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A neat contest idea?

Let’s say that you have a recruiting contest for your ten distributors. Everyone who sponsors at least one person gets his name into the drawing for the prize.

Add this to the contest: If one person sponsors five new distributors, then everyone in the drawing automatically wins.

This will reduce jealousy and increase a spirit of cooperation. They will help each other in the hope that everyone will win.

And as a bonus, your distributors will plot on how to beat the system so that everyone will win. That means you win, too!

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Lynda says

I love your simple way of connecting with people, your humour relaxes me and makes it fun. I appreciate you knowing me without ever meeting me. I need your expertise because my downfall is not knowing WHAT to say. I love meeting people but want to run away if they stump me with a question.
Thank you and would appreciate any other help you can throw my way.

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