It’s easier to build leaders when you have volunteers.

When you sponsor new distributors, they will have their own reasons for joining network marketing.

Some distributors will want to simply purchase their own products at wholesale prices.

Some distributors may wish to retail some products for extra money.

Some distributors will sponsor other people and build a nice part-time income.

And finally, some distributors will want to become a leader like you.

Of course you will want to service all your distributors and give them the help they need to reach their goals. However, in which group of distributors should you invest your extra time and energy to develop new leaders?

It’s obvious. The group that wants to become leaders.

But how big is that special group? Probably pretty small — unless you’ve sponsored a lot of new distributors. That’s why consistent sponsoring is necessary. It brings a constant flow of new potential leaders into your group.

Look at it this way. Imagine that you wanted to get married and went searching for a potential spouse. What if you were limited to only one candidate?

Wouldn’t you rather have several candidates to choose from? In fact, you would want as many candidates as possible!

It’s the same when searching for potential leaders. You’ll want a large pool of candidates among your distributors. If you only have one distributor to choose from, you’d better hope that distributor wants to be a leader.

So follow the lead of the top network marketing leaders. Consistently sponsor new distributors and you won’t have to worry about where to find your next leader.