The Happy Network Marketer

The Happy Network Marketer

The Happy Network Marketer

The Wealthy & Fun Way to Build My Business

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About the Book

Struggling against the restraints in the dentist’s chair, I could smell his sadistic and evil garlic breath. The lights dimmed. Terror. I knew what was coming next – the drill. I braced myself as the whirring drill ground deep into my tooth. My nervous system short-circuited. I only saw stars. He chuckled, “Hurt? I am only getting started.” I felt panic.

“Now, you can sit here in the chair while I drill deeper, much deeper … or you can escape now, and go out cold prospecting for your network marketing business. Rejection is only a few steps away.”

I replied, “Drill deeper!”

The drill pierced my tooth and now entered my jaw. I could feel the blood pouring into my mouth.

The dentist took my muffled screams as a challenge. “How about now? Ready to go out prospecting?”

Of course, I replied, “Drill deeper!”

Fear, procrastination, stress, anxiety, shortness of breath, and no motivation. Familiar?

How do we feel before dental surgery? What is our mindset if we must juggle three flaming chainsaws? Do we fear going to a midnight party with flesh-eating werewolves?

And finally, how will we act when we don’t enjoy building our network marketing business? We won’t last long if we don’t enjoy the journey.

Forget motivational rah-rah sessions. Stop making goal-plated vision boards. Cease the morning affirmation chants of, “Face the fear!”

Instead, how about learning how to build our business within our comfort zone? Make every day a happy day.

Let’s look forward to the business-building activity we will love to do.

Pick wealth, freedom, and happiness. The fun way to build our future.