The Big Al Library: Volume 1

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This is volume one of The Big Al Library and contains some of my most popular audio products and reports. See for yourself how easy network marketing can be, once you learn the skills.

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Ready to explode your network marketing business?

Many network marketers can’t go to London, England or to Houston, Texas or to Sydney, Australia to attend my training seminars.

However, even if you can’t attend these workshops, you can still benefit from my easy business-building methods.

This volume contains some of my most popular audio products and reports. See for yourself how easy network marketing can be, once you learn the skills.

Network marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

Quit struggling in your business.

Learn the skills and earn the big checks!

What’s in this pack?

Big Al’s How to Quickly Build Your Network Marketing Organization.

  • 10 audio CDs. A $129 value. Big Al’s hands-on, practical, step-by-step methods of exactly what to say and exactly what to do to build your network marketing business f-a-s-t! Would you like to be able to give a complete presentation for your opportunity in just 60 seconds? CDs #7, #8, #9 contain the complete One-Minute Presentation program! Would you like to be able to change negative prospects into positive prospects? Would you like to learn a single sentence that disarms almost all of your prospects’ objections?

Big Al’s Learn the Secret Language of Prospects (Colors) CDs.

  • This is a live Big Al workshop recording. 2 audio CDs. Have you ever talked to a prospect and the prospect just didn’t “get it?” Do prospects feel skeptical and think you are talking a different language? What if you could talk directly to the prospect with the right words … so the prospect instantly understands the benefits of network marketing?

Big Al’s How to Manipulate and Control the Minds of Others for Fun and Profit CDs.

  • 3 CDs. A $29.95 value. Want to discover the skills to instantly influence the minds of your prospects and distributors? Learn how to create instant trust, belief, and rapport in your prospects’ minds – so they believe the good things you say – and you can accomplish this in less than 30 seconds!

Big Al’s Needs vs. Wants CD.

  • One audio CD. A $19.95 value. Yes, before they make their list of prospects, before they learn how to talk to people and even before they learn the One-Minute Presentation… your new distributors must know the Needs vs. Wants principle. This principle eliminates the fear of contacting people and directs your new distributor to great prospects. No more wasting time, no more frustration.

Big Al’s Stories to Help Your Prospects Believe audio CD.

  • One audio CD. A $19.95 value. I use stories to make the biggest sale of all … getting your prospects to want network marketing in their lives. There are many great stories on this CD that are easy to learneasy to tell, and totally rejection-free.

Big Al’s Where to Find Hot Local Prospects for your Network Marketing Business.

  • One audio CD. A $19.95 value. You can build a huge local business, right near your home now. And, you don’t have to worry about rejection, calling cold leads, or other uncomfortable ways of trying to build a business.

Your price is only $147!

Either way, it’s time to get your business shifted into overdrive and earn the bonus checks you’ve always dreamed about.

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