn’t I use my smart tools?”

Happens all the time. Amateur sponsors focus on closing their new team members, but neglect to get them off to a solid start. Which smart tools did this sponsor ignore?

  • The three-question plan interview.
  • The three levels of commitment.
  • The future visualization tool.
  • The reverse expectations start.
  • The no-discouragement opening.
  • The immediate progress kick-start.
MasterClass Smart Sponosr

If we spend time, money, and energy to get someone to join, shouldn’t we make sure they get off to a good start so we don’t lose our investment?

Our new team members know … nothing.

This is a brand-new profession. A brand-new set of skills. And possibly the first time our new members have had to be in control of their own minds, not being told what to do by someone else.

Yes, this could go horribly wrong. Just the internal conversation in our new members’ minds can talk them out of contacting their first prospects.

Should we expect them to learn skills instantly, be able to manage their own minds, and instantly perform at an acceptable level with no help from us? That would be insane. 

If we don’t guide them and give them the proper tools to control their minds and perform effectively, their chances of success are small.

Prospecting and sponsoring are great, but there is more.

Are we tired of new team members coming into our organization, and then leaving? Such a waste.

Let’s fix this now. Why? Imagine if new team members joined, and consistently, week after week, grew their businesses. How strong would our team be then? 

No more broken dreams. No more sponsor frustration. Just a steady, solid, growing business. If that is our dream, let’s put smart tools to work now.

MasterClass Smart Sponosr

Let’s put smart tools to work now!

Here are our options...

Option #1

Stay exactly where we are. Don’t improve. Continue to bring new members into our team, and then watch them go silent and leave.

Option #2

Say, “Now is the time to control how new team members get started.” Why wait? We can use these smart skills to kick-start my new team members and keep the momentum rolling. Enroll now and join our study group in the next MasterClass, “What smart sponsors do.”

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