Instead of baby steps, why not take a giant step?
Change these words. Instead of saying, "Let me show you…", start with these words instead: 
"Let me tell you what happened to me."
This signals to our prospects that we are going to tell them a story. When we tell stories instead of facts, magic happens. Here are just a few of the things that automatically happen with stories:
#1. We get our prospects’ instant attention.
#2. We bypass the salesman alarm in our prospects’ heads.
#3. We turn off the skepticism filter in our prospects’ brains.
#4. We turn on the automatic movie inside of our prospects’ subconscious minds.
#5. Our prospects will substitute themselves for the main character in our story.
#6. Our prospects instantly experience the feelings of successfully using our products or participating in our opportunity.
#7. We take the expressway to a special area of our prospects subconscious mind where decisions take place.
#8. No more rejection for us.
#9. A pleasant experience for our prospects.
#10. And, our prospects can easily make a pleasant decision without stress.
I could write pages about each one of these benefits. 
But for now, all we need to know is that stories are the most awesome communication tool that we can have.

Key takeaways from this course...

  • Instead of selling, tell a story.
  • Instead of telling an ordinary story, tell a story with purpose.
  • Instead of rejection, have prospects eagerly waiting for your every word.
  • Instead of giving long presentations filled with videos, testimonials, and facts, tell a short story that gets a better result.
  • Instead of fearing talking to prospects, feel great by telling them a safe story that gets their decisions.
  • Instead of enrolling people who feel they can't do what we do, enroll people who think that telling a story will be easy.
  • Instead of struggling to get that special prospect, sit back and tell a story that works.
  • Instead of small bonus checks, have a library of great stories that create huge bonus checks.
  • Instead of missing that ideal prospect, collect bonus checks for life because we said the right story.

What happened to me.

One little story can change everything. As many of you know, my first opportunity meeting lasted three hours. I told my potential sponsor, "I don't want to join. This is not for me."
My sponsor replied with a 30 second story.
That 30 second story earned my sponsor millions.
After that 30 second story, I said, "So how do I join?"

Millions earned from only 30 seconds of skill. Hmmm.

So how much money will you lose if you don't have a great inventory of awesome stories that get prospects to take instant action?

Do you think it might be worth discovering better story skills?

Two choices.

If you want to make the fastest and biggest step of your career, join our master class on stories.
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