My 3 Best Closes for Prospects 

#1. “So what is going to be easier for you?”

Then, I add these two choices. It is important to keep the choices limited to two to avoid procrastination.

  • Choice #1: Our wonderful offer.
  • Choice #2: Don’t take our offer, and keep their life the same.

Here's an example...

“So what is going to be easier for you? To start tonight, so maybe next year you can quit commuting, and work from home? Or, to continue commuting to that job you hate until you retire?”

#2. “Does it make sense to <insert our wonderful offer>, instead of <keeping their life the same>?

Here's an example...

“Does it make sense to start earning a part-time income with us now, instead of trying to get by on one paycheck?”

#3. “Would you like to know the first steps we will take to kickstart your business?”

If prospects agree, they have made the mental decision to join. We just describe the start up steps. Done.