Are you a “1” or a “12” on this scale?

How to get people into action.

(Yes, that includes us.)

Where are you on this scale?

In the beginning of our careers, we don’t know how to persuade and close prospects. We take baby steps. As we learn each baby step, the next step feels less intimidating.

Here is the scale. We will start with the easiest baby steps first, and then watch our professionalism grow.

Ask ourselves, “Where am I on this scale?”


Learn to talk about features. (Just got our kit.)


Magic word phrases.


Find the magic of benefits.


The power of asking questions.


Ignoring ourselves, and solving problems.


Closing sentences.


Pre-closing sentences.


Using our ice breaker to close.


Discovering what happened at rapport.


Learning micro-facial expressions and subconscious mind clues.


Getting the job done with influence before we initiate rapport.


Understanding cognitive bias, and driving internal action. (Top persuaders.)

Key takeaways from this course...

  • The first thought planted will repel new facts.
  • They can’t join a movement if they don’t know what it is.
  • The power that destroys even their survival instincts.
  • They don’t understand their blindness.
  • Why they refuse a rope while falling off a cliff.
  • Never changing their mind.
  • Why explanations fail.
  • Support the enemy.
  • Making conspiracies true.
  • Why failures rock.
  • And many more instant mind techniques we can add to our toolbox of skills!

Ready for the big picture?

Is now the time to master the skills of the most powerful persuaders and salespeople to get your team and prospects into action?

Have we ever asked ourselves these questions?


Why don’t they understand?


Can’t they see how good this is for them?


Why don’t they take action now?


What will it take to get them to make a decision?


What are they thinking?

We can stay behind … or go to a new, higher level others will never know.

Here's how the class works...

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  • Wednesday, April 29
  • Wednesday, May 6
  • Wednesday, May 13

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What if I am experienced?

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