My new personal trainer ascends from hell, brushing the dirt off his shoulders.

“Okay. Time for our first step. Let’s warm up with 100 push-ups.”


If I could do a push-up, I wouldn’t need a personal trainer. He doesn’t appear to have a sense of humor. Just as well, as he just got fired.

Lesson learned.

When we make the first step too big, our prospects hesitate

So what offer could a professional personal trainer make so that the first step for “chubby me” would be possible?

“Okay. Time for our first step. Let’s warm up with a stretch. From your sitting position, slowly stretch to your right and reach into your gym bag and grab a donut.”

Yeah! That would work. I’m “all in” and ready to sign a “personal trainer for life contract” ... after I eat my donut.

The same is true for our network marketing prospects. When we make our offer and the first step appears achievable, our chances of success skyrocket. We need to make our prospects feel they can succeed.

If our prospects believe they can do the first step, they will assume the following steps are possible also. Their attention is on the very first step. Our prospects won’t bother to think too far into the future.

Remember this old saying?

“A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.”

We want to sell our prospects on taking that first step. Then, with the momentum rolling, it will be easier for them to visualize the outcome. And as a bonus, if the first step appears easy, we will get fewer objections from our prospects.

How can we shrink that first step?

#1: Which is a better offer?

Results quickly … or results later?

That wasn’t hard.

When we offer fast results it is easy for our prospects to want our offers. So what would prospects want as fast as possible?

  • To break even or profit on their initial investment
  • To fire their boss instead of suffering years in an undesirable job
  • A way to earn bonuses now while waiting for the residual income to build
  • A chance to earn enough now to replace one day at work every week

Can we emphasize the quick wins our prospects will get when they take our offers? Humans are naturally short-term thinkers. Now is always more powerful than later.

This is why 18-year-old prospects fail to get excited about long-term residual income and retiring ten years early.

We want to shrink the time to the first big payback our prospects will receive.

#2: How hard will this be?

If our revolutionary offer is complicated, difficult to understand, and hard to do, expect massive resistance. Prospects hesitate to volunteer for difficult tasks. They prefer the habits and processes they do now.

Examples of difficult offers?

  • A structured fasting timetable with handfuls of tablets to take every day
  • Complicated skincare regimes that take 30 minutes
  • Services that require extra time
  • Instructions that are hard to understand
  • Efforts that will require leaving our comfort zones
  • Learning new technologies

Prospects want ease and convenience, not challenges. Their lives are hard now and they don’t want to make them harder.

#3: How big is my investment?

Time invested is time that we will never get back. On the plus side, if our offers give our prospects more time, this is a huge bonus in our favor. Everyone complains about not having enough time, and if we can help, we will be popular.

If we want to talk about the long journey to success, now may not be the right time. Our prospects haven’t received any quick wins yet, so their confidence isn’t high. No one wants to look forward to a long and painful journey.

Also, our prospects will think, “Is taking this first step worth the cost of changing my current life? This will cost me time and money, so I better be sure it is worth it.”

#4. How big is my risk?

Humans hate risk. That is why Tool #1 is all about reducing risk.

What else can we do to make this first step easier and less risky?

  • Offer a free trial or sample. This gives prospects a chance to try our product or service before they commit to buying it.
  • Break down the offer into smaller steps. This will make it seem less daunting and more achievable.
  • Or, how about a low-cost introductory offer?
  • Make our offer clear and easy to understand. When we don’t understand everything, we will have doubts in the back of our minds holding us back.
  • Remind our prospects that their success is inevitable with our help.

#5: How much can I delay?

We think, “If I have to do it now, wow! I better be sure. But if I can delay some things to the future, that doesn’t seem so bad. I’ll worry about the future later.”

Can we delay the full payment?

Can we extend the guarantee?

Can we give them a little more time before making the big investment?

#6: Focus the vision on the outcome.

Let’s make our benefits and outcome larger so that their time and money investment feels worth it. This is a great time to pile on all those extra goodies we love to talk about. Yes, remind them of the recognition, the free trips, the feeling of accomplishment, the security of the extra money.

#7: Convenience and speed can be better than free.

We value our time and our efforts. So imagine a trip to the Universal Studios theme park. We spent a fortune on airline tickets and hotel expenses, and now we are in line to buy tickets.

The question is, “After our huge investment to get here, will we spend a few more dollars to get the premium tickets? Those special tickets that allow us to bypass the 45 minutes we would wait in line for each ride?”

