Does your network marketing company make you successful? –

Does your network marketing company make you successful?

Good question.

Many new distributors in network marketing think that choosing a different network marketing company will make them successful. These distributors think that success is “outside” of them, and that the external factors will make the difference.

But success in network marketing is an “inside job.” You have to learn some skills. And if you don’t have skills, changing companies just means that you’ll be unsuccessful in a different company. If you can’t recruit now, changing companies won’t fix that.

In every network marketing company there are some successful distributors, and some unsuccessful distributors. So it is not the company that makes the difference.

Learn how to prospect, learn how to sponsor, learn how to build … that’s what will make the difference. Then you can be successful anywhere you choose. ๐Ÿ™‚

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helene batchelder says

more words of wisdom even this old brain can comprehend ๐Ÿ™‚ watch me fly thanks to you Mr. Schreiter. I’ve said for years, I need to learn HOW to communicate! hats off to you.

Lee Vaughn says

Network marketing will not always make a person rich but it will put money into their pocket. No one should fool themselves; network marketing requires people to work. If a person has a group of sellers underneath them; they must continuously motivate and reward their workers to keep making sales.

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