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What Smart Sponsors Do

What Smart Sponsors Do

Supercharge Our Network Marketing Team

Here is the problem. New team members don’t know what they don’t know.

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About the Book

Prospecting? Presentations? Closing? Enrolling?

These are the easy steps. Now the hard work begins.

Our new team members know … nothing. They think, “What do I do first? I don’t have a business plan. I only have the skills from my old profession, but not the ones I need for this new network marketing profession. Where do I start?”

Here is the problem. New team members don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know what they should ask us. This is how they start, and yet we expect them to be successful on their own.

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This book shows us how we can serve our new team members better. We will learn how successful sponsors kickstart their team’s success by building the strongest foundation possible. Here are just a few of our new team members’ questions that we need to answer:

* Which direction do I go first?

* How long is “long-term?”

* What if I feel unmotivated?

* How can I handle resistance?

* What if others tell me I made a bad decision?

* How can you keep me on track?

We will use the best teaching skills available – like analogies and stories – to develop successful mindsets in our new team members.

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