New Big Al Book: Why Are My Goals Not Working?

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter here.

First a quick tip.

The best coaching advice I ever heard was, “Before you try to fix the problem, check if the person WON’T do what is necessary, or CAN’T do what is necessary.”

If the person won’t do what is necessary, that is a mindset problem. If the person can’t do what is necessary, then it is a skill problem.

And now … about the new book!

New Year’s Day. We know what happens. We set new goals. And … it doesn’t go well.

This year will be different. Instead of being “goal-setters” – we will become “goal-achievers.” 🙂


Using the four color personalities and a few other hacks from our newest book, “Why Are My Goals Not Working?”

Get your team to set goals and make them happen. So what is the secret?

When they set the right goals, there will be no more procrastination, no more hesitation, no more fear. Every morning they will be excited.

So it isn’t their fault. They just haven’t been setting the right goals. This book will show them how.

What will happen to your business when your team reaches their goals? Use your imagination, and smile.

Ready to fix that goal problem? Now is the time.

“Why Are My Goals Not Working?” is available now as an ebook and in paperback.

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Why Are My Goals Not Working?

Why Are My Goals Not Working?

Setting goals that work for us is easy when we have guidelines and a checklist.

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Hope you enjoy the book and share the book and techniques with others. Please let your networking friends know this book will change the way they set their goals forever.

And, if you can post this book on your social media page, it would help us a lot in spreading the word that this book is finally available.

Many thanks!
– Keith and Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

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