I got my first prospect!

My inactive distributor called me and announced, “I got my first prospect!”

I am thinking, “Great. Finally! It has been almost 6 months since he started.”

So to keep the conversation going, I asked, “So it is a great new prospect, right?”

“Well, it is … a prospect.” His answer created a bit of worry. This wasn’t going to end well based on my experience.

Apparently, it took my inactive distributor 6 full months of interviewing and searching to find the biggest network marketing hater in his city. Groan. The presentation became an argument on arrival. Total failure.

My inactive distributor’s next attempt at prospecting? 

He found a prospect who needed two energy drinks and handfuls of amphetamines to have enough energy to roll over on the sofa to look for his remote control. Another failure.

I am thinking, “Be supportive. Be supportive.” But was beginning to have my doubts about my distributor.

But I shouldn’t criticize my distributor. After all, who sponsored him? Me. I should take some responsibility here. So, I continued with meeting with the occasional appointment-from-hell prospect he would find.

The bad news. My inactive distributor eventually went silent. No return phone calls. No attempted contact was acknowledged. Yes, people change their minds and quit our business. Happens.

The good news? One of my distributor’s unqualified prospects did point me to someone who did join. So this was like a 3rd generation contact. But this person engaged and built her team.

What did I learn from this experience?

“The value in talking with all prospects, good and bad. It isn’t only the people we talk to, but that each prospect gives us a window into the people they know also.”

There is an old saying, “Many leaders are sponsored by people who aren’t leaders.”

We don’t know where our next prospect will take us.