Yes. We didn’t spend thousands of dollars to bake in the hot sun waiting in long lines. Convenience and speed rock.

That is why dieters drink an expensive protein shake instead of the free option of walking two hours more every day.

And this is why spending a few hundred dollars to start a network marketing business is preferable to renting an office, hiring employees, arranging insurance, advertising, marketing, and all of the other expenses and headaches of another business.

The first step is the hardest

If we can shrink the first step, we make it easier for our prospects to want our offers.

What is the smallest possible first step that skeptical prospects could take? Once they have that first step successfully under their belt, the following steps will become easier. And as their confidence grows, their train will pick up speed and their vision of the future will grow bigger and brighter.

Excerpt from

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

14 tools to create better offers for network marketing

This book is not about the audience or our personal head trash. This book is about making great offers. Now that we have addressed the audience and the head trash, let’s learn how to make our offers appealing.

Q. So what is the #3 factor in making great offers?

Answer: The actual offer. The option we give to our prospects.

While there are many strategies and tactics, let’s keep our focus on:

  • Creating our offers.
  • Positioning our offers.
  • And how we describe our offers.

Time for some fun now. We finally can make our offer.

Our head trash is gone. If we make an offer now, make it an option, and present it to prospects who qualify … then two things can happen.

  1. Our prospects will say “no” to the option we gift to them. This doesn’t mean we are bad. It only means the option we offered was bad for them at this moment. (And yes, we can try again with a better option.)
  2. Our prospects will say “yes” to the option we gift to them. Done. And now we can be partners while going through the details.
Do we like things in easy-to-follow steps?

Then we will plan our offer carefully. We won’t make up an offer and tell ourselves, “I have a good feeling about this offer.” Let’s save our feelings for our therapists.

For our prospects, we need an offer so good that they will feel silly for turning our offer down. We want to make our offer a “no-brainer”, so our prospects can make their decisions fast.

Will we create a great offer on our first try?


In the beginning, we will be underwhelming. Later, when we get better at making our offers, we will look back and cringe at our first attempts. This is normal as we get better the more we practice.

What steps should we take to start our offer-making skills? How about these:

Step #1:Understanding our audience. This is why listening to our prospects’ problems makes so much sense.

Step #2:Create an option for our prospects that is better than their current situation.

Step #3:Present our option as a gift. They can use the gift or not. This removes our agenda and calms our prospects.

Common sense. No need to be complicated. Simple is better. Prospects like simple.No need to impress or use hype.

If our offer is better for our prospects than keeping their current situation, they will want it.

We don’t have to have superstar persuasion skills. We don’t want to manipulate or convince our prospects into doing something they don’t want. We offer a better option. That’s it!

If our offer is easy for prospects to understand, they can make an instant decision before we ever explain the details.


Yes. Before our presentation.

Instant offers. Instant decisions.

How fast do prospects make up their minds? Lightning fast. Our brains have many things to think about. We have to decide if this current thought deserves more time, or if we should move on to the next thought. So, when we present an offer, prospects will pre-judge it and pre-judge it harshly in seconds.

How about an easy example? Ready?

You are starved. Hungry, hungry, hungry. I call and say, “Hey, I just picked up a hot pizza and a chocolate cake at the bakery. Mind if I come over?”

Hmmm. A pretty good offer. You are hungry. You like pizza. You love chocolate cake. I am only minutes away. How fast can you make a decision?

You answer, “I will leave the front door open!”

You didn’t need to know the ingredients of the cake. You didn’t even ask what type of pizza I had. Did you want to know about the company founder of the pizzeria? Did you want to hear testimonials about the chocolate cake?


The decision was instant.

I had a great offer to a qualified and starving prospect with a hunger problem. I didn’t need any persuasion skills or magic words.

Offer. One-second decision. Done.


And this is the power of making a great offer to prospects. They can decide instantly.

Why is this important?

Think about our new team members. Will they have instant, high-level network marketing and persuasion skills when they join? Of course not.

But we can give them immediate success if we equip them with powerful offers. Now they can experience some success while learning the skills of our profession.

Here are examples of simple offers, where prospects make decisions after only a few words.

