How to get people into action. (Including ourselves!)


Products and services don’t move themselves. They don’t have legs.


People move products and services.


And if we want to build a huge business, we have to learn how to move people.

Do we know how to move people? Of course not. We did not learn that in school. We were busy memorizing facts so we could past tests.

So why should we learn to move people quickly? Because if we don’t, here is what happens:

  • Prospects don’t return our phone calls
  • Prospects delay and want to think it over.
  • New distributors hide, never to be seen again.
  • Our team finds reasons not to work.
  • People stay the same, never moving forward.
  • We lose our enthusiasm and become stagnant.
  • Netflix™ becomes more fun than building our business.
  • We work hard to get distributors who never engage.
  • We become frustrated when others stop working.

Key Takeaways 
from This Course

  • Use systems, not motivation.
  • If/then triggers.
  • Tiny steps that work.
  • Create procrastination destroyers.
  • Change how new distributors start.
  • Change fear into safety.
  • Turn goals into “now” action. Social motivation.
  • The option approach.
  • And many more instant action techniques we can add to our toolbox of skills!

Here is the tragedy.

We prospect hard. Set appointments. Give presentations. And finally, we enroll that new distributor. And then? Our distributor joins the “witness protection program” and avoids our phone calls and goes inactive. Our entire investment of time and energy into this distributor has been wasted. And this happened because we did not learn how to get people into action quickly.

Ready to breathe life into our team?

Is now the time to start building momentum?

Yes! We can learn the skills of getting people into action now.

This entire three-week course focuses on shortcuts and hacks that we can use immediately after each class. 

Not only can we use the shortcuts and hacks to motivate others, we can use them for our own personal motivation to get into action. Inertia and procrastination are powerful enemies for our business. We need hard-core action steps to overcome our resistance to action. And we can do it with these techniques.

What would it mean to us to get our team members into action every day? More volume? A bigger team? Momentum? The bonus checks we dream about? Here is our chance to learn the skills to create massive action.

Instant improvement!

Instant action.

Have your pen and paper ready to learn in the first class:

  • What are our prospects really thinking before our presentation?
  • What stops new distributors from starting, and how to fix it.
  • What stops people from starting on their success plan, and how to fix it.
  • How to install triggers for action.
  • The "working backwards" approach.
  • And much, much more.

Getting ourselves and our group into action either works for us … or not.

​​We can choose to struggle with tired and inactive team members, or we can take charge of our career and use the best action techniques to inspire and guide our team into action.

These are skills we can use everywhere in our lives.

Action creates results. And we are paid for our results.

Our choice is to learn great action skills now, or continue our business as it is. And if we are like most networkers, we want our business to improve immediately! Here is our chance to move our businesses forward to get the results we want and deserve.

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Learn how to create action in ourselves and our groups.

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