Ouch! Getting appointments is hard. Plus, we hate the fear and rejection.

Take this test.

Which activity is harder?

  • Undergoing dental surgery.
  • Begging skeptical relatives to listen to us.
  • Cold-calling for rejection.
  • Asking for an appointment and being turned down.
  • Exposing our self-image for others to destroy.
  • Pestering prospects and interrupting their lives.
  • Listening to someone drag their fingernails across a chalkboard.
  • Doing our best impression of a sleazy salesperson.

If we are cringing now, then we know the problem.

This is how we feel, and we have experienced this in our business.

If we feel bad, think about how our new team members feel. Their self-confidence is low, they have no skills, and they can’t answer even basic questions about their business.

We take new team members and say:

“I will not teach you word-for-word what to say, and I know you feel uncomfortable. But call your prospects that scare you. This is what you have to do to be successful.”

Yes, we send our new team members into the battlefield, unarmed, as human target practice for prospects. Few survive this first hurdle in their business.

Key takeaways from this course...

  • The best "hooks" for appointments.
  • How to do it "your way" comfortably.
  • How to avoid rejection.
  • Get others to pre-sell us.
  • What to say first.
  • How to make instant appointments.
  • Whoever has the most appointments ... wins!
  • Making it easy for new team members.


Can we write down, word-for-word, exactly what to say for our new team members? If we can’t, why not?

  • Are we lazy?
  • Do we not care?
  • We want them to fail?
  • Or, maybe we don’t know?

We are not evil people. The only reason we don’t give them step-by-step skills on how to get appointments is because we don’t know the strategies that work, and the strategies that don’t work. We hope they survive on their own.

Let’s fix this now. Why?

Because look at the benefits if our team members could easily get appointments:

  • Their confidence would go up.
  • They would be busy and productive.
  • Once they are in front of someone, there is a good chance their prospect will buy or join.
  • When they have confidence, more people will set more appointments.
  • When their calendar is full of appointments, prospects sense success.
  • If they get appointments easily, their business becomes fun.
  • No one quits when they have more prospects waiting.

Here are our options


Stay exactly where we are. Don’t improve. Personally struggle with appointments and never give our group the secrets to getting appointments.


Say, "Now is the time to master getting appointments. Why wait? I can use these appointment-getting skills personally and for my team." Enroll now and join our study group in the next MasterClass on "How to get appointments."

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