  • Eat cookies. Lose weight.
  • Turn your body into a fat-burning machine.
  • Remove wrinkles while you sleep.
  • Never overpay your mobile phone bill again.
  • Fire your boss, and be your own boss.
  • Live longer instead of dying quickly.
  • Stop commuting and work from home.
  • Retire before your parents do, and at full pay.
  • Help your parents retire when you do, so you can enjoy free vacations together.
  • Have three-day weekends forever.
  • Get an extra paycheck every Friday.
  • Make our skin look like a teenager’s, but without the acne.
  • Lose 10 pounds in the next 14 days.
  • Get paid when your neighbors turn on their lights.
  • Keep your current electricity supplier, but let us send you a lower bill. Use the savings for tacos for the family.
  • Instant natural energy in a capsule, for 1/10th the cost of a Starbucks.
  • In the next 60 days you could lose 20 pounds of unwanted body fat, without joining a sweaty gym.

Only a few words to make a decision? Yes. Unsure? Then let’s make it even fewer words. Ready?

  • Sugar-free
  • One calorie
  • On sale
  • Turbo
  • Proven results
  • Best-seller
  • Best-value
  • New arrival
  • Instant savings
Did we feel it?

How fast did our minds make a “yes” or “no” decision?

Fast, right? We know if this is something we want or not.

Yikes. This brings up an uncomfortable reality.

“The first few words or sentences of our offer could be 95% of our success!”

If our offer solves our prospects’ problems and fixes our prospects’ pain, their decision is easy.

We don’t have to be a bargain.

We don’t have to be the lowest price with the best terms.

Yes, prospects want a deal.

Yes, prospects want value.

But most of all, prospects want to stop the pain of their problems!

Instant decisions, but could we stretch our mindset further?

Consider the possibility that making an offer is better than leads.

Salespeople beg and scream for high-quality leads that are pre-sold. They want pre-screened, stress-free prospects so they can read a brochure to them. Well, that is a salesperson’s fantasy, but not reality. These salespeople don’t even want to invest in the work of building rapport and trust.

But what if for a moment we forget about leads? We forget about targeting. We forget about funnels.

Instead, we consider a different way.

What if we offered a simple option to everyone in seconds? What would happen?

First, prospects react to getting an option instead of being sold through a sales presentation.

They think, “Let me hear the option to see if it would serve me or not. The only way an option can benefit me is if I take it. Let me look for positive ways that this option will work.”

Now they are looking for “reasons why” our offer can work for them.

Prospects continue thinking. “Because this is an option, you are giving me the power to see if it fits my life now or not. I am in control of the decision. I won’t feel manipulated by some persuasive sales technique by you. No need to be defensive.”

Now we prevent rejection. This feels so good.

Our simple offer takes seconds.

This way is faster than pre-qualifying a lead

All we do is gift an option, an option that is better than our prospects’ current situation. We allow our intelligent prospects to choose what is best for them at this time in their lives.

Prospects are not dumb. They can choose between something that will improve their lives, or keep their lives the same.

Their thoughts might be:

  • “Do I want more money in my life, or less money?”
  • “Do I want to lose weight one time and keep it off forever?”
  • “Do I want to keep my wrinkles or get rid of them?”
  • “I can do math. A lower bill is better than a bigger monthly bill.”
  • “Does retiring early feel better than working to age 80?”
  • “Work from home or continue to fight an hour of traffic every morning?”

Our simple offer could take seconds, and it’s faster than pre-qualifying a lead.

We gift an option that’s better than what our prospects currently have, and let them choose what’s best for them at this time in their lives.

Prospects aren’t dumb. They can choose between something that will improve their lives or they can keep their problems.

“But my product is so boring. I can only think of one or two short offers.”


Or are we being lazy and unimaginative?

Take any product or service and start collecting ideas now. Once we know that we are looking for fast and easy ways to make an offer, we will notice these gems in the future. Need an example?

A skincare and cosmetic networker asked for a few starter offers. Here were some of our initial suggestions to her.

  • “Makes your skin look so good, you will never have to wear makeup again.”
  • “Avoid the Clown School of Makeup by using our coordinated color palettes.”
  • “Cheap makeup makes us look ... cheap.”
  • “Skin like a baby in only 14 days.”
  • “Feels so good that you can’t stop touching your skin.”
  • “We call this the ‘pore-reducer.’”
  • “Makes your skin look so young that you won’t be able to buy alcohol anymore.”
  • “Acne-buster!”
  • “Stop laying in bed at night listening to your skin wrinkle.”
  • “Keep wrinkles away an extra 15 years.”
  • “Wrinkle-shrinker.”
  • “Lipstick that stays on your lips, not on cups and clothing.”
  • “Have natural long lashes, without gluing them on.”
  • “Makes your skin younger every night while you sleep.”
  • “Double-chin remover.”
  • “Lose those wrinkles!”
  • “You never want your face to look older than you are.”
  • “Facelift in a bottle.”
  • “We don’t want to look like a prune.”
  • “Get rid of the ‘tech-neck’ from looking at your phone all the time.”
  • “Have that spa look in just 12 minutes.”

