How to get more customers

for our utility business.

Easy. Here is the secret.


People have rules in their minds about how they make decisions. Here are some simple rules to start with:


Make decisions quick. We are busy. Let’s get back to checking Facebook messages. Yes, people make instant decisions, no presentation needed.


Make my choices easy. Two choices are enough. I don’t want to think too hard. I want to save my brain power for Netflix.


I will quickly choose what meets my values. I make instant decisions to save money instead of paying more. I will choose better service instead of average service.


Simple = correct. Simple, clear offers are always what I want.

The following examples make it easy for us to get new customers in only a few seconds.

Us: “Do you like overpaying, or saving?”

Prospect: “I always choose to save.”

Done. Prospects will choose the lower rate that we now offer.

Us: “If customer service was free, would you like ordinary customer service, or awesome customer service?” 

Prospect: “Awesome customer service of course!”

Done. Simply show that our customer service is great.

Us: “Feel like we are getting ripped off when we see those hard to understand utility bills

Prospect: “Every time!” 

Done. Present our easy-to-read bills.

Us: “Do you get an electricity bill?”

Prospect: “Yes I do.”

Us: “Would it be okay if it was lower?”

Prospect: “Yes.”

Us: “Let’s fix that now.”

Let’s get better!

Build our network marketing utility business faster now!

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