Learn how to create prospects on demand.

Learn how to create prospects on demand.

Join us for the next MasterClass live training webinars where you will discover how to start prospecting conversations with even the coldest prospects.

Discover how to approach prospects effectively, exactly what to say, and how to address their subconscious mind programs that hold them back.

You'll learn how to remove the fear and hesitation that prevent you from sharing your business with everyone! Make prospects feel great. No more rejection!

More Prospects, More Distributors, and a Bigger Bonus Check when we use these Proven Methods and Strategies.

By joining the MasterClass, you will get:

  • Access to all three live Zoom webinar classes
  • Access to all three recorded classes (in case you can't make the live class).
  • BONUS! You'll also receive What to Say and What Not to Say to Prospects, a home-study, mini-course of audios to download instantly. These audios are short, to-the-point "aha" moments in how closing really works.
Key Takeaways
from This Course
  • Learn the simple phrases to remove our prospects’ resistance to sales presentations.
  • Relieve our prospects’ fear and get them to concentrate on their circumstances, not ours.
  • Get our prospects to have an open mind (so they will internalize our message without prejudice).
  • A chance to use your new meeting people techniques between classes to see the difference.
  • Learn an easy strategy to get our prospects to relax.
  • Get our prospects to react to the current programs in their brains.
  • Talk to our prospects in the sequence of the 5 steps their minds make decisions.

Class Schedule

  • This MasterClass is scheduled for three consecutive Wednesdays starting February 6.
  • Choose your class time of either 12PM (noon) or 8PM Central (Chicago) time. Remember: If you can't make the live class, you will have access to the class recordings.
  • Each class is one hour of participation via Zoom webinar.


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