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Turn objections into
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Flying cats ????

Today, I was walking on our tiny street next to the river. 

Suddenly, two cats fly across the street like they had been catapulted out of the weeds.

I thought I could make a cat video out of that, but of course, I was too late. So, I went back to scrolling through my messages on my iPhone while I walked.

Then, while staring at my phone, terror!

Immediately in front of me was a 9-foot snake, slithering across the road at high speed, going after the cats. 

My focus changed from my iPhone to jumping back as I almost stepped on this huge snake. My pulse rate doubled. Another huge mistake avoided. I have a history of those.

I only got a quick glance at the fast-moving snake, and I couldn’t tell if it was a cobra or not. Poor judgment took over my brain and I thought, “I will run after it and take a picture.” But it quickly slithered into my neighbor’s yard and out of sight.

The lesson?

Be better prepared and focus on the task at hand. A lack of focus can have huge negative consequences. Huge.

Do we use this lesson of “be prepared” when we talk to prospects?

Most networkers don’t.

When prospects come up with an objection, most networkers look shocked. Like deer in headlights. Like no one has ever voiced that objection before.

Prospects ask, “Why is this so expensive?” They answer, “Uh, uh, uh … it's high-quality?” Pretty lame.

Or prospects whine, “I don’t know anybody!” And they respond by saying, “Well, think about your relatives, your Christmas card list, and the people you meet every day.” Extremely lame. So 1970s.

Worse yet …

If we are afraid of a particular objection, that fear is broadcasted all over our face. Our prospects will tend to bring up that objection even more. Strange how that happens.

And it gets worse. Much worse. But we needn’t go on feeling bad about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Why objections are easy to handle.
  • How to prevent most objections.
  • How to calm prospects and open their minds.
  • The most effective answers for common objections.
  • Why the counterintuitive approach works.
  • How to make prospects feel good about their objections.
  • Why many objections aren’t true.

Tired of objections killing sales and enrollments?

  • Have the right answer to solve objections immediately.
  • Learn how to prevent objections from ever coming up.
  • Turn objections into positive sales points.
  • Mind-reading.

There is a solution.

If we plan to stay with our network marketing careers, at some point we need to master the art of handling objections. 

Ask ourselves, “Is this what I want to achieve?”

Well, there are two ways to achieve these skills:

#1: Trial and error. Go out. Get lots of experience. Test different scripts, different approaches, and different strategies

#2: Enroll in the Big Al MasterClass for October.

Well, there is a third choice, but no one wants the third choice. :) 

What is the third choice? Don’t learn these skills.

That would be silly.


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