How to Get Appointments Without Rejection

How to Get Appointments Without Rejection

Fill Our Calendars with Network Marketing Prospects

How can we make setting appointments enjoyable?

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About the Book

Fear? Sweaty palms? Don’t know what to say? Afraid of how others will react?

Why do we avoid setting appointments? Our self-image says to us, “Don’t take a chance.”

Motivation alone won’t fix this. Our minds will come up with excuses not to set the appointment.

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Our sponsor yells at us, “Face the fear, and the fear will go away.” Sounds easy to say, but to do? Not as easy.

Appointments are part of our business. We must fix this problem. We will have to make setting appointments enjoyable. Then, our brains will work for us instead of against us.

How can we make setting appointments enjoyable? First, we will learn to make appointments a passion, something we look forward to. And second? We will learn the exact words to say to avoid rejection and to reduce tension with our prospects.

Let’s face it. No one wants to be a pushy salesperson. We want to be a welcome addition to other people’s lives. We can do this by following certain principles such as being brief, getting to the point, making it all about our prospects, and presenting our offer as a way of improving their lives.

No more fear. No more feeling guilty. Instead, let’s turn our negative feelings into positive momentum to get appointments fast. We want to enjoy every moment of our business.

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