What causes a lack of motivation …

and how can we fix it?

Early in my career, my sponsor introduced a contest. It was a race to see who could sponsor four people first.

I came in … last place.

Which was ahead of the people that didn’t finish.

And far, far ahead of the people that didn’t even start.

How did I use my incompetence to beat all those who didn’t start or didn’t finish?

Motivation (my first secret). I wanted to finish.

Yeah, it would have been a lot smarter for me to learn a skill, but at that time I didn’t even know about skills. I was full-on incompetent. Motivation was all I had.

How did I get this motivation? I had to work hard to qualify for last place, really hard. When we don’t have skills, we have to work 100 times as hard to achieve the same result. So you know I worked extra hard.

My second secret?

I grew up on a farm. Almost everything we did became big, multi-day projects. How did we manage?

We just started.

Then, continued.

And a few days later, we finished the project and started the next project. We had a force-induced habit (Dad woke us up early to start). This is what we naturally did every day.

From this experience, I learned to start working, make progress, and the goal would be achieved automatically. We never thought of the goal when we started. I had never even heard the word “goal” until I started network marketing. All we knew was:

  1. Start.
  2. Do something we can do to move us forward.
  3. And the project would be finished.

What makes the difference?

Look at #2, "Do something we can do to move us forward."

Focus on the words "we can do." Ah, there is the thing that holds us back.

In network marketing, we ask people to do things they can’t do. Either they are afraid, or they don’t have the skills to do the task. But for my siblings and me, Dad always made sure we would be doing work that we could do. Not something scary. Not something impossible. But something we were capable of.

Most people are not afraid of work. They know building a network marketing business isn’t a “free lunch,” or something that will happen on its own. They are okay with work.

Key Takeaways

  • The world’s best bridge phrase to get appointments.
  • Levels of difficulty for new team members.
  • Why habits are hard to create.
  • What triggered the habits we have.
  • Turn lazy into motivation.
  • Control motivation in us and others.
  • Creating automatic motivation.
  • The “ice cream” notification option.

But, they are not okay with work they are afraid of, or can’t do. What do they fear?

  • Getting appointments.
  • Meeting strangers.
  • Giving presentations.
  • And for new people, this list goes on and on.

Now, we understand why all those excited new team members quit.

If we had a steady stream of qualified prospects to talk to, no one would have a motivation problem in the first place.

Our choices.

Choice #1

Take what we learned in this message, and start making tasks easier for our new team members. Now we are making progress every day.

Choice #2

Instead of using the slow “trial-and-error” approach to this skill, save time and learn from other people’s experiences. Read or listen to 3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing and make this process easier. It is about $5 or $6, about the price of a Grande fancy coffee at Starbucks. Just go to bigalbooks.com/book/habits/ and get your book or audio.

Choice #3

Take the pro approach. Join our MasterClass. Participate with other network marketing leaders as we turn this secret into a super skill, so we can build our groups faster. Yeah, there is homework. We take this career seriously, not as a part-time hobby.

And there you have it.

Our recommendation?

Choice #3: Join our MasterClass. Great classes, great skills, great community.

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