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My friend’s one-year-old baby looked like a drunk walking on marbles. Crashing, tipping over, completing a few dizzy swirls followed by a more spectacular wipeout. His baby got upright and repeated the sequence.

Splat! Face-first. Oh, that has got to hurt.

His baby got up. Tried again. Head-first collision with a piece of furniture. Painful to watch.

Psychologist Carol Dweck would say, “This baby has Mindset #1: a growth mindset.”

Babies fail a lot. They consider failure a “learning experience.” To them, failure is just one more lesson to learn. A chance to discover something new such as:

  • Learning to use a fork without taking out an eye.
  • Going down the stairs feet-first instead of head-first.
  • Looking in the same direction they are walking (took my granddaughter three years to master that).

But what happens at age 18?

Most teenagers open up their heads, pour in cement, and stop learning. They already “know it all” and develop fixed mindsets. Their mindsets are who they are. Their personalities and lives are set.

If they make a mistake after age 18, it is a personal assault on them. Mistakes are no longer a learning experience. Mistakes are personal humiliations that make them look stupid.

Two mindsets.


growth mindset. Every failure is a lesson to learn and grow.


fixed mindset. Every failure is embarrassing and de-motivating.

The mindset we choose can determine our success in network marketing.

If we choose a fixed mindset, every rejection is personal. We don’t want anyone to see us get rejected. We quickly stop our prospecting activity, and default to something safe like watching television.

If we choose a growth mindset, every rejection is a learning experience. We look forward to adjusting our approach and getting better with each encounter.

Which mindset do we and our team want?

A growth mindset, of course. That is the easy part. Anyone can wish for a growth mindset for their team, but how do we make it happen?

It will take some work and special skills. But before we invest our time and energy into learning the special skills, let's ask ourselves, “Is it worth it?”


Many teams are made up of 10% active members, and 90% inactive members!

What happened? The 90% quit because of their fixed mindsets. No one showed them how to change their fixed mindsets to growth mindsets. 

This is one of the skills we will learn in Session #1 of our MasterClass.

But wait, there is more.

There are many other mindsets that we can control. Do we know what they are? Probably not. 

Most schools only focus on memorizing facts. They don’t teach us the different types of mindsets we can use to create success.

What are some symptoms of a mindset problem? 

Here are just a few.

Key Takeaways

  • How to change our team’s mindset.
  • How mindset can keep us from quitting.
  • When to use mindset to learn new skills.
  • What habits the new mindset will create.
  • How prospects react to mindsets.
  • Why failure happens so fast.
  • The shortcut tool.
  • Procrastination.
  • No motivation.
  • Frustration.
  • Small bonus checks.
  • No action.
  • Negative attitudes.
  • Giving up.

Do we see any of these symptoms in our groups?

If the answer is "yes," register now for the upcoming Mindset MasterClass.

We have a choice.


Continue hoping our business and group activity will change on their own.


Enroll in the upcoming Mindset MasterClass to take control of our business.

What will we choose?

To stay where we are, or to move forward?

(Our mindset will show through right here.)


Please register now. The bonus class on social media hacks that work is on Wednesday, November 11. And yes, the bonus class will be recorded.

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