Excuses Why Prospects 

Won’t Try Better Health

We offer better health. They now have a chance to live longer. They say, “No.”

Here are the top 10 reasons they tell us, “No.”


“Fear of the unknown.” They are afraid of anything new. They think, “I tried change in 1977. It didn’t work then, and I don’t want to try again. Pass me my flip phone.” (We can fix this with priming questions.)


They don’t believe us. (We can fix this with early rapport facts.) 


Their mothers dropped them on their heads. (Not much we can do about this one.) 


They have a negative, victim attitude. “Nothing good ever happens to me. My father died young, my grandfather died young, and I want to die young just like them!” (We are not professional psychologists. Leave them to the experts.)


This sounds hard and confusing. (Tell them it only takes a few seconds, and they don’t even have to exercise.) 


They had a fight with their spouse one hour before we arrived. (We are not in charge of what happens to other people’s lives. Outside of our control.)


They fear salesmen. (They carried this baggage with them all their lives. We can overcome this with the “option” approach.)


We ran over their pet when we arrived for our appointment. (This will not end well.)


We overwhelmed them with too much information. (The human mind craves simple.)


Too many options at closing. (Humans prefer two easy choices.)

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