The Mini-Story Guidebook for Network Marketing

The Mini-Story Guidebook for Network Marketing

Connect and sell in seconds

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About the Book
Find prospecting hard? Hate rejection? Don’t want to sound like a salesperson?
Instead …
Sponsor and sell effortlessly.
With no rejection.

Use the power of “Mini-Stories” to build our network marketing career. We may be just three or four sentences away from shifting our mindset and energizing our business success.

Three or four sentences? Yes! And sometimes even fewer sentences.

Take control of our prospects’ minds, captivate their attention, and deliver our offers with lightning speed. And our prospects? They respond with lightning decisions with enthusiasm. Wow. Smiles everywhere!

Discover how to create unlimited bite-sized “Mini-Stories” that are easy to remember and comfortable to tell. Forget fear and procrastination. We will look forward to sharing these story nuggets.

The Mini-Story Guidebook for Network Marketing isn’t only a book; it’s a shift in mindset. Stop selling, stop convincing, and start connecting heart-to-heart with the power of stories.

Why stories? Because humans can’t resist stories. We love stories. Our brains crave stories. And we never have to fight for our prospects’ attention when we tell stories.

Our concise and memorable “Mini-Stories” stick with our prospects long after our conversation. Why? Because stories are easy to remember. Let’s put that memory power to use to make our messages and offers effective now.

Our path to success is just a “Mini-Story” away.

Also available in the Story Mastering Package
Series: Big Al Prospecting & Recruiting Series
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