And these were only a start!

Yes, we can expand our offerings if we try.

One of my favorite single-panel cartoons is of a doctor talking to his fat businessman patient. The doctor offers:

“What fits your busy schedule better? Exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?”

What if we don’t believe that prospects make quick decisions?

Then, we will be like John, the fact-driven network marketer. Here is his conversation with his prospects.

John bores his prospects. “B-o-n-u-s … n-u-m-b-e-r … s-e-v-e-n …”

His presentation couldn’t go any slower. Painful. And now his prospects start to twitch. Something bad is going to happen.

“We have to interrupt you, John. Don’t go any further. We don’t want to waste your time. We are not interested. This is not for us.” John’s prospects are in full eye-roll mode.

“But ... but ... how can you not be interested as you haven’t seen the whole picture yet?” John pleads to talk more.

But his prospects respond, “We have to get off this call now. We ... uh ... have a pressing appointment we must get to.”

We understand the cause of this scenario now.

Okay, but how about some clear examples

Our opening offer:

“I can help your utility bill be larger or smaller, which one would you like me to do?”

“I can help you be healthier and live longer, or help make your life shorter. Which one would you like me to talk about?”

“I can help your bank account get larger, or help it get smaller. Which one would you like to talk about?”

“I can help your skin look older … or younger. Which one is more interesting to you?”

Getting this initial “yes” decision is a start

Of course, we will have to do more. But if we start with our prospects having an open mind, and wanting our solution, the rest of our conversation gets easy. Our prospects are on our side, wanting what we offer.

Our job is to construct a creative offer that is a better option for our prospects’ lives.

But … but … what if we don’t feel creative?

Some people have natural creativity in their genes. Congratulations to them!

Us? Maybe not.

We think, “They didn’t teach me creativity in school. Probably because it was too much work to grade creativity tests. It will take me forever to train my mind to be creative!”

The good news is that we don’t have to have these exceptional creativity skills to make awesome offers. Then what do we need?

A checklist of basic tools

Each tool will prompt us to make small changes to our original boring offers. These tools help us look at new ways to improve our offers.

We don’t have to use all of these basic tools, but it is nice to look at our offers through each tool’s lens. We will see new possibilities from our new viewpoint.

And don’t worry. Yes, there are a lot of tools we could learn, but the reality? We will only need a few of these most basic tools to improve.

Let’s start looking at some of these building block tools now.

Excerpt from

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

14 tools to create better offers for network marketing

Sure. Go ahead and believe that, but what is the reality?

We make offers every day to people who think like we do, want what we do, and value what we do. It’s what humans do. We are social. We make offers to each other when we talk. It’s how we interact and get along. Oh.

Oh yes, we are offer-making machines.

Ready to see some offers?

  • “Do you wanna come with me to the donut shop?”
  • “Will you pick up my children for me in return for my unending gratitude?”
  • “If I bring pizza to your door, will you give me money?”
  • “I will mow your lawn if you let me use your pool.”
  • “If you drive me to the airport, I’ll pay for your gas.”
  • “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”
  • “If you cook, I’ll do the dishes.”
  • “Eat this snack and you won’t feel hungry.”
  • “If you give me a raise, I won’t quit this job.”
  • “If I give you a raise, will you stay on your job?”
  • “If you work overtime on Saturday, you can have Monday off.”
  • “If you go out with me Friday night, I promise you will have a great time.”

We make offers almost every time we speak!

Everyone makes offers. It’s a part of human nature. It’s how we get what we want in life.

Some people are great at making offers, while others? Not so much.

Kids are great at offers. They know how to get what they want. “Mom, Mom! If you give me cookies I will stop nagging you. Just one cookie! Just one!”

Mom thinks, “For the tiny price of one cookie, I can get rid of this verbal harassment. Seems like a great offer.”

And then, the bad offers.

