“Oh no! I would never make a sales offer!”

Sure. Go ahead and believe that, but what is the reality?

We make offers every day to people who think like we do, want what we do, and value what we do. It’s what humans do. We are social. We make offers to each other when we talk. It’s how we interact and get along. Oh.

Oh yes, we are offer-making machines.

Ready to see some offers?

  • “Do you wanna come with me to the donut shop?”
  • “Will you pick up my children for me in return for my unending gratitude?”
  • “If I bring pizza to your door, will you give me money?”
  • “I will mow your lawn if you let me use your pool.”
  • “If you drive me to the airport, I’ll pay for your gas.”
  • “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”
  • “If you cook, I’ll do the dishes.”
  • “Eat this snack and you won’t feel hungry.”
  • “If you give me a raise, I won’t quit this job.”
  • “If I give you a raise, will you stay on your job?”
  • “If you work overtime on Saturday, you can have Monday off.”
  • “If you go out with me Friday night, I promise you will have a great time.”

We make offers almost every time we speak!

Everyone makes offers. It’s a part of human nature. It’s how we get what we want in life.

Some people are great at making offers, while others? Not so much.

Kids are great at offers. They know how to get what they want. “Mom, Mom! If you give me cookies I will stop nagging you. Just one cookie! Just one!”

Mom thinks, “For the tiny price of one cookie, I can get rid of this verbal harassment. Seems like a great offer.”

And then, the bad offers.

A boy approaches a girl at the dance and says, “If you will dance with me ... uh ... uh ... uh.” Yeah, that offer won’t end well.

Or a man proposes to his girlfriend, “If you marry me, you get to keep the ring!” Hmmm. No comment.

So, what makes a great offer?

Here are a few ideas.

  • It’s an offer that uses a metaphor to create an “aha-moment” that hooks the other person.
  • It’s an offer that the other person cannot refuse.
  • It’s an offer that’s so good, they would be crazy to say no!
  • It’s an offer that benefits both people involved.
  • It’s an offer that is fair.
  • It’s an offer with the intention of helping the other person, not just benefiting us.
  • It’s a clear offer. Not complicated or vague.

Let’s think of more reasons some offers feel good, while others feel repulsive.

For instance, we love offers that are specific. Here are a few examples.

  • “This idea can help you fire the boss.”
  • “Eat these special cookies–lose weight.”
  • “We will deliver a bucket of fried chicken to your door for $30.”
  • “Take these vitamins and feel great in the mornings.”
  • “Build a part-time business and use the money to retire early.”
  • “Use this special cream to get rid of wrinkles.”
  • “Make your skin so healthy you will never wear makeup again.”
  • “Come to our home for our Super Bowl party. We have snacks.”

Do any of these offers sound familiar? They should.

We make or receive offers like these daily.

But, we are just warming up. We want to learn how to make spectacular, irresistible, awesome offers that our prospects can’t refuse. Why?

Because our competition is tough! Our prospects hear good offers every day. We must stand out above the rest. We can’t be ordinary.

Let’s learn how to take our offer-making skills to a higher level, a place where we won’t have competition.

But first?

A warning.

Our offers are not the most important factor when marketing to prospects.

There is a bigger “elephant in the room” factor we should talk about first. Let’s get that “elephant in the room” out of the way now.

If we do this, then later, our improved offers will rock!

Let’s go!

Excerpt from

An Offer They Can’t Refuse

14 tools to create better offers for network marketing