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A friend from Canada got me thinking.

He asked me:

“Do people really want a business of their own? Businesses have headaches. Don’t they really just want an income?”

So I got to thinking on my trip back from Canada.

Job holders think business is easy. Just sit back and collect the money. I probably shouldn’t change what I say to them.

But if I’m talking to a business owner … well, maybe I should just say “extra income.” The business owner certainly doesn’t want one more business. 🙂

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Anatoly says

All books written by Tom are very useful for a person who decided to take up MLM-business

Gerrith says

After finish reading about the 4 color personalities and ‘How to follow up’ I experiences a growing exitement about Network Marketing. It is a strange World for me as an NLP MasterTrainer for more than 25 years and coaching people from every part of the scandinavian Society. I thought I know all the bits and peaces in the human counceous and unconceous mind. And yes I propably do, but never put al rhe peaces together like BigAl does, on a genious and gently way. I love the way he discripes doing business with people. So much fun in hes books. Using wellknown NLP language patterns and reframings on a new and fun way. Never pushy. Then it works.

After getting a great opportunity from my doctor to purchasing and using a revolutionary new healthproduct – and after testing – it does work. The company offers a fair NWM compensation plan. Ok, first reaction was my own experience from all my sisters in the 70s, with Beautyarticles and the other with the famous plast containers. Never in my life I will start any homeparty and all the hustle and bustle. Then sll the negative resction from everyone I did tell about the product. At first they are excited, then it comes to NWM and they are backing off and talking about all the pushy familymembers and friends and strangers who are promissing gold and fast cars in every company all the same over and over again.

So the buttomline: it was a sad experience, because so many did use NWM in the past, on a less kongruent way then BigAl does.

By reading two of his books, I know there is a better way to help people to see an new opportunity, who can’t be compared to orevious products at all. So Thank You BigAl for writing this books. Very useful when we experience waves of negativity at first. Not about our product, but the conceot og NLM. I like to show people a better way – and with the right product I think it can be done. <3

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