17 Ways for Network Marketers to Meet New People

Mindset #4: Shy? Welcome to the club.

Fear of talking to strangers? Fear of what our prospects might say?

This is normal because we have … feelings. Everyone hates rejection and being judged by other people.

Our inner fear of talking to prospects grows when we have an agenda or something to sell. To reduce our inner fear, use what we have learned so far.

  1. Consider selling as adding one more option to people’s lives.
  2. Our conversations with prospects are not a “win-lose” battle. We are simply transferring the message in our heads to theirs.
  3. Prospects are pre-sold and already want what we have to offer.

Feeling better?

What happens when we talk to people when we are not prospecting? The conversation is easy. Why?

Because we don’t have an agenda and we are not trying to sell.

This type of conversation is easy. We feel relaxed. We are giving. We are helping. We are interested in our prospects and it just feels normal.

The opposite happens when we have an agenda and try to sell and convince people to buy our products. We feel fearful inside. Why?

Because we don’t have their best interests at heart. We are thinking more about our agenda than thinking about helping them.

Tip: When we visit with prospects, we build trust and rapport by asking questions. When we strive to understand what is happening in their world, they don’t look at us as a salesperson, but as an advisor.

And who will prospects listen to more? A salesman? Or an advisor?

Asking questions is natural for introverts. Introverts already know this is a secret for trust and rapport.

But introverts have one big disadvantage. They don’t have enough prospects.

Let’s fix that now.

How? Meet new people in person … with no agenda! Just be interested in them. We will build a huge group of new friends and acquaintances. Then, when appropriate, we can tell them about our products.

These people will be real friends, not “conditional” friends. We are not making new friends only for the chance to sell them something. We are making new friends to improve both of our lives.

Will some new friends ask us or give us permission to talk about our products? Sure. But that is not a requirement for them to be our friend. No one wants to be a “conditional” friend who is dropped because he didn’t qualify as a customer. That is a bad and selfish agenda when meeting new people.

Meeting new people.

New people are everywhere, but which group of new people should we meet? People who want to move forward in their lives? Or people who are content with no motivation for change.

We will find that people who want to move forward in their lives are more fun, more open-minded, and make great friends.

Here are a few suggestions on where and how to meet new people, even if we are shy.


Join Toastmasters. A great place to meet motivated people. As a bonus, the public speaking skills we will learn will help us overcome our fear of talking to people.


Join free networking events in our area. Networking in person is always popular. Humans are wired for connecting with others. Everyone passes out their business cards, but we will be smart. Instead of meeting and collecting business cards from 40 people, we will build a new relationship with two or three people at each event. We want friends and connections, not business cards.


Attend free educational workshops and classes. Make friends among those attending. They want to move forward in their life.


Join an inexpensive health club. Work out, get in shape. Meet other people who want to do the same.


Join the 5k fun runs. These people like to do things and enjoy the social contact with like-minded people.


Borrow a dog. Take the dog for a walk. Meet and bond with other dog owners. And as an added bonus, we get exercise. (Babies are even better conversation starters with strangers, but babies are harder to borrow.)


Have a short message chat with a new friend on social media. We will find that we have a lot in common.


Accept an invitation to a party or event. Start small by attending and standing against the wall. As we feel more confident, we can talk to the other shy people next to us on the wall.


Pick up a new hobby. We could learn to camp, to sail a small boat, or to even learn a new language.


Check out the “Fun Things To Do This Weekend” list in your local paper or online. All these activities attract people.


Host your class reunion. You don’t have to wait for a 10-year or 20-year anniversary. You can do it anytime.


Start your own breakfast club. Get the members to pre-sell our products to their customers.


Offer to be a guest on a local radio talk show for a public service announcement.


Offer to speak at luncheons or group events. Many organizations are looking for free, entertaining speakers with interesting topics.


Attend a free or low-cost evening class on business or salesmanship.


Establish some contacts who will send you referrals. Many people you meet will have large centers of influence.


Rent a table or booth at a show or exhibition.

Got the idea?

We need to ask ourselves the right question. Instead of asking ourselves, “Why can’t I meet new people?” … ask ourselves, “How can I meet new people?” Everyone can find at least one way of meeting new people that is comfortable.

We are just beginning, and with a little time, we will have many new friends. Some will become customers, some won’t. Some will refer us to others who want our products, some won’t.

But the great news is that they will all be friends!

So don’t feel bad if we are shy and don’t have a huge influence with people … yet.

Meet people. Try to be helpful. And in time, we will have a huge list of people who respect us.

The worst and the best.

The worst that can happen is that we end up with a lot of great friends.

The best that can happen is that meeting people becomes more comfortable and natural for us. We will realize that most people are shy also. They appreciate that we took the first step. So go out and mingle, have fun, learn new things, meet new friends … and see what happens over the next 30 days.