We're talking with a prospect, and now is the time to bring our business into the conversation. We're not confident. We don't have any good sentences memorized. We stutter and pause and ...

Instant destruction in less than two seconds.

Our chances with this prospect … finished.

The human attention span lasts for only a few seconds. But we only need a few seconds to kill prospects.

Let's see which decision we make after hearing these few words.

  • “You look like somebody that would be great for my business.”
  • “I am looking to expand my business in your area.”
  • “I represent a multinational company with …”
  • “Do you keep your income options open?”
  • “I am in the global search for entrepreneurial talent …”

Feel a slight negative twinge? 

Do we ever get the feeling that something isn’t quite right? 

Do we feel the dark cloud of salesmanship approaching?

While these sentences are not terrible, as professionals we can do better. Much better!

Key Takeaways from this Course...

  • Hooks! When we talk, we want people to listen.
  • Prospects judge us on our first few words.
  • A good opening sentence means new people can build instantly.
  • The $84,000 first sentence.
  • Closing is way simpler than we think.
  • Describe what we offer in a simple sentence.

Here is the best news … ever!!!

Q. If we could do one thing to improve our business the most, what would it be?


Be More Positive?


Get Our Group Motivated?


Master Better Closing Techniques?


Overcome Fear?

And the answer is, none of the above.

Want the real answer to building our business faster? The answer is: 

A. To create custom first sentences for our business.

One great first sentence can change our career. One great first sentence can put our entire team into momentum.

Consider this:


Our company announces a recruiting contest. The same people always win. Why? They have skills. The company can offer incredible prizes, but no matter how motivated we feel, if we cannot talk to people, we won't win.


We see a great cold prospect. We think, “I wonder what I should say.” And seconds later, the prospect is out of sight. A missed opportunity of tens of thousands of dollars.


We get the courage to talk to a prospect at a networking event. Our first sentence is ordinary. The event ends with no new team members. But what if we created a first sentence that becomes viral at the event? People would come to us.


Imagine our first sentence compels our prospects to make instant decisions. Our new distributors could learn one sentence and be effective immediately.

But this is only the beginning

Q. Where else do we need incredible sentences?

A. Anywhere our prospects make instant judgments on us and our business.

We need great first sentences for these areas of our business too:

  • Closing. Yes, depending on the first sentence of our close, the decision happens.
  • “What do you do for a living?” Our team members' answers might make us ill.
  • To create instant trust. Without trust we are dead.
  • Sound bites? Gosh, if we could just get our team to use “sound bites,” their recruiting and retail woes will disappear.

But custom?

Yes. Custom single sentences for your opportunity, for your product or service, or for your team.

We must learn to create our first sentences. This puts our career in our control. We don't parrot someone’s else’s ideas. We will create our own.


We start with formulas. 

Then, we can apply these formulas across all areas of our business where one sentence will make the difference.

This MasterClass puts the power of single sentences that make a difference … in our control.

When our team can’t wait to say these cool sentences to prospects … we win!

In our MasterClass, we will cover first sentences when meeting prospects. Why?

Because if we can’t get past the first sentence with prospects, we fail. So let’s begin with how our team can get motivated and get into action, by talking to new prospects.

Then, we will progress to all the other areas of our business that make the big difference.

Other areas?

The hook.

A “hook” is a marketing and writing term that gets prospects interested … immediately. They can’t turn back.

Movies use hooks to get us to watch past the first few minutes. We want to know what happens next. Many novels do the same.

When we talk to prospects, we can use hooks to compel them to want to know more.

Want to learn how to create effective hooks? The different types of hooks?

This is the class for you.

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