A boy approaches a girl at the dance and says, “If you will dance with me ... uh ... uh ... uh.” Yeah, that offer won’t end well.

Or a man proposes to his girlfriend, “If you marry me, you get to keep the ring!” Hmmm. No comment.

So, what makes a great offer?

Here are a few ideas.

  • It’s an offer that uses a metaphor to create an “aha-moment” that hooks the other person.
  • It’s an offer that the other person cannot refuse.
  • It’s an offer that’s so good, they would be crazy to say no!
  • It’s an offer that benefits both people involved.
  • It’s an offer that is fair.
  • It’s an offer with the intention of helping the other person, not just benefiting us.
  • It’s a clear offer. Not complicated or vague.

Let’s think of more reasons some offers feel good, while others feel repulsive.

For instance, we love offers that are specific. Here are a few examples.

  • “This idea can help you fire the boss.”
  • “Eat these special cookies–lose weight.”
  • “We will deliver a bucket of fried chicken to your door for $30.”
  • “Take these vitamins and feel great in the mornings.”
  • “Build a part-time business and use the money to retire early.”
  • “Use this special cream to get rid of wrinkles.”
  • “Make your skin so healthy you will never wear makeup again.”
  • “Come to our home for our Super Bowl party. We have snacks.”

Do any of these offers sound familiar? They should.

We make or receive offers like these daily.

But, we are just warming up. We want to learn how to make spectacular, irresistible, awesome offers that our prospects can’t refuse. Why?

Because our competition is tough! Our prospects hear good offers every day. We must stand out above the rest. We can’t be ordinary.

Let’s learn how to take our offer-making skills to a higher level, a place where we won’t have competition.

But first?

A warning.

Our offers are not the most important factor when marketing to prospects.

There is a bigger “elephant in the room” factor we should talk about first. Let’s get that “elephant in the room” out of the way now.

If we do this, then later, our improved offers will rock!

Let’s go!

Excerpt from

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

14 tools to create better offers for network marketing

Why the piranhas didn’t eat Big Al.I am in the Amazon with a group of people. Hot, humid, and uncomfortable. No breeze. Everyone is sweating. The solution?

I said to the group, let’s take a quick swim here in the Amazon. Something we can tell everyone back home. Their faces turn pale. Their eyes dilate. I don’t think they had the energy to respond. So as they stood there in a lifeless pool of sweat, I jumped into the river.

A couple of gasps. Someone yelled, “Get out!” More panic among the group. “The piranhas will eat you!”

Oh. So that was their concern. No wonder the frenzy.

But their fears never materialized. The piranhas scattered in fear after my “cannonball” river entry. I didn’t worry at all.

This is the confidence that comes with a little knowledge. We don’t have to be an expert to overcome our fears. We only have to know enough to be confident. Since I read books, I knew a bit about piranha behavior and wasn’t worried. So why didn’t the piranhas eat me?

  1. It wasn’t the dry season. Lots of water and plenty of food. There were no starving piranhas.
  2. I jumped into a river, not an isolated little pond where the trapped piranhas had already eaten the available food.
  3. I wasn’t bleeding like in the movies. I refused to cut my wrists before diving in.
  4. Piranhas prefer smaller prey. I was huge.
  5. Piranhas prefer eating fish and cayman tails. They have their favorite food.
  6. Piranhas are healthy. They don’t eat overweight tourists filled with saturated pizza fat. They prefer eating lean protein from fish who exercise. Piranhas religiously attend their nutrition classes.

And … I noticed that the local village children happily played in the river a hundred meters away. So based upon this knowledge, my fear of becoming a piranha meal disappeared.

And then … I was attacked by an African crocodile. Just kidding. Wrong continent.

Fear of the unknown.”One of the many sources of fear is lack of knowledge. Our survival program paralyzes us from moving forward in the face of fear. And like my group of Amazon tourists, network marketers let their “fear of the unknown” keep them from talking to prospects.

What are their fears?

  • “I don’t know what to say.”
  • “What if they don’t like me?”
  • “Won’t I be rejected?”
  • “They will think I am a sleazy salesman.”
  • “I don’t want my friends to think I am trying to make money off of them.”
  • “What if this prospect asks a question I can’t answer?”
  • “How will I know where to start?”

If we have fears, a little bit of knowledge can help.

What fears make our lives miserable?

Fear of asking our boss for a raise.

Fear of asking someone we like for a date.

