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Learn how to create prospects on demand.

Want to know the secret phrase to get 100% of your prospects to join immediately?

We all do. Unfortunately there isn’t "one" secret phrase. (There are a few more ...)

Most of our prospects have different viewpoints than we do. It gets worse. There are four different personalities, so there is a 75% chance we will say the wrong words. Yikes! We could be ruining 3 out of 4 prospects by not knowing their secret language.

But how do we know which of the four personalities our prospects are?

Option A:

"Before I begin to present any information, please take this 300-question test so I know your personality type. Then I can attempt to manipulate you into joining."

Option B:

Learn the clues to instantly discover their personality type so that we can identify their "purchase triggers."

Yeah, Option B sounds a lot better.

This is just the first part of the three-call series, “Color Personalities MasterClass.”

Key Takeaways 
from This Course

  • Instantly find out someone’s personality type.
  • Easily predict our prospects' reactions.
  • How to be a chameleon to bond with your prospect.
  • Stop frustration by understanding personality types.
  • Find the internal motivation for prospects to join.
  • How to present to specific color personalities.
  • How to upsell, close and prevent buyer’s remorse.
  • Get instant customers without talking them out of buying.
  • How to take shortcuts to maximize your time.
  • Use our personality to activate our internal motivation.
  • Life hacks we can use on anyone.

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Here's how the Color Personalities MasterClass works.

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This is your chance to ask questions and interact with Keith and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter.

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You'll receive a link to access class recordings. Watch the class recording in case you missed the class or just want to review what you learned.

More Details About The Class

  • There will be three live 45-minute Zoom (webinar) calls, on these dates: September 15, 22, and 29.
  • Choose your class time of either 12PM Central (6 PM BST) or 8PM Central (Chicago) time.
  • If you are unable to attend any or all of the live Zoom calls, we will have replays available within 24 hours of the live call. Replays are available on demand so you can review them up to three weeks after the calls.



September 15

  • Discover the personalities cheat sheet.
  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Hacks to instantly find out their personality type.
  • What to say to each of the personalities:
    • Phrases in presenting
    • Phrases in retailing
    • Phrases to stay away from
    • Phrases to motivate them
    • Phrases to close
    • Phrases to motivate
    • Phrases to upsell



September 22

  • How to be a chameleon to bond with our prospects.
  • How to motivate our distributors into leadership. Leaders rock!
  • Learn our internal motivation to break through plateaus.
  • Set up “happy comfort” goals that motivate us.
  • Learn how values can make or break our goals.



September 29

  • Life hacks we can use every day with color secrets.
    • For kids
    • For adults
    • For coworkers
    • For family
    • For prospects
  • Learn to activate our sub-colors.
  • What we wish they had taught us in school.
  • What to say when we don’t know our prospects’ color personalities.

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