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How to Create Leaders

Quick Facts:

  • Leaders earn us bigger bonus checks.
  • Leaders are the foundation of our business.
  • Leaders are low-maintenance.
  • Leaders are self-starters.
  • Leaders give us financial independence.
  • Leaders can be created.

    Key Takeaways

    • #1. Distributors want to be leaders.
    • #2. Distributors don’t know what to learn to become leaders.
    • #3. Step-by-step actions can be learned.
    • #4. Give team members confidence.
    • #5. Give team members motivation.
    • #6. Give team members specific how-to skills.

    What is my choice for 2020?

    Manage distributors?

    Build leaders!

    Why a MasterClass on “How To Create Leaders.”?

    Most team members want to be a leader, but they don’t know how.

    If we ask them the first three steps to becoming a leader, they have no answer. 

    Most networkers get useless generic advice such as:

    • “Just lead.”
    • “Think positive.”
    • “Work harder.”
    • Set an example."

    This isn’t professional … or even useful!

    We want to enroll our best team members in our own personal leadership development program. Our job is to take them step-by-step from distributor to leader.

    Are the steps difficult? No.

    An example?

    Team members stretch to meet our expectations. 

    How we introduce our team members to others can make a huge difference. Could we learn a new sentence for our introduction? Of course we could. Look at these two introductions.

    Prior: “This is my new distributor, Joe Smith.”

    Better: “This is future manager, Joe Smith.”

    Subconsciously, Joe Smith begins to see himself as a manager. Repeated over time, this will become part of Joe’s self-image. Step-by-step actions make a difference.

    Don’t miss out.

    The “How To Create Leaders MasterClass” happens once a year. Next repeat of this MasterClass is in 2021.

    And here is a building hint, “Get your best team members to take the MasterClass with us.”

    Register early so that you can get the class time that best fits your schedule.

    3-session MasterClass only $39.

    One good leader could mean a lifetime of earnings!

    Create leaders instead of managing distributors.

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    About Us

    Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

    Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

    Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has 40+ years of experience in network marketing and MLM. As the author of the original “Big Al” training books in the late ‘70s, he has continued to speak in over 80 countries on using the exact words and phrases to get prospects to open up their minds and say “YES.”

    His passion is marketing ideas, marketing campaigns, and how to speak to the subconscious mind in simplified, practical ways. He is always looking for case studies of incredible marketing campaigns that give usable lessons.

    As the author of numerous audio trainings, Tom is a favorite speaker at company conventions and regional events.

    Keith Schreiter

    Keith Schreiter

    Keith Schreiter has 20+ years of experience in network marketing and MLM. He shows network marketers how to use simple systems to build a stable and growing business.

    So, do you need more prospects? Do you need your prospects to commit instead of stalling? Want to know how to engage and keep your group active? If these are the types of skills you would like to master, you will enjoy his “how-to” style.

    Keith speaks and trains in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

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