Using brain science tips to get “yes” decisions.

Fix this now!

  • Our prospect is prejudiced about network marketing.
  • Our prospect is prejudiced about our company.
  • Our prospect can’t commit to a decision. 
  • We talk, but our prospect doesn’t “get it.” 
  • People resist when we approach them.

Seem impossible to fix these problems? Do our prospects refuse to change their minds?

Don’t worry. Modern brain science figured this out. The brain scientists did all the work for us. All we need to do is to put their discoveries to work.

Instead of feeling like a victim to our prospects’ emotions and prejudices, what would happen if we had deep insights into how our prospects’ minds really work? And yes, this would mean we would know more about our prospects’ minds than they do themselves.

Key Takeaways 
from This Course

  • Learn the most basic mind rules to guide our prospecting.
  • Rely on proven science instead of luck to get decisions. 
  • Learn exactly why prospects make dumb decisions. 
  • Prepare their minds for your message. 
  • Make mind biases work for you, instead of against you.
  • See the world with new glasses. Understand why

Turning around just one good prospect could change our career forever.

What’s at stake?

Imagine our best prospect hesitates. We don’t know why. We don’t know what programs are holding this prospect back. Worse yet, we don’t know how to fix the situation.

The result? We could lose tens of thousands of dollars in income because we violate the basic brain rules of decisions.

Where can we use this skill?

Everywhere. For the rest of our lives.

  • To turn around negative prospects.
  • To get more appointments.
  • To put our rapport on steroids.
  • To understand our neighbors and friends.
  • To control our own minds.
  • To avoid cognitive biases destroying our business.
  • To close prospects we never could before

No user or operator manual.

Yes, everyone gets a brand-new brain at birth, with no instructions. And, what happens?

  • We find it hard to motivate ourselves.
  • We don’t understand why we make them decisions.
  • We wonder why we can’t think our way out of problems.
  • We only react and can’t design our lives.
  • We wonder why things are not working for us

But what if we could use the discovery tips of brain scientists? These shortcuts could streamline our lives and our business.

Want an example?

Our conscious minds make a decision to diet and exercise. Good decision. A great habit to have. Our subconscious minds change that decision and we don’t know why.

Sound familiar? Sounds like something we should fix?

Here is the first step. Our subconscious minds use a different criteria for decisions. It makes decisions on something far more important, so it doesn’t consider if this habit would be good for us are not.

Weird? No. When we see how our subconscious minds work we will want to laugh and cry.

Ready for a big change?

We make decisions in our minds. Not in our feet.

We want to know the switches and the inside workings of minds so we can control our futures.

So how many “brain rules” do we know? One? Two?

How long are we going to work “blind” by refusing to see how our prospects’ minds work?

If now is your time, register immediately. Just one good insight could make the difference between enrolling that next prospect, or not.

Have your pen and paper ready to learn in the first class:

  • What are our prospects really thinking before our presentation?
  • What stops new distributors from starting, and how to fix it.
  • What stops people from starting on their success plan, and how to fix it.
  • How to install triggers for action.
  • The "working backwards" approach.
  • And much, much more.

Getting ourselves and our group into action either works for us … or not.

​​We can choose to struggle with tired and inactive team members, or we can take charge of our career and use the best action techniques to inspire and guide our team into action.

These are skills we can use everywhere in our lives.

Action creates results. And we are paid for our results.

Our choice is to learn great action skills now, or continue our business as it is. And if we are like most networkers, we want our business to improve immediately! Here is our chance to move our businesses forward to get the results we want and deserve.

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Learn how to create action in ourselves and our groups.

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