How to sell skincare and cosmetics quickly.

When is the best time to know what to say to a great prospect?

#1. After we meet that prospect?
#2. Or, before we meet that prospect?

If we want to sell cosmetics and skincare, and get new customers, what we say will make a huge difference.

Look at this example of an ad headline:

#1. “Stuff for sale.” (Pretty boring.)
#2. “Divorce sale. His stuff cheap.” (Tells a story and is much more interesting.)

Obviously the second headline will work better and attract more buyers. It is the same when we talk to people about our skincare and cosmetic products.

*** There are two places where words will make a huge difference. ***

#1. At the time of sale. When we present our products, we could use a technique called “sound bites.” These are short words or phrases that create pictures in our prospects’ minds that will cause them to buy. Here are some examples:

* “Wrinkle-shrinker.”
* “Luxurious eyelashes, without pasting them on.”
* “Feels so good that you can’t stop touching your skin.”
* “Make our skin younger while we sleep.”
* “Look like a movie star in just 8 minutes.”
* “Keeps wrinkles away an extra 15 years.”
* “Make us look like the younger sister.”
* “Lipstick that stays on our lips instead of cups.”
* “A year-round tan without the sun damage.”

#2. Words that we can use in our conversation BEFORE we do our sales presentation. This is called pre-closing. This could be during our personal story. Some examples:

* “I did not want to be one wrinkle away from a prune.” These words will stick in our prospects’ minds later during our presentation. These words are hard to forget.

* “I never wanted my face to look older than I was.” When we say these words, our prospects picture themselves saying the same thing.

* “I did not want to leave the house looking like I graduated from the clown school of makeup.” The back of our prospects’ minds think, “I want to make sure my makeup is coordinated and not piecemeal.”

* “Well, you know how cheap makeup makes us look … cheap.” Because we use the “Well, you know how …” opening, our prospects easily accept this as a fact.

==> But, we can do better.

What if we could alter the mindsets of our prospects? Instead of them perceiving us as a salesperson, what if they perceived us as a problem-solver?

How do we change our prospects’ mindsets? By changing our mindset. Prospects are reactive. The programs in the back of their minds simply react to our current mindset. If we change their mindsets, we will instantly change our results.

You can read the four mindset changes for free.

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