Fear of looking foolish on the dance floor.

Fear that success will change us for the worse.

Fear that others will think less of us.

Fear that we will fail if our goals are too high.

Fear of speaking in public.

And if we are like most people, we have a lot of these fears. But, we don’t have to live with these fears. We don’t have to allow these fears to ruin our lives. We can do something about it.

When I started network marketing, I feared speaking in public. At an early meeting, the speaker summoned me to the front of the room and asked me to introduce myself. My face turned bright red. My lips moved. No sounds came out. Failure on steroids.

The leader pointed out to me, “If you are going to become a network marketing leader, you will have to learn to speak in public and to strangers. Now is a good time to learn.”

I paid half a month’s salary to take a public speaking course. And then, I retook the course. What happened?

After finishing the course the second time, I was able to speak in public. Was I nervous? Yes. But no more trauma. I no longer sat in meetings with the constant fear that someone might ask me to say something.

Was it worth it? Yes! Eventually, I started to enjoy public speaking. Fears dissipate with knowledge and practice.

But what about your dancing?

Okay. I still have that fear. My rare attempts at dancing look like an amphetamine-crazed, drunk engineer, trying to do mental calculus while fighting off a swarm of mosquitos. Not pretty.

Have I learned anything new about dancing to remove my fear of embarrassment? No. And as of now, I don’t dance. Onlookers cheer my decision to avoid the dance floor.

The point is this. Fears hold us back. They make our journey miserable. But we have the power to overcome our fears with knowledge.

So what should we do?

Look at any part of our network marketing business that gives us stress and fear. Tell ourselves, “I can overcome this. I can learn. I can make every part of my journey a pleasurable experience.”

April 11, 2020

Local supermarket: Mexican food aisle 4

"P-s-s-s-t! Hey! You! Yes, you!"

A weird guy was trying to whisper in my ear. Cringe!

Now that is uncomfortable. Bad breath too.

He continued, "Shhh. Listen. I got a toilet paper connection. How many do you want?"

Well, the shelves were empty. Coronavirus in full swing. And this weird guy had a secret connection. My heart skipped a beat.

So I whispered back, "I'll take ten rolls."

He seemed offended. "Only ten rolls? You're gonna need more than that. You're standing here in the Mexican food aisle."

"Okay, I'll take 25 rolls of toilet paper. No problem. How much?"

"$10 a roll. I have the good stuff, not some single-ply garbage." He seemed confident.

"Uh, that's kind of expensive, but ... no choice I guess. Where can we make the exchange?"

"I'll meet you in the parking lot in 5 minutes. Look for an unmarked black van. Bring small, unmarked bills."

Wait a minute!

This weird guy didn't build rapport. In fact, he could be a great example of anti-rapport!

The facts, features, and benefits were missing. He didn't even have a company video!

Hmmm, no word pictures either.

How about magic words? 

No. They were missing too.

Great persuasion techniques? 

No. He didn't even ask for the sale.

Just some sketchy dude trying to sell me overpriced toilet paper.

The lesson?

Rapport, ice breakers, and high-level persuasion skills are great ... but a powerful offer can sell itself.



Lightbulb moment.


Our new team members have no skills when they start. 

But … but … what if … we did this?

What if we gave our new team members an incredible offer that almost sold itself? They could have some instant success while learning the skills of network marketing.


And that is how we can give our new team members the best start ever!

All we need to do is provide them with a quick, simple, irresistible offer that prospects will think, “Hey! That sounds pretty good. That is better than what I have now.”

And then? 

Our new team members can take the volunteers.

The science and skills of making great offers

  • How would it feel to have irresistible offers?
  • How about an offer that prospects couldn't refuse?
  • What if our offer was so clear that our prospects understood it instantly?
  • What makes great offers?
  • How can we make our offers unique so prospects won't shop around?
  • When is the best time to take "risk" out of our offers?
  • Can we customize our offers to our prospects' internal programs?
  • What if we could change an offer that would double our income?
  • Where can we ...

Okay, we got the idea.

One good offer will change our career

Good news! We can learn the science and skills of making great offers.

Ask ourselves this question, "If we made great offers, instead of ordinary offers, wouldn't that make our business grow faster?"

Of course.

So how long do we want to wait? 

How much longer do we want to stay at the same bonus check level?

Let's make great offers now that will change our network marketing career forever.

What are we waiting for?

Let’s turn the page and get started.


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