The Master Collection of Big Al Books –

The Master Collection of Big Al Books

    27 Big Al books to build a massive network marketing income.

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    You'll receive these paperback books:

    Create Influence: 10 Ways to Impress and Guide Others
    Influence gives us the power to affect others and our world.

    Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing
    Our new team members are at the peak of their enthusiasm now. Let’s give them the fast-start skills to kick-start their business immediately.

    The Two-Minute Story for Network Marketing
    Worried about presenting your business opportunity to prospects? Here is the solution. The two-minute story is the ultimate presentation to network marketing prospects.

    How to Build Your Network Marketing Business in 15 Minutes a Day
    Anyone can set aside 15 minutes a day to start building their financial freedom. Of course we would like to have more time, but in just 15 minutes we can change our lives forever.

    How to Meet New People Guidebook
    Meeting new people is easy when we can read their minds. Discover how strangers automatically size us up in seconds, using three basic standards.

    Why Are My Goals Not Working?
    Setting goals that work for us is easy when we have guidelines and a checklist.

    Closing for Network Marketing
    Here are 46 years' worth of our best closes. All of these closes are kind and comfortable for prospects, and rejection-free for us.

    Pre-Closing for Network Marketing
    Instead of selling to customers with facts, features and benefits, let’s talk to prospects in a way they like. We can now get that “yes” decision first, so the rest of our presentation will be easy.

    The One-Minute Presentation
    Where do I start? What do I say? I don't want to sound like a salesman. How can I relax my prospects?

    Retail Sales for Network Marketers
    Learn how to position your retail sales so people are happy to buy. Don’t know where to find customers for your products and services? Learn how to market to people who want what you offer.

    3 Easy Habits For Network Marketing
    Use these habits to create a powerful stream of activity in your network marketing business.

    Motivation. Action. Results.
    Learn the motivational values and triggers our team members have, and learn to use them wisely. By balancing internal motivation and external motivation methods, we can be more effective motivators.

    Ice Breakers!
    Create unlimited Ice Breakers on-demand. Your distributors will no longer be afraid of prospecting, instead, they will love prospecting.

    The Four Color Personalities For MLM
    Learn the skill to quickly recognize the four personalities and how to use magic words to translate your message.

    How to Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects
    Use the techniques in this book to move your prospects forward from “Not Now” to “Right Now!”

    How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport!
    Learn how the pros get instant rapport and cooperation with even the coldest prospects. The #1 skill every new distributor needs.

    How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One
    This book will give you the step-by-step activities to actually create leaders.

    51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors
    Learn the best places to find motivated people to build your team and your customer base.

    First Sentences For Network Marketing
    Attract more prospects and give more presentations with great first sentences that work.

    Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic
    This book shows the beginner exactly what to do, exactly what to say, and does it through the eyes of a brand-new distributor.

    Public Speaking Magic
    By using any of the three major openings in this book, we can confidently start our speeches and presentations without fear.

    26 Instant Marketing Ideas To Build Your Network Marketing Business
    176 pages of amazing marketing lessons and case studies to get more prospects for your business immediately.

    How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume Two
    You will find many ways to change people's viewpoints, to change their beliefs, and to reprogram their actions.

    Worthless Sponsor Jokes
    Here is a collection of worthless sponsor jokes from 25 years of the "Big Al Report." Network marketing can be enjoyable, and we can have fun making jokes along the way.

    How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories
    If you want to communicate effectively, add your stories to deliver your message.

    Start SuperNetworking!
    Start your own personal networking group and have new, pre-sold customers and prospects come to you.

    Why You Need to Start Network Marketing
    Discover the real reason why people are adding network marketing to their lives.

    Serious about your business? This is the training package you need.

    Or as I always say:

    "Invest in yourself — unless you think it's a bad investment."

    —Big Al

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