My first slide presentation.


Creepy. No streetlights. 

South side of Chicago, 1973.

After a 45-minute drive, I arrived at my new leader’s house. This home meeting would catapult him to his next promotion. What could go wrong?

What luck! I found a parking space near his house. A very short walk to the front door, and three guests awaited. Looking good.

As a proud owner of a brand-new slide projector, I squatted on the floor, and pointed the projector to the smudged paint on the wall.

Three slides into my presentation, their teenage son slams the front door and runs through the living room. The guests’ faces twist with concern.

I am cool. I just talk louder to regain their attention.

A few minutes later, there is an angry crowd outside the front door shouting. A gang of teenagers making ugly threats, demanding their son come out and fight.

I am losing control of this home meeting. Maybe I can quietly slip away if everyone goes home. But no …

Out of the kitchen storms my leader’s wife. She is wearing shorts and a tube top. She reaches down the front of her tube top, pulls out a revolver, opens the front door, and lets loose a spray of bullets into the crowd.

She turns around, stomps through the living room, and grunts, “Punks!” Then she disappears into the kitchen.

Dead silence.

No sirens, nothing.

Should I pretend to be calm and show more slides like nothing happened?

Grab my new projector and run for my car?

My sponsor never told me what to do when this happens ...

And if you've read this far, you've experienced the power of a story.

And yes, this story is 100% true. I know you are horrified. I did show slides when I first started. I didn’t know any better. Dumb.

And was anyone hit by the bullets? I don’t think so. I didn’t see any blood as I sneaked back to my car that night. Why did I even go to this gang-infested neighborhood anyway?

No one enrolled.

The horror of this all? 

The prospects would only remember 10% of what I presented. Only 10%!!!

The question we must ask ourselves whenever we tell someone about our business is:

“Which 10% will our prospects remember?”

The answer is … the stories.

Out of our entire crafted presentation of PowerPoint slides, videos, company history, testimonials, and rock-solid proof, our prospect walks away with a memory of just a few stories. And if this feels devastating, it is because we now realize we haven't been telling enough stories.

Many people know that my first exposure to this business was a 3-hour opportunity meeting. At the end of the meeting, I said to my sponsor, “No. This is not for me. I don’t want to join.” And then my sponsor told me a 30-second story, and I joined.

How much did my sponsor earn for that 30-second story? Want to guess?

Key takeaways from this course...

  • Why nightmares are hell.
  • 2,000 day dreams a day. Shouldn't we be one of them?
  • The mind thinks in stories, not facts
  • Stories can instantly convert into decisions.
  • How to get people to care about our stories
  • Worry/uncertainty/reverse neural connection trick
  • Escalation: stage 2.
  • Getting prospects to fill in the blanks.
  • Hypnotic completion guarantees engagement.

The Power of Stories.

Is now the time to master the skills of the most powerful persuaders and salespeople to get your team and prospects into action?

  1. Are we ready to take our business communication to a higher level?
  2. Or, are we okay with staying where we are?

If you choose #2, staying where we are, no need to read further.

If you choose option #1, and are ready to take your business communication to a higher level, read on.

Take this 6-question test.


What is the best length for a business opportunity story?


What 3 things must my story have?


What is the missing piece in prospecting stories?


Which words excite the story-receiving area of the brain?


How much is one story worth?


How much is an awesome story worth to us?

The next MasterClass, “Power Stories,” is guaranteed to make us more effective at the #1 communication tool for prospects … stories.

Here are our options...

  • Option #1: Become a super influencer by mastering stories to affect and control our prospects' minds. Enroll now and join our study group in the next MasterClass on “Power Stories.”
  • Option #2: Stay exactly where we are. Don’t improve. Keep giving presentations that no one remembers.

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