How to get your guests to stay AFTER your business opportunity meeting.

What’s the most important part of the business presentation?

AFTER the presentation.

That’s when prospects can ask questions, sign up, fill out their order forms, etc.

So how can you keep your prospects from rushing home when your meeting is finished?

Try this.

Many years ago, I was in Hong Kong. I had the evening free, so I went to observe a local opportunity meeting. Every guest was given a ticket for a chance to win one of three door prizes. The door prizes were in three large, brightly colored boxes.

When the meeting concluded, the speaker said, “Thanks for coming to tonight’s presentation. And if you are a guest, please take a look at your ticket. We’re going to have a drawing for these three great door prizes. But first, let’s take a 10-minute break to stretch our legs, use the restroom, etc. and then we’ll have our big drawing.”

Well, the drawing actually occurred about 15 minutes later, but all the guests stayed. That gave their sponsors a chance to talk with their guests about that evening’s presentation.