At the beginning of our careers, we will talk to anyone (drool, drool).  Not a bad plan. We need practice.

Later on, when we have more experience, we look for prospects who are further along in their self-development and direction in life. We have limited time. 

So what kind of person are we looking for? Here is an example.

Imagine that we will talk to 10 people today. These people could be coworkers, the clerk at the coffee shop, or a relative. We ask the person, “What book are you reading now?”

Our prospect answers, “I don’t read books. I just scan Facebook posts and videos. I have some cool cat videos I saved, plus a couple of cool political memes.”

Is this the person we want to make a connection with for our business?

Here is how I found my very first leader. I got drafted on jury duty. Two weeks sitting around in total boredom with 200 others. At one end of the room, I saw a man reading a book by Dale Carnegie called, “How to win friends and influence people.” I started a conversation with him.

He wanted a better life. I offered an opportunity for a better life. And we grew together.

When we know what we are looking for, it is easier to see it.

I wasn’t very skilled at this time. But my prospect was 90% there before I said my first word.

So if we don’t have good people skills yet, at least look for people who are further along in their self-development journey. People who read books, go to seminars, and work on themselves. These people will be easier to sponsor and they will grow faster. They are also more likely to have a positive attitude, which is infectious.

We have choices.

  1. Keep pretending there are no people to talk to
  2. Avoid learning what to say.
  3. Start getting better at both of these things now.

My biased opinion on the best book to help us meet new people?

How to Meet New People Guidebook

How to Meet New People Guidebook

Meeting new people is easy when we can read their minds. Discover how strangers automatically size us up in seconds, using three basic standards.

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And if not this book, pick another book from your local library. But … at least get started.

While there are many ways to divide and subdivide people into groups, let’s examine a simple way to sort for leaders.

Two groups.

Group One:
Those people looking for reasons why something will work.

Group Two:
Those people looking for reasons why not.

Group One individuals are fun to work with. They are mature and realize that life isn’t perfect. In their business decisions, they acknowledge there may be thousands of reasons why something won’t work. All they need to go into action is one good reason why it will work.

They may be aware that their upline sponsor is a jerk, their personal contacts are useless wimps, the company’s logo is the wrong color, the delivery of products is sporadic, the local meetings are boring, etc. But if they have just one good reason why the opportunity is good (such as the marketing plan being good or the product helping people), then they can go ahead and become successful in their business.

Group One individuals are not excuse-driven. They look for the positive reasons why something will work and then take action.

Group Two individuals are constantly looking for flaws. Why?

If they can find the slightest excuse or reason why something may not work, they can then justify not trying. They may investigate an opportunity and find thousands of reasons why it will work, but they will concentrate on searching for any little reason not to go into action.

Group Two individuals are people who won’t leave the house in the morning unless they can be sure every stoplight on the way to work will be green. Many upline leaders frustrate themselves by attempting to fix every excuse their Group Two distributors can think of. No matter how many obstacles we clear from Group Two’s path, our Group Two distributors will create more to take their place.

Their motto is: “Any excuse will do.”

So how’s our group? Is it mostly Group One or Group Two people?

John bored the prospect. “B-o-n-u-s … n-u-m-b-e-r … s-e-v-e-n …” This presentation couldn’t go any slower. Painful.

And, what was the point? Pros know that prospects make up their mind long before the presentation even begins. John was using information to get a decision. I hope John planned on keeping his day job.

So what is the solution?

Well, it depends. Do humans want a 30-second solution? Or are they willing to invest in a long-term solution?

The reality is that most prospects want a short-term, 30-second solution. The long-term solution will require listening to boring salesmen explain stuff. So for now, if we are going to be a network marketing professional, we need a quick fix for our prospects.

Quick fix? Yes. And that quick fix is learning short micro stories.

Simple stories can move prospects to an instant decision. We accumulate these micro stories and regular stories as we progress in our careers. One good story can bypass hours of information, presentations, convincing and follow up. Stories are awesome.

Want some good stories to start? Let’s try a few.

Story #1: “I showed these vitamins to my mom and told her, ‘Mom, dying early is so inconvenient. You need to take care of yourself. Who else will hassle the grandchildren?’ Mom was happy I shared with her this way for good health.”

Story #2: “I looked at my electricity bill last month. I thought, ‘Hey! I could be paying less. I can do third-grade math and know a lower electricity bill is better than a big electricity bill.’ Most people I know have good math skills and switch their electricity to a lower bill.”

Story #3: “Worry about wrinkles? If you do, here is the solution. Use our product for 30 days. Then, every morning when you look into the mirror, you will smile.”

Want to learn more easy stories for your network marketing business? Then, this is the book to add to your library.

How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories

How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories

If you want to communicate effectively, add your stories to deliver your message.

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Our magic Genie appears and tells us:

Quick. Make your choice. Which of these two choices would you want the most when sponsoring people?

  1. Finding the right prospect for your business, or …
  2. Saying and doing the right things.

The answer? Try this.

We go to our local shopping mall. Pick out a random person. Maybe it is an assistant manager just leaving his car, coming to work. Walk up and give that person $100. Will that person react? Of course. That person might say:

  • “Wow. That was really nice. Thank you.
  •  “Got any more money?”
  • “What a great surprise!”
  • “This is going to be a great day!”
  • “What is the catch?”

