Join us for the next MasterClass live training webinars where you will discover how to start prospecting conversations that get attention.

Cold prospecting is hard.

But we can learn skills and tips to make it work for us.

What about our family, friends, and coworkers? Aren’t they our best prospects?

Yes! We have rapport with these people.

But, we run out of our family/friend/coworker prospects quickly.

The best network marketing prospectors have it easy. They talk to their prospects from a position of strength, not weakness. If someone is negative, top network marketing prospectors are only a few minutes away from talking to the next possible superstar. Each new prospect feels exciting.

When we have great prospecting skills, we can help our team members fill their calendars with appointments for presentations. Now our team members have better attitudes, internal motivation, and momentum in their businesses.

6 reasons we should have more prospects:
  • #1. Having more prospects builds our confidence.
  • #2. No one quits when they have prospects waiting. 
  • #3. Prospects can smell desperation. 
  • #4. Prospects feel our momentum.
  • #5. Prospecting is what we do in network marketing.
  • #6. Having more prospects creates better attitudes.

More Prospects, More Distributors, and a Bigger Bonus Check ARE IN OUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE when we use these Proven Methods and Strategies.

Master these three skills to create prospects on demand:


Locate better-qualified prospects who are ready to join.


Kill skepticism and get rapport and trust faster.


Get appointments!

We need to fill our prospecting pipeline with high-quality prospects who not only trust us, but look forward to doing business with us. A full pipeline creates belief and momentum.

No more dreaming and hoping for prospects. 

Instead, let’s make these three steps automatic in our business.

We might be just one good prospect away from changing our financial careers forever!

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