Get ready … get set … wait.

Is that the mantra of your struggling distributors?

Here are a few quick ways to change this:

  1. Get them hot, local leads so they have to talk to someone right away.
  2. Ask them when they are going to talk to someone and start building their business. Or are they just too busy helping their boss build a big house for his retirement?
  3. Build their confidence with an inspirational CD.
  4. Reduce their fear of rejection by teaching them the proper rejection-free scripts for approaching prospects.
  5. Reduce their fear of rejection by positioning them as messengers of hope, and that they should only talk to the prospects that volunteer and want more hope in their life.
  6. Motivate their spouse.
  7. Create a vision by using one of the “Big Al” skills.
  8. Work with your new distributor to jointly set the first few appointments.

These are just a few ways to jumpstart your new distributor into action.

If we don’t intervene, many distributors have such low self-esteem and confidence that they become professional “javelin catchers.”

One of our jobs as leaders is to develop new distributors to the point where they can lead themselves.