This would seem like a quite normal reaction.

Now, let’s try this exercise again.

Again, we go to your local shopping mall. We pick out the same assistant manager leaving his car. This time we walk up to him and give him … a big punch in the nose!

How will that person react? Oh my! A lot different. He might even punch us back in the nose!

Now, let’s consider these two scenarios.

  • We have the exact same person, the assistant manager.
  • Two totally different behaviors. The first time, a happy person. Second time? A very unhappy person.

So ask ourselves this question: “Does the reaction and behavior of this random person have anything to do with that person … or everything to do with what we said and did?”And that is the secret to sponsoring!

Our prospects are neutral … until they meet us. After they meet us, our prospects will react to what we say and do.\Good news!

What does this mean to us as sponsors? This means that sponsoring new people is within our control. We can control how prospects react to us.

How do we control how our prospects react to us? Easy. We simply say better words in the beginning our conversations. That is why creating great “ice breakers” are crucial to our success in sponsoring new distributors.

As network marketers, we lead sheltered lives. We don’t have to take the latest abuse from an illiterate boss or evil employer. We don’t have to beg on bended knees to get Thursday afternoon off.

But our prospects? Ouch. They are taken advantage of daily.

Commuting through traffic is getting longer and longer. Their lives are spent working and commuting with very brief visits with their families.

Their employer has a very sophisticated strategy to squeeze more work and more hours from their employees without increasing their salaries. Plus, why not give them extra work to take home to get that last ounce of energy from them?

And when the annual review comes, the boss tells the employee:

“Thank you for your hard work and overtime. However, no one is getting a raise this year. Times are tough. There is an economic crisis. But when we do give raises sometime in the future, you’ll be at the top of the list.”And then the boss drives away in his new BMW to meet his friends for a three-hour lunch.

Your prospects know they have spent $100,000 on a college education to get a job that will be taken away from them a few years before they qualify for pension benefits.

They are constantly taken advantage of, abused by greedy employers, forced to commute long hours, and get just enough salary that they can’t afford to quit, and they can’t afford to do anything else.

And now we arrive with a solution.

Our prospects are pre-sold!

The only thing we have to do is to not “talk them out of it” when we present our opportunity.

Now, everybody knows we can’t sponsor prospects using the wrong words, but what are the right words?

That’s the difference between hard-working, broke networker marketers …. and network marketing professionals that go from successful experience to successful experience almost effortlessly.

It’s the words we say.

Now, if we want to do network marketing as a hobby, a fun activity, or as a chance to buy a product wholesale for our mother, it really doesn’t matter what we say. We can just enjoy ourselves as we have no income expectations or needs.

However, if we want to do network marketing as a business, make a really good part-time income, a full-time income, or even the big money in our business … then there is only one path to take. To learn the “sequence of words” to instantly get our message inside our prospects’ brains.

There are certain words and phrases that clearly communicate our message and go directly into our prospects brains, and our prospects will believe and understand what we do.

So let’s not talk our prospects out of their dreams.

Instead, let’s give them a chance to see what we see, and allow them to live the dream of network marketing.

Bottom Line?

Say the right words.

If we don’t know these sequences of words, learn them now. These phrases are easy to learn and help our prospects make a decision to improve their lives.

This is raw, un-cut version 1.0 of Lawrence’s homework from last week’s MasterClass on beginning mind-reading phrases.

  • I know that you are busy and I don’t want to waste your time. I am just curious would it be okay if you could make more money part-time than the boss does full-time?
  • I know that you are not interested. But if you know someone who has trouble sleeping & would like to fall asleep within seven seconds of hitting the pillow could you please recommend me?
  • I know that you have other things to do and I don’t want to interfere with your schedule. If you know someone who wants to work for 3 weeks out of the month & get paid for four then could you please recommend me?
  • If you are like most people you are probably thinking how could I have seven-day weekends instead of two-day weekends and are wondering how can I learn the skills to accomplish that.
  • Most people have figured out how to take a one-week vacation without asking their boss’ permission but some haven’t, some people wait for the boss to get back to them and miss out on the fun.
  • I understand that you are in the middle of a conversation and can’t talk. If you know anyone who wants to lose weight by drinking coffee could you please recommend me?
  • I understand that you have a lot on your plate and weekends are booked. If you know someone who wants to earn an extra $500 per month so they could have a getaway weekend without having to work overtime for it then could you please recommend me?
  • If you are like most people you are afraid to ask your boss for a 2% raise & are probably thinking how can I earn my own raise and are wondering where do I find the skills to learn so I can immediately get the job done.
  • Most people have figured out how to get their 8 servings of fruits & veggies each day without using a juicer but some haven’t, some people keep on using the smoothie machine and wonder why they have to dump it after the 1st sip.
  • If you are like most people who drink water you are probably thinking how can I quench my thirst without having to purchase a sugary beverage and are wondering how can I hydrate myself so that I no longer come close to fainting every single day.

Even if we are new, and don’t know all the rules Lawrence was using, we do at least know this

If we change what we say, our prospects will change how they respond.

If now is your time to get your business moving faster, join our MasterClasses. If not, that is okay too. We want to enjoy our network marketing journey no matter which